Is this triggered by injection mandates and banks not releasing funds, rather than petrol prices?

There is deeper stuff going on there isn't there? - and these news reports are bullshit too aren't they?

Is this an initial move towards a one world globalist government?

I have been waiting for action in Kazakhstan since the turn of this century. The suspicious building of Astana alerted me initially. This is why I have refrained from commenting in this article. There is a lot of "deeper stuff" including the mining of rare earth minerals.
I wrote about it in my previous posts here, plenty of times.
Why does this Spaminator automatically downvote everything you write? Is it a child?

Unless your posts are getting zeroed out, spaminator is an annoyance best ignored.
Sometimes it is used to mark accounts for further examination by hive cleaners.
I don't see any comments from hivewatchers, I'd ignore it.

Frot has been "zeroed out" - not me (YET!)
I have noticed that Spaminator stalks every comment Frot makes.
This smacks of persecution, especially as his comments are benign at all times!

Yes, there is history there.
I'm not fully sure what it entailed, but he made people mad that are persistent.

Random people or the insiders who control this blockchain?

"spaminator is an annoyance best ignored"

No it isn't - it is a blatant example of the deep state psyop in motion that Hive really is. Your constant "downvoting is no big deal" bullshit is suspicious in itself. Are you on the payroll too?

Over the past 6 months I have powered down 250k of HP and pulled my investments out of Hive. And that is due to downvoting, censorship, reward pool theft and insider corruption. There is no way I'm leaving my $ locked into a three months to pull out, insider con job.

My history is mainly pointing out stuff like this, along with exposing the coronahoax. If we are not allowed to do that, then this is a censored platorm, no better that Twatter or Fakebook.

Yes, so instead of proving your point, you cashed out and are 'leaving'.
That is a choice you are free to make, but it doesn't really help those of us that stayed and supported your right to speak freely, though, does it?
I don't know why I don't get flagged, maybe it's because I haven't turned on those that do support me.

Spankinator is a bot run by the insider Hive-cabal - in the case of my account it is set to downvote every post and comment I do at 1 minute. This is fairly typical.


I think it's a psyop - the potential effects are to lower my self esteme, drive me off the platform, make my posts appear less credible, and draw attention away fom the big downvotes that all my posts get from whales and/or controlled curation trails if I leave the rewards turned on.

At it's core, the Hive blockchain, like most social media, is deep state (CIA?) controlled.

How events in Kazakhstan prove the need for Bastyon! Video from Kazakhstan user...

Dear Bastyonknights and Bastyonettes,
The original thesis of building Bastyon as a completely blockchain based social platform like Bitcoin was based on conviction that censorship will go much further and ultimately will go to the domain level. That is why the core part of Bastyon is the desktop app, which does not depend on domains, but speaks directly to the nodes around the world.
Thus, the desktop app can bypass most types of severe censorship. Events in Kazakhstan provided a unique (if tragic) testing ground. One of our users sent a video that conclusively shows that Bastyon indeed is the answer. In Kazakhstan over the last week access to internet is intermittent and most of the time DNS is blocked. This means that all or most websites simply do not work. In the video, you can see that the user is trying to open different websites and they are not available. is likewise non-operational.
However, the desktop app allows the user to read their favorite bloggers and get access to crucial information. Information that perhaps can save a life in a crisis situation.
You can download the desktop app here (for Windows choose the file with .exe at the end):

P.S. Next week we are releasing ability to run a node right from the desktop app for non-technical users. This node can support the network and if you put some PKOIN into it, it will also earn PKOIN. This is an optional feature for those who want to utilize it. But censorship resistance is non-optional and is embedded in the desktop app.

The downvoting on Hive is making me feel sick. I thought this was supposed to be censorship free? Attacking us financially is slightly more than censorious. It is THEFT.
As a direct result of what I have seen happening to accounts on Hive I have now started to publish on Substack.
I opened an account on GETTR recently.
I will now get onto BASTYON.
Thank you for the advice.

A lot of my friends on Hive are now on Blurt. I'm not really using it, but do keep an eye on it.

This splitting of everyone onto so many platforms is not good.

I havn't even checked out Gettr or Substack.

Bastyon has the best chat - with anon sign up and end to end enctyption.

But for a new user, unless you have 50+ Pkcoins (cost around US$60) your credits are limited and your ability to vote or follow other users is quite limited. And until they put in the blog editor, it's just not well set up for posting new content.

They are gradually improving it. And that is the thing with Hive - after nearly 6 years it has a lot of development, and all the other platforms are playing catch up.

That is why I'm still running with VYB based on the Hive blockchain - there are things this blockchain has that nowhere else does yet. But the downvoting is killing it.

I've had every post (and most comments) down voted on hive - for 9 months !
It's an incestuous cesspit, rewarding dull banality and punishing originality -with no ethos of free speech, only control.

dick - Copy (2).jpg

It better on Blurt - big time !

