New Meadows and Makers Podcast!

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Hello Beautiful People!

I know I've been away for a bit on the blog, but I have been blasting out new Meadows and Makers Podcasts Weekly since my adventures of heading to Anarchapulco in February 2020 before we all woke up in this bad twilight zone episode of the Rona Lierus Plandemic.

Here's my most recent guest Paul and me in Acapulco

Paul and Me.jpg

Stay tuned tomorrow for another great episode of the Meadows and Makers Podcast I host here every Saturday from 12-2pm Central time

This weeks guest is Paul Chermak a long time activist, world traveler, and recently he is the founder of a new way for folks looking to get help building their projects for creating thriving communities that will be building the new systems that make the current one obsolete. You don't want to miss this interview! Come hang in the chat for the live show on Discord!

Yours in liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg @makinstuff


I love the shirt, brother.😀

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