"Time's Undoing"—A Sonnet

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“Time Is What Keeps Everything From Happening At Once.”
- Source disputed...

It's about time.

It's about pressure, about running out. It's that you simply can't be in two places at once; about missed appointments, loosing track, being unable to go back.

To be sure—as the lead-in quote suggests—time fulfills certain necessary functions. It keeps our world orderly. It gives us a sense of history.

But don't you hate being out of town for work when your daughter's giving a piano recital? Have you ever forgotten an anniversary?


Time's Tyranny (source)

Time is fun when you're having flies.

It flies by when you are enjoying life and desperately want time to slow down. Yet it perversely insists on crawling when you're stuck in some loathsome situation.

Perhaps most annoyingly; time will never, ever allow you to be in two places at once, forcing you to choose one event over another.

Is there no solution to these seemingly insurmountable problems?

Thank God, there is.

The answer to everything resides in God's promise of New Heavens and a New Earth, a never-ending parade of ages characterized by ultimate perfection. That's some damn good news...

And, you're invited!

And now, without further ado, here is the sonnet (preferably to be read aloud):

~Time's Undoing~

A Sonnet by Duncan Cary Palmer

Though strict, sequential ticking of the clock
Precludes collision of life's jumbled scenes,
My heart's desires languish on the block
While urgent tasks get done by any means.

The second hand pursues me like a scourge;
Each minute I'm compelled to run my course.
The toll of every hour, like a dirge
Reminds me that from time there's no divorce.

But Jesus has a new design in mind—
Instead of time, a means to organize,
A way to keep activities aligned
Without permitting clocks to tyrannize.

Eternity lies just around the bend
A boon beyond our wit to comprehend.


Tick-Tock... (source)


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I loved your sonnet @creatr ... the vivid imagery of time chasing us round the dial, bringing to bear its immense pressure and urgency as the seconds' hand hunts us down... the sacrifices we are forced to make due to time's constraints, ... and then finally, the removal of all barriers when all is redeemed through Christ in eternity. A wonderful piece. !LUV !ALIVE

@creatr! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (5/10)

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Thank you, Samantha!

Sweet and thoughtful comments like yours energize and keep me writing. Much appreciated!🙏😁❤️

- @creatr




Oh, I have missed your words!

The second hand pursues me like a scourge;
Each minute I'm compelled to run my course.

You pull me right along with you.
Time will never be on our side until that is all we have left.

Thank you, My Dear, for reading one of my latest!



As long as we're here on earth, we will always need to choose where we will be. We cannot be in 2 places at the same time.
Interesting take on the subject.

Hello, @wittyzell,

Glad to "meet" you here on Hive.

"We cannot be in 2 places at the same time."

Yes, this is absolutely true in this universe. However, I believe that Jesus/God will "fix" this when he restores and rejuvenates the universe, and I hope to show how that will work in some upcoming stories.

Thank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting.😄 Please stay tuned for more stories!



Thinking a little about what you express, the promise will not be able to place us in two places at the same time, so we will still have to choose which one goes first. Although with all the time in the world, this would become easier to manage. Very interesting. greetings.

Greetings, @fragozar01,

"Thinking a little about what you express, the promise will not be able to place us in two places at the same time..."

Thank you for reading, thinking about this, and for your (apparently) logical response...

I disagree with you. I believe that in the New Heavens and New Earth, we will enjoy all the benefits of time as we now know and experience it, while being limited by none of its drawbacks.

I'll let you think about that concept. I hope to expose and develop this idea further in the Theological Fantasy stories that I write, set in the Glory... I also hope you'll find, read, and enjoy them.

Can you imagine it? I can. And I'm delighted that you've read my work and have seen the problem.



from time there's no divorce.

And yet, by the end, there is one in plain sight. I love how you loosen the tracks of time and open up so much possibility. Brava!

Greetings, @juliamulcahy,

What a special treat this morning that such a thoughtful observation should fall on my thirsty ears...
And from an English teacher, no less!

Ah, if only my English teachers in high school had been as thoughtful. Of course, with them it was always more about the mechanics and less the creativity.

I really appreciate your very kind and encouraging feedback. Thank you so much!😄❤️



You're very welcome, @creatr. Your sonnet is beautiful.

I've noticed your feedback on the contest post and love how encouraging you've been to so many entrants. That's what it's all about. 💛

@juliamulcahy ...

Hello again Julia,

I've just now discovered (courtesy of @shadowspub's "Let's Recap PYPT From August 25th") that you shared "Time's Undoing" on the last "Pimp Your Post Thursday" show...

Thank you for being so kind as to share my work there, and thank you for the very kind things you had to say about it!🙏😁❤️

I fully expect that knowing you've appreciated my work will become a durable memory, one that—God willing—will serve to spur me on to write more worthy poetry...



It was my pleasure. 💛

time, it moves, slowly or flies... depends on your Perception, does it not?
and so, in Eternity, in Heaven, the Eternal nature of time is gone, as your Perception of what you experience completely removes time from the equation. You simply experience the bliss and forget all about the passage of time.

Hey, @bluefinstudios,

I agree that it's all about our perception and our experience...

Time as we know it now is a mixed bag, both blessing and curse. "Time"—to the extent that it exists in The Glory—will be 100% blessing.

Thanks for your thoughtful commentary!



The poem and the explanation both are cativating. I really loved reading that time is something to avoid collision and a means to set things in order. Perhaps this is a simple thing that we all know but it felt so unique when read in this piece

Hello, @amberkashif,

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words.

It always does my heart good when I hear how my poetry affects another soul.😄



That's is so joyful for a poet, I know

You sonnet is beautiful!!

Hi, @darthsauron,

Thank you!😄



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Thank you!

We can never be in two places at once, we either choose one out of them. I love that phrase and that is it about life.
Thanks for the beautiful poetry.
I came through Dreemport 🤗

Hi, @princessbusayo,

Thank you for reading my poem, and for your sweet comments.😄

"We can never be in two places at once, we either choose one out of them."

That is certainly true for now, but I am persuaded that eternity will fix that.

I can imagine at least one way, logically speaking, that we may be able to be two places at once. I expect to incorporate that concept into some upcoming Theological Fantasy stories here on Hive.