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RE: Proof of Sharing #posh

in #posh3 years ago

Most posts where I know people on Twitter get a Tweet all will have #Steem tag, normally #Steemit as well, will have to look into this a little further @fionasfavourites some go to FB.

Not using Steempeak, convince me and I will have to open an account. The more we share the more people see, which most definitely will help the platform.


@joanstewart - you don't have to open a new account to use SteemPeak. Since Partiko has gone a bit weird, I've uninstalled it and use the former from my phone. My understanding is just that one uses the #posh tag on Twitter when sharing.

OK, been there done that this morning, I don't work from a phone prefer my PC being a typist from before sliding fingers became the in thing :)

Joan, I am also a typist. I prefer my laptop and my qwerty keyboard. For everything. Sometimes, though, I'm lazy or just in the moment :P