...which is why I have problem with vyb - the hive cabal dimwits , get richer of the success of real creators (via token price).
I hope vyb forks off hive, and then I'll start posting again ('feeding the beast' is not a good strategy imo).

OMG! It is so much worse than I thought....

Hive = the platform that encourages - and rewards, mediocrity, conformity and sycophancy.
DPoS with down voting is digital feudalism, nothing less.

It's all based on a 'rewards' or 'punishment' system - but on hive, the law is written by the large stakeholders, and the 'justice' is decided by those very same large stakeholders - and 'value of work' is also decided by those same large stakeholders ....(i.e -it's Communism/centralized controlled economy/ technocracy).

But they also never shut up about it being decentralized' ...MMMmmmm....Gaslighted , anyone?

I have put my heart and soul into posts on Hive. This is no exaggeration. I have no interest in crypto, never have had. I don't use Hive for that reason, but very recently I have noticed that the quality of posts which trend is diabolical. I would be ashamed to put my name to any of them and yet they seem to earn huge rewards and I really could not figure out why....
Thanks to your recent posts (which I have been checking over the past hour or so) I have understood what is happening.
Correct me if I am wrong but it looks as if Hive was providing an excellent and popular space for genuine ethical freedom loving people to express themselves. This was noticed by the unethical globalist Black Nobility and they have infiltrated Hive with their minions who are tasked to destroy it.
If I am right then I can see no hope for Hive. It has been hijacked and is a cadaver on a slab, waiting for burial.

This interview is of great interest - the events in Kazakstan have shown that only one platform still worked - what he is saying has shown to be true:

Hi guys! I'm new to hive but understand this predicament, as explained by a friend of mine that has 2 years already here.

We are trying as a team to implement a Dapp that can potentially change everything its called #Matrix-8
You can check the white paper here:

It's a Decentralized Governance system. We're very close to moving into the testing phase and would really appreciate a hand and more people to join at the moment.


Correct me if I am wrong but it looks as if Hive was providing an excellent and popular space for genuine ethical freedom loving people to express themselves. This was noticed by the unethical globalist Black Nobility and they have infiltrated Hive with their minions who are tasked to destroy it.

There are two possibilities, as I see it.
The one you've out lined above, and the other one - a case of incompetence, lack of understanding of psychology, and greed.
Judging by actions (the allocation of rewards), I'm more inclined to believe total idiocy and avarice, over deep state. (although both options may well be at work).

If I am right then I can see no hope for Hive. It has been hijacked and is a cadaver on a slab, waiting for burial.

...barring something innovative (which I doubt), and with the continued nepotism and sycophancy being supported - it's almost a mathematical certainty.
It will collapse under the weight of it's own self indulgence and incompetence.
Psychologically speaking, it's becoming more and more apparent that it's a 'midwit enclave' (see my older posts about that one)... A bureaucratic mindset, with a talent for administering systems -and that's about it.
This would also explain the natural hostility to anyone that shows independent thought, humor, and who's not scared to ask questions and ruffle feathers ( an anathema to 'the midwit psychology').

Having spoken to some people who really know what they're on about (dealing with funds greater than the entire market cap of hive) and after looking briefly at the governance systems in place - they wouldn't touch it with a barge pole as an investment possibility.

Cadaver, indeed...

Just without down voting alone (Blurt), the environment is positive - with none of the juvenile power games.... d/v'ing gives total control to the large stakeholders.
That's why I cannot really support vyb - for ethical reasons - it's a layer built on hive, and thus, if that profits, so do the idiot power mongers on hive.
I have a real issue with contributing to anything that will profit the morons that have attacked me for the last 9 months !

Wow! Coincidentally this city is next to the border of Xinjiang, China, where many crimes against humanity have been committed during the last 10 years specially. Xinjiang Province, in China has been the laboratory and testing for the totalitarianism that has started to being applied since the pandemic started. If you watch the documentaries about the extreme surveillance, all the companies ther developing better and better surveillance technologies between 2010 and 2017, to sell to the world... The way they mark the houses, the way the separate the families, how they dissapear people, of someone is ONLY suspicious of being a future risk, they sent them to the RE-EDUCATION CAMPS, the Xi Jing Ping photo inside the mosques, the Koran they have has to be approved only by Chinese CCP, the govt introduce to the city, including to some homes HAN CHINESE people brought from other provinces, so the Uyhgurs can be "assimilated to the new culture, totally Han Chinese". They forbid in the schools the teaching of the Uyhgur language, now all must learn Chinese Mandarin. They really vanished a millenial culture, the Uyghurs there.. And they are starting to do all this since the pandemic started.

And with the BRI, Belt & Road Initiative, they´ll get control of this city of Kazakhstan.... and of all the countries as with the BRI, with the excuse that they'll build roads and trains, the countries have huge debts with huge interests, so China has been taking control for example of some ports like Sri Lanka (almost all country) and of a Greek port, and what else.....

The final goal for the world: social credit score system as in China... totalitarism and then kill us all.