Work report #03

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We would like to show you what we have done in the last three weeks. Our current focus is on the Exchange. The template for the exchange is already finished and the backend is already at about 40%.

Regarding the exchange we have already completed the following backend work:

  • Added PEG.HIVE as a second internal currency
  • Added two escrow accounts for RBN and PEG.HIVE for the market transactions
  • API for the order book
  • Sell orders

We are confident that we will meet the announced deadline.

So be ready on 01 January 2021!

We also have completed/fixed…

  • Exchange template (HTML/CSS) completed (link)
  • Two new buildings added (link)
  • Tasks were removed from the dashboard to tasks.php
  • The price of 'change player type' has been lowered from $1 to $0.1
  • New chapters for the guide added
  • Mobile optimized navigation completed
  • Mobile optimized dashboard completed
  • Mobile optimized club site > overview (tab) completed
  • Mobile optimized club site > team (tab) completed
  • Fixed some minor display bugs

As previously announced, we will stop selling RBN on the website on January 01, 2021. The distribution of RBN will then arise completely out of the game. At the same time, trading of RBN will be available on the website.

We've partnered with MarketSquare. MarketSquare is an Product. The announcement posting was shared on the ARK Twitter account (60K+ followers) and all of the MarketSquare social accounts.

It would be miraculous if you show some love. <3


If you have any questions, join our Discord server or use the comments below.


Nice changing coming our way and the market integration really looks great and with it the game economics should boom and new players or investors come into the space.

The new building also are great and quite needed, the costs start to increase all over the place and we need some more revenue streams.

Great game, great experience and I simply like how it evolves! Good work guys and keep it up!

Keep up the good work!


Go, Team, Go :)

Good work guys! Excited about the exchange! Next stop, tournaments :D

Happy to be with you .

Hive Engine auch ???

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Keep up the good work team

Good job and lovely game 💪💪💪

Ich freue mich auf das Release der neuen Funktionen! :)

I'm glad I invested in this project. Keep up the hard work. Now I will go check out those 2 new buildings!

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Great job 👍... A pleasure to play this championship.

Let me tell you what happened in the last three weeks; thanks to #rabona, I specialized in economics. :D

Vamos con todos chicos vengo de la competencia Sorare y me quedo aca ya que soy participe Vamos!

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