Fulltimegeek Creates A PROOF-OF-BRAIN Game (BETA)


Do you have a brain? Then you can earn tokens!

How Does This Proof-of-Brain Game Work?

It's really simple, you just have to unscramble an image. You start by going to the following webpage:


Once you're there, you will be presented with a login box and a 3x3 image that's been scrambled. Here's an example:

After you log in with your Posting Key a SEND ANSWER button will appear.

How Do I Move The Pieces Around?

You can move the pieces around by clicking on the one that you want to move and then clicking on the spot where it should go. Once you think you've solved it you then press SEND ANSWER. That's it!!! After 5-10 seconds you will know if you got it right or not. The game will only switch to a new image after someone submits the correct answer. Until then, it will remain on the same one until it is solved.

What Do I Win?

You earn 10 TOKENS for being the first one to solve the puzzle. These new tokens can not be mined by computers because only a human can unscramble images (hence the Proof-of-Brain). Nerds will no longer have an advantage in crypto-mining because bots cannot play this game.

i'm the smartest man alive.gif

Can I Play For Free?

YES! All players receive 15 lives automatically. Whenever you submit a wrong answer though, that number will decrease by 1. Once you hit 0 lives, the server will no longer accept answers from you.

How Do I Get More Lives?

You may acquire 15 more lives by sending @proofofbrain 1 HBD. If you send more than that, the server will calculate the amount of lives you get accordingly (1 HBD = 15 lives). The amount you send will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, if you send 1.99 HBD it will be the same as sending 1 HBD. So, unless you want to donate to your favorite geek, I recommend sending whole amounts.

What Does It Mean When My Answer Is "Invalid"?

If your answer is invalid that means one of the following two things:

  1. You're out of lives
  2. Someone solved the puzzle right before you did

What Can I Do With BRAIN Tokens?

In the future, you will be able to transfer BRAIN to other players or trade them for HIVE/HBD. Another possibility will be to let you bribe zombies with them. This part of the game is still under development.



The FAM and I had an awesome time playing the game, the competition is THICC!! Great idea @fulltimegeek, I'm happy to see it come to fruition.

Another possibility will be to let you bribe zombies with them.

LULZ! Can't wait.

This is just one of many games that I'll be making :-)

Thanks again for being one of the first to give it a spin. And yes, your family sure doesn't make it easy to win a round haha.


one of the first to give it a spin

AHH not THE first? I need to work on my stalking skills, I'm floundering 😂

Wen keychain login?

Hivesigner too. My tablet does not grok Keychain.

I thought they fixed mobile?

If you use keychain on your desktop and sign your tablet into the same gmail account, you should be able to sync it up?
Or, so I've been told.

I don’t use a desktop/laptop; just mobile and iPad.

Ouch, yeah I was stuck when I didn't have a desktop, too.
@stoodkev should know if that has been fixed.

That really wasn't very high on my priority list to be honest with you, but I'll look into it if it's a game stopper.

The way authentication currently works is by comparing your HIVE's public key with the public key that your private key produces. This is all done locally on your machine, which means that your password never leaves your computer.

Many of us more computer illiterate types do like the keychain option.
This way we only trust one dev group with our keys, and not as many as apps we want to use.

Nice one! Seems that currently I am the only one playing :)

It's sort of like when Satoshi Nakamoto was the only one mining bitcoin. In the beginning it's super easy, but then more people become interested and the difficulty explodes.

Indeed! By the way, where do the BRAIN tokens show up, are they on the HE?

The amount of tokens you own is always broadcasted by @proofofbrain whenever you submit an answer. So, technically it's currently only stored on the blockchain. But, I will be making a frontend in the future for trading HIVE/HBD. There's still a lot of work that I need to do, hence why I called this release only a Beta version.

Regarding HE, I'm not sure if there's even a way to integrate proprietary game tokens with it. Especially in a decentralized fashion. The reason why @proofofbrain sends the state of players out to the blockchain every time is so to allow anyone to track token-creation.

broadcasted by @proofofbrain where? On Discord?

Here's what I mean:
Link: https://hiveblocks.com/tx/c83f3e956553f79bb8f1f374ec70736239d4030f

According to that, you won game #352 and you have:

12 Reputation, 120 BRAIN and 15 Lives

The current status of your account is always broadcasted to #HIVE to help with decentralization. I could make a discord app though in the future for querying your information.

My future plans are to opensource the front-end client so that it becomes the defacto way for mining, trading and checking on your stats. That way you don't have to rely on discord or some other centralized platform.

Ah, I see, thanks a lot!
Good luck for your next rollouts!

good efforts... i can hack it tho
kind regards

Screenshot 2021-06-09 2.46.09 PM.png

good efforts... i can hack it tho

LOL, sure you can ... I built the game like an Abrams tank. Only Jesus himself can hack it.


Awesome looking game.. can't wait to try it. Is this gonna be a daily thing?

Thanks! It's setup to run 24/7.

cool game!

Very cool. Will play even though I'm probably mining worthless tokens

Technically, all tokens are worthless at first. It takes time and players to build an economy.

I'm planning to dedicate a lot of my time and energy into improving this game, so who knows how much BRAIN will be worth in the future.

Technically, all tokens are worthless at first


Is it possible to add more pictures? I have completed 16 puzzles and the pictures already started to repeat.

It is fun to solve new puzzles but when it repeats it's a drag

The server currently has 202 images but repeats still happen because of randomness. I will try to add more everyday.

Yep just noticed I got some new ones.

I will try to add more everyday.

Great thanks!