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RE: Psychology Addict # 52 | Mental Illness – A Straight-Forward Discussion about a Non Straight-Forward Topic.

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Just logged in and got a message from steemitblog saying it's been two years in here. Wow. Time flies when you are having fun.

It's good to see yet another of your post, most of the times it feels as if I'm reading an interesting story without the jargons that usually fill posts of this nature. Sadly, most people still treat any mental disorder as something "spiritual" rather than just some disorder. I once asked one man, "Why don't you take someone suffering malaria to prayer houses?" He said that will be a foolhardy decision. I then asked, "why then do most people advocate such when it comes to mental disorder?" He was speechless.


Goodness me Green! What a wonderful surprise to see your comment here in my feed 😃 I thought of you not long ago, when a discussion about Elon Musk unfolded during a family gathering.

The situation you described here just illustrates the whole new "category" people tend to place psychological disorders in! And of course, as you also observed, depending on the local culture they range from being something "spiritual" to being something "unreal".

However, just the fact that people like you have the energy and will to challenge this type of belief and attempt to shake superstition off other's views, makes me optimistic about what the future hold for the understanding of mental illness :)

Thank you so much for stopping by Green!
I wish you a wonderful rest of the day ❤

Ps: Congratulations on your 2-year Steemit Anniversary. We have been around these quarters for the same length of time.

Wow, that's a nice thing to say. Imagine me in the Elon Musk discussion :) Thank you for the well wish.
I've been around, just lost in my little world. The outside world aka work is taking all my time these days. I'm fighting it so I can win and get more time for me time :) Hahaha.

It's always a pleasure to read your article, which I often share with people who tend to think there is something so much extraordinary about mental problems. I guess we have movies like Exorcist to blame for this :(

The outside world aka work is taking all my time these days.
Yep! I know exactly how that feels like ! Sometimes it's just impossible to juggle. Then ... priorities first! :D
I often share with people who tend to think there is something so much extraordinary about mental problems

Thank you so much Green! This truly means a lot to me. Yeah, mainstream media and the entertainment industry don't make mental health professional's lives any easier 😣

You take care & have a wonderful week! :)

Thank you
It's an another Friday :)

Hey green, how are you doing?
I read you comment and following my immediate urge to respond :)

I think you know why that is (talking about the last question of your comment). When you are sad or depressed, you would like to speak to someone with empathy and patience. Once, that was a priest or a shaman, nowadays it's a little more tricky. Maybe you live in a place where a shift in seeing mental sickness happens in a different manner. Here you don't go usually to a priest but to a therapist. But waiting lists are long and being embedded somewhere you can get consolation and understanding not a sure thing. I have nothing against the term "spiritual" in connection with depression or other mental issues. Maybe it's different from where you are. Nobody here seems superstitious anymore and therefor this term can be used without being categorized too much.

How is it for you? Is where you live enough covered for people with mental diseases? Do you have enough therapists or other health facilities?