Proposal: Support the FUNDACOVEN foundation for Venezuela people

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Support the development and growth of the COVEN Foundation through crypto financing from HIVE, while strengthening the promotion of the blockchain in Venezuela and Latin America.

COVEN Foundation is the first Venezuelan foundation to be part of the HIVE blockchain providing medical and nutritional support to families in need. More info: here

Foundation registered with the Autonomous Registry and Notary Service of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Digitalized registration document available at:



This proposal aims to support the growth and development of Funda COVEN to become a humanitarian aid network for the Venezuelan population, allowing them to support social development programs for people in need.

Fundacoven is requesting support of 30 HBD per day for 2 months as a pilot program. This is equivalent to 900 HBD per month, about $900 per month.

The income received from this proposal will be invested in:

1._ 20%: Purchase of Medicines for primary care for older adults.
2._ 20%: Social and food activities in low-income communities to assist underweight youth and seniors.
3._ 5%: Create and promote ads content in social networks for Latin America talking about our sponsor (HIVE BLOCKCHAIN).
4._ 5%: Administrative expenses: sheets, pens, transportation to the communities, purchase of containers, plates, plastic cups.
5._ 40%: PowerUp to the main account @fundacoven.
6._ 10%: Emergency fund for eventualities.

Current status of Fundacoven

@fundacoven has been on the blockchain since February 2021, however prior to that it was known as @aid.venezuela since March 2019, however, after the fall of steem and the migration to HIVE, many projects that supported the initiative were deactivated, such as the case of @foundition, in turn, the global pandemic made many people who supported us as @eturnerx, @alaqrap, @r2cornell attend personal matters. However, we appreciate all their support during the process.

Old @aid.venezuela post:

Food for life | Guide for program organization
AID VENEZUELA | Why support us?

Funda COVEN information update:

Fundacoven - Intro
FUNDACOVEN | A call to humanity
Fundacoven - Gofundme Campaign


This foundation was created by myself in the first instance to serve the population of the state of Miranda in Venezuela, the teamwork is integrated by more than 12 people. You can check teamwork there:

However, there is a need to expand the project to serve more communities as well as the creation of games based on HIVE blockchain, curation to Venezuelan and Latino projects in HIVE, creation of a self-sustaining aid network through Hive Power.

About me:
  • 3+ years on the platform performing diversified tasks.
  • Graphic design and animations for Hive projects such as GEMS, palnet, lassecash, hive engine, nitrous, scotbot, leofinance, dswap, dcity, splinterlands, csquared, hivegeek, swapapp, sonic groove, among others.
  • 2+ years of experience as a curator in various projects such as palnet and ark.
  • Contributing on the platform continuously.

Communication of our progress

  1. Updates on the activities carried out.
  2. Weekly reports of the activities carried out, the population reached total expenses.
  3. Weekly videos of our activities on the 3speak platform.

Next proposal period

The proposal is scheduled to be launched next Saturday, August 07, 2021, to allow for community interaction, questions, or alternative proposals for the development and sustenance of the foundation.

Vote for this proposal

Our networks:

Join us on Discord:
Follow our blog on Hive: (2).gif (1).gif


LMK when the proposal is available to vote upon.

thanks eturnerx, you're a great man. Happy to see you continue active ♥


SUpported. Good luck.

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Reblogging for attention, there's very few voters on it right now and only 1.5m HP missing from being funded. It's something we could easily band together to achieve if enough people checked it out and decided to vote.

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Well you know me,and know my work, my foundation can't be corrupted, is a work from so many years and we are doing great things for needed people... ☺️

Thanks for the support lass.