The Symmetrical Egg- Part 5 The Conclusion- a sci-fi short story

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Nearly three months after the alien artifact called The Symmetrical Egg blazed with pink light, the passengers and crew of the Silver Crescent shuttle which triggered the event were set free. Except one- Adam. Of the techs and science guys only four were retained. Of the soldiers all were sent away to posts at the Orbital Station, away from any non-military contact, except two, the commander and Jr. Lt Koram Frecht and they were the principle liaisons between the global militaries and the techs.

Adam had managed to keep his telepathy and the new 'memories' hidden from all. He first acted as if some information had been transferred but it was garbled. The 'truth drugs' he was forced to ingest made him garrulous but about things unrelated, like his childhood crush and his loneliness. This was in major part due to his connection with the Egg. Lt. Koram was the person he was with most of the time he was free from the interviews and tests.

After a few days Koram got for him some new movies and delicious wild berry pie. Adam felt happy for the first time after Captain Lisell's departure. Realizing this as an opportunity Adam froze mid sentence and after a few moments asked for the techs to be called. He asked for photos, holos and diagrams of various power generating equipment. He thought at Captain Lisell who thankfully answered that she was 'listening'. They arranged for a time for Adam to give her some technical data that she could record, if not understand.

To the tech team assembled in the conference room Adam asked that before he could begin he needed to look at the pics and holos they had assembled regarding power generation. After going through dozens of diagrams and pics Adam pin pointed two- both were experimental fusion core generators. He then asked the techs to write "Variable chemical governor" and a long mathematical equation which he said represented the energy output after inducting some chemical changes. One of the techs was ecstatic while the others waited for the explanation along with Adam himself; he admitted to not understanding his own 'memory'.

The equation could be the solution to the worlds energy problems as the tech explained. A stable and contained cold fusion generator could be made, based on these discoveries, and would be extremely long lasting and once made it was virtually cost free. The military machine, always monitoring, reinforced the information clamp down and took it into their hands to verify what Adam had given. Adam on his part gave the information to Captain Lisell who was still on the orbital station. They decided to leak it from the station but arrange for the leak to be found out after Captain had departed for Earth while Adam would act of getting a ten hour migraine. Three days later the "alien workings" were all over the news. One maintenance staff claimed that it had appeared on her communicator in the middle of the night, with the request to pass it on to three major scientific institutes on Earth and claim his reward.

Ten days later Adam 'remembered' the process of making radiation shielding from metal-polymer hybird sheeting. This new discovery was contained by the military but only for the next fourteen days, when this and another more recent alien tech which Adam had 'remembered' found its way mysteriously to numerous research facilities on Earth. After the latest 'memory recall' Adam lay unconscious though stable. The doctors eventually diagnosed him as comatose due to disrupted rain function, for which there was no medical treatment. Two weeks later the news portals all over the solar system lead with the story of how the military had killed the golden goose that gave them new technology.

The politicians found that keeping a comatose Adam alive and useless while facing flak from the media was not very cost effective. Adam was to be shifted to state of art hospital in London, under the care of the worlds best doctors. Lt. Koram went with him as his personal assistant. Only after they had reached hospital did the world find out that the comatose patient was Koram and Adam had gone to ground. Lt. Koram woke up after a few hours but had no memory of how he landed up unconscious.

For Adam the most difficult part had been to convince Koram to help him escape. Once that was achieved, Captain Lisell came up with the plan to make the switch before de-embarking the shuttle and catch the next available flight to Mumbai from the nearest airport. In the coming months they got married and managed to procure new identities by selling small but radical computer software which Adam supplied. For the next two years they scouted scientists, politicians and businessmen whom they thought would help them steer the world into a new era. Eventually they formed the "Awaiter's Group" which grew rich in resources and expertise overt the years, helped along by Adam's infusion of new tech every few months. Seven years after Adam had fled, they announced to the world the truth about Adam and his link to the Symmetrical Egg. The unexpected highlight being Adam's statement that the "Firsts" were coming to Earth soon.

The local government forces descended to haul Adam away, only to find their operation recorded and streamed to the world live. Seeing that it was too late for damage control, they pushed ahead. Even as they scrambled to get the diplomatic edge, it was clear neither Adam nor any of his inside circle were there. The Awaiter's Group put out a communique stating that Adam and Captain Lisell along with a few others were onboard a satellite somewhere in Earth orbit, completely shielded from detection by use of alien tech. To prove their point the Awaiter's aired a 15 seconds long video in ALL the live streaming platforms around the world. The message was that the there was no turning back now, Change was happening regardless of political barriers. Earth needed to act as One Planet not like a hundred quarreling children.


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