Rabona takes off

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The time has come. Today we present you a new game on the Hive blockchain, which was created during the last months by @rondras and @oliverschmid. We have just left the private beta and started the open beta.

First you will get the name.

Soccer Manager built on the Hive blockchain

In Rabona, you manage a fictional soccer club. Your job is separated into different roles:

You take on the role of the head coach of your team. You decide, what your team is focussing on during training, which formation is played in the next match and which player plays in which position.

You decide how to build and develop your team. You scout new players, sign players which are freely available on the market, buy and sell players on the transfer market, extend contracts with existing players or end them.

You manage the financials of your club. You make financial decisions such as the expansion of your infrastructure, decide on ticket prices or the prices for merchandising goods as well as beer and bratwurst in the catering outlets of your stadium. You can invest into your youth academy to improve the scouting efficiency and sign marketing deals with potential sponsors of your team.

You decide, which role your club will play. You can play it oligarch style by investing a lot of money first to get to the top more quickly or decide on being a club focused on the development of new talent, which can then be sold to other clubs. Both might prove to be successful - if you play it smart.

Do you have what it takes to be a top soccer manager?

If you have any questions, join our Discord server or use the comments below.

Check out the website: https://rabona.io/


I love the idea!
Few questions, on which league is this game based? Premier League? La Liga? Or all around like in Fifa?

It is based on a fictional league - integrating real world leagues would require to buy licenses and every club would be available only once.

Ah oké got you.. Gonna look into it, thanks

Is there an option to buy the starter kit with SWAP.HIVE instead of HIVE?

currently not

Why didn't add hivesigner login option

We will definitely add Hivesigner soon.


Congrats. A clear rehive.

Thanks Mr Rehive! (:

Great news... Let's play.

We will start the first season around 12:00 CET or 10:00 UCT so that more interested players can join. It you join once a season is started, you will need to wait for the season to be over to join the next season.

I am keen to play this!
Will start when the weekend is over and I have more time to invest from the get go.
Looks like it could be quite fun and handy to setup early to grow well.

Take your time, but be aware that we will start the first season around 12:00 CET today - after that you will need to wait for 7 days to play the first matches as you cannot join a running season. You can still trade players, build your infrastructure etc, but matches are only played during seasons.

Oh okay then.
If you are in for the start of a season, do you have to setup your matches each day, or will it automatically do that if you have the players and stadium etc?
Curious if I will have to be on lots or not as much.

If you do not do anything, it will do this automatically.

Alright cheers.
Was hoping it would for if I was to miss any, I won't straight out miss out on matches.
Well done, I will be looking at joining before the next season starts!

You're welcome. If you want to join, make sure to not just join last minute before the next season starts as you will have an advantage if you prepare. It does not take long, but 2 days to increase your stadium capacity slightly would help.

Yeah I want to in the next day or 2, just wanting to get some more hive so I don't have to sell much off to pay the last bit of the $5 price.

It's looking nice and could be quite a big hit and even gets people who don't really like soccer, like me, to want to play.

Do you have what it takes to be a top soccer manager?

Many people have it

than good luck for you to have it as well ;-)

is the game free to play?

you need to buy a starterpack for 5 USD - afterwards it is a freemium game - you can play it for free but you can also spend some hive.

I tried out the game for a few hours today and wrote a post on it:

Will be playing more tomorrow.

Thank you for your post! Much appreciated...

Macht einen sehr guten Eindruck. Man sieht, dass Ihr da mit sehr viel Herzblut an die Sache gegangen seit.
Habt Ihr gut gemacht und deshalb ein kleines Fußball Gedicht von Heinz Erhardt

Vierundvierzig Beine rasen
durch die Gegend ohne Ziel.
Und weil sie so rasen müssen,
nennt man das ein Rasenspiel.

Rechts und links stehen zwei Gestelle;
je ein Spieler steht davor.
Hält den Ball er, ist ein Held er,
hält er nicht, schreit man: "Du Toooor!"

Fußball spielt man meistens immer
mit der unteren Figur.
Mit dem Kopf, obwohl's erlaubt ist,
spielt man ihn ganz selten nur.


Sehr schönes Gedicht, Heinz Erhardt war wirklich ein ganz Großer!

Ok, dann heisst es wieder sparen sparen sparen .
Aber dann, dann , dann .

Danke für das !BEER ;-)

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I would love to join, but I have difficulties with signing in...
I can not install Hive keychain. Is there other way of signing in?

At the moment we use only Hive Keychain. Which browser do you use? I think Keychain works with Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

Thanks for your answer, hope you will be able to help me...
I use Chrome. I did install Hive Keychain, but I don't know where to find it, to open it for sign in. If I try to use it via Rabona nothing happens...

