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RE: Modern slavery: The human as a productive factor.

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I am blinded by your brilliance.


"...The hacker group "anonymous"..."

I find this an interesting oxymoron, perhaps born of your societal considerations. Nothing arose from aether, but all our artifacts have been crafted with real sweat and toil. Anonymous hackers and megalomaniacal profiteers alike spin the world of their blood and treasure, and the fruit of our labor forever contributes to further development.

"...we may experience the collapse of the global network, as our ancestors did 3000 years prior."

Forgive my ignorance, but can you elucidate on the specific occurrence you refer to here?



The money, whether "precious" metals, fiat, or bitcoin, that the modern era uses to ledgerise all of creation has no connection with reality. Modern money has no relation to productivity. The value of money is determined merely via interest rates, arbitrarily set by the mercantile banking cartel. Much of government revenue derives not from taxation of production, but via credit expansion through lower interest rates. National debt fueled the modern era, and the next era, our overlords imagine, will be ushered via global debt.

This world has been built upon the aether of virtual money. From aether this world arose, and to aether this world shall return.

You are not wrong, yet blood and treasure was expended on this endeavor, and will yield it's reward.

That may not be the reward the investors seek, however.

The collapse of late bronze age mediterranean civilization has uncanny parellel to our modern globalized world. Following this cataclysm, the collapse of Hellenism with the death of Rome could be considered similar civilizational collapse event. Collapse of the successive Chinese dynasties from Zhou to KMT in the Orient reflect their Western counterparts. Humanity seems to be trapped in this cycle.

Thank you for that information.

I strongly agree that we are seemingly in a cyclic vortex of development and destruction, yet I remain confident that ultimately madmen willing to burn it all down will eventually fail to do so, and the abilities native to humanity via the agency of physics will end that cycle forever.

Either that, or we will become extinct, which is not a factor in anyone's calculations, since that result makes every calculation moot. I therefore ignore that possibility.