Keychain: Did you import your acc?
Maybe you want to join our Discord server so we can help you? https://discord.gg/FQJW7zG

Hey I did it on my laptop, but can not do it on my mobile. Is it set for mobile as well?

We'll have a mobile solution soon.

Ok, that is great :)
Already scouted some players today, can't wait for the first match :)

excellent, I already bought the initial package :)

Good to see you here. And good luck!

Sehr geil, endlich! 100% Vote und Re-Hive oder wie auch immer - Ich komme.... :-)

Danke lieber Uwe!

Aber gerne Tim

Cool! Can you tell me more about the origin of your name? Just curious!

As Emre said correctly, it is a trick shot in football. One of these moves which are too difficult for 99.9% of all players, but if a performs it well in a game, the whole stadium will shout and cheer. As it also sounds great in many languages and as it was not yet used by another manager game, we thought that it is the ideal name ;-)

This game is amazing!
I really liked the test phase and will like the new phase which just started even more.
Wish you all the best - I'm sure this will be a big success!!!

CU on the soccer field and

Thank you once more for your great help during the testing phase.

I am in!

With your name and picture you can only do great in such a game ;-)

Cool , ich glaube das ist ein Spiel wo ich mal länger dabei bleibe :)
dafür gibt es ein !invest_vote , !jeenger und ein !BEER
Aber eine Frage hab ich , kann man die Aufstellung vom letzten Spiel kopieren oder wird diese Aufstellung automatisch übernommen ?

Ein tolles Kompliment, danke dir. (:

Aktuell gibt es noch keine Möglichkeit ein Line-up zu speichern, aber das wurde schon häufiger vorgeschlagen und ist daher bei uns auf dem Radar.

Your contribution was curated manually by @cervisia
Keep up the good work!

How-To Login on Mobile?

what mobile operating system?

I have an iPhone and Android Tablets

on android you have the option to install https://kiwibrowser.com/ and install web store extensions on it just look for the hive keychain extension and install.

If I'm not mistaken there is also a version of firefox with extension support. just search for the version for it and install


We will definitely add Hivesigner soon.

first comment?


Seems like you were the first - hope you enjoy a !BEER as well!

gracias :))

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@dinesh21 see this new game starting on the hive blockchain

wann kommt denn das turorial?
ich hab sowas noch nie gespielt....., egal ihr seid um 5 dollar weniger arm nun :))

@oliverschmid hat schon ein paar Tipps in einem Post gegeben, andere auch. Aber am meisten Spaß macht ja eh immer wenn man einfach selber ausprobiert.

muss ich mal suchen, danke !

was da auf eurer seite noch fehlt - UNBEDINGT - ist ein night-mode - das is sooo hell, da werd ich BLIND!


die Anmerkung kam tatsächlich schon erstaunlich oft.

@meins0815 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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I'm about to try it :D

See you on the field!

I just bought my starter pack! Now what? Wait for season 1?
Good luck on keeping it bot free. I like that.

Season 1 has already started. Season 2 starts in 4 days and 16 hours.
It is best to prepare now. So complete tasks, develop the infrastructure (stadium) and do daily training.

Have fun!

Oh the game says season 0
Thanks for the tip

I'm starting as soon as possible

Glad to see you then on the field!

Good Luck!
Any promo code for the big day? :)

Thank you. There will be some promo codes handed out from time to time, but we will restrictive on this as we do not want too many bot players.

Wanted to check it out, but the login is available only with keychain - which means you are excluding mobile users

There is a way to use the website on mobiles. HiveWallet created by @roelandp simulates the keychain :) I just tried it and it works.

We will definitely add Hivesigner.

Please do. @engrave gave a solution, but since I don't use hive wallet app, I'm not comfortable with it.

Let's play ;)

Welcome to do so - you might lack a little bit of Hive Power for enough Resource Credits. If you need a delegation let me know.

I'm new here and need some time to collect enough Hive for starterpack.Because of game I made this account,I'm glad game is finally here :)

Lieber Oli, du machst mich noch zum Fußball Fan! Bin schon als "FC actift-peter" mittendrin und kann es nicht erwarten, wenn das erste Match beginnt!

Heute Mittag gegen 12:00 Uhr wird die erste Saison gestartet. Dann steht der Spielplan und ihr könnt eure Aufstellung machen. Das erste Spiel wird dann 6 Stunden später starten.

Super! Danke für die Info!

Freut mich mega, Peter! (:

Ha! Mich auch! Hab das erste Match gewonnen!

Signed up! :D Pretty excited, I'm a football freak!

Hope this goes well, good luck guys!

Hey! I have joined alpha phase, but now I can't login... I have to signup again?

Ok, thanks man!😉💪🍻

Not a fan of football but still join your game and hope it is not complicated.

There is definitely a learning curve.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Congratulations @rabona!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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Great game finally on this #blockchain!

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If you can please check my article here explain some improvements to Rabona