Roadmap: A goal without a plan is just a wish

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We have reached a point that one could say Rabona is running stable. We've fixed hundreds of bugs - only three of them were critical. That is a good summary so far. There's still a lot to do. Now is the time that we are taking the next huge step.

We will stop selling RBN on the website on January 01, 2021.

The distribution of RBN will then arise completely out of the game. At the same time, trading of RBN will be available on the website. The HTML/CSS template is ready, as you can see on the screenshot below.


RBN is an in-game token (utility token) for Rabona. You can earn RBN while playing.

Besides smaller enhancements that we do regularly (work report #01, #02), bugs fixing, communication, and game economy balancing, we’re targeting a couple of major extensions. Three of these are planned for Q1 2021.

What to expect in Q1 2021?

  • Tournaments
  • Bank of Rabona
  • Shareholder


Besides the regular league games, we are working on additional tournaments to be implemented. These will include a Rabona Cup, in which every user will automatically participate each season as well as other tournaments, which users can choose to join if they wish. Users will also have the opportunity to arrange their own tournaments, for which they can define their own rules with regard to participation, rewards, etc.

Bank of Rabona

Bank of Rabona will allow you to stake RBN to earn dividends. You will also use your stake to make decisions. These decisions are either mundane, such as decisions about the type and amount of dividends, but will also be significant, as the further development of Rabona. Your stake will have a high weight in the future. Your stake matters.


You will get the opportunity to tokenize your club. Rewards will then no longer be distributed to the user who manages the club, but instead to the token holders proportionately to their stake. Top clubs will seek investors, who will become partial owners by buying club tokens. Investors at their turn will receive an ROI for their contribution in funds instead of time, and gaming skills. One club can have many co-owners simultaneously, all sharing the rewards.

We've moved 4,000 HIVE into the reward pool and distributed nearly 3,000 HIVE. This is a solid number, of which we are very proud. We are distributing HIVE with this account. The reward pool is set by the dev team each season. We are trying to be long term oriented and sustainable, and thus try to keep this rather stable. You will find more information about HIVE rewards in the guide.

If you have any questions, join our Discord server or use the comments below.



That's some great news on RBN, I had hoped for it to be tradable eventually.
Keep it up!

We all did :p

We will! (:

Exciting outline, keep on rocking

Uwe, go vote on the dpoll!

Yes man - later, busy still

Thanks, Uwe! (:

Q1 2021 roadmap sounds awesome! :)

I'm usually quite skeptical but I really enjoyed the game as a game so far!

Great job,
keep it up

"I really enjoyed the game as a game so far!"

This is one of the best compliments so far.
That motivates us a lot. Thanks!


I guess I'm speaking out of frustration from Splinterlands which when it comes down to the fun of the game has suffered hard as they are making everything just about the money and earnings.

Will the Rabona RBN token be traded just on the in-game market or also on external ones like Hive-Engine or LeoDex?

RBN will be traded on the in-game market. (:

Awesome work. I like to buy shares of clubs!

Yes, me too!

Exciting outline

We are as excited as you are. (:


What to expect in Q1 2021?

I could not say which one is my fav. Maybe Shareholder.

Awesome roadmap for 2021!

We can't wait more! 😁

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"We can't wait more! 😁"

We either! :D

Hurray!!! Thanks for this announcement! Good luck to the Rabona team and managers.

Thanks for your commitment! (:

You're welcome, keep up the good work! Between the game also needs a better UI and UX. I mean the UI of the game should be improved like the traditional football manager software/app and even better. We can take Splinterlands as a sample, the game has a good UI and UX, amazing cards… I will also advice the game to support TRON blockchain, this will drive in more users to the game.

I'm aware. Does Splinterlands support TRON or not?

I don't know. You have to ask @aggroed or @yabapmatt.

Okay! I don't mean Rabona should deal with Justin Sun.

TRON = Justin Sun.
Justin Sun = TRON.

I would be happy to stay 1000 miles away from JS.

Klingt nach einem aufregendem Jahr 2021. Ich wünsche euch viel erfolg dabei!

Sounds like an exciting year 2021. I wish you all the best on your journey!

Das ist vorerst nur das erste Quartal. Da wäre noch ordentlich Luft.

Danke dir, Andree! (:

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I can confirm that the game runs very stable and fast. Regarding the next goals I say: "I am very excited and I am looking forward to it.

Greetings Michael


Thanks, Michael! (:

How will you be making money without RBN sales? Is it just through the training bonuses and injury/red card reduced out-of-play time?

Starterpack, unblock, heal, change type, freeze, unfreeze, reset cooldown, and market fee. Small products that do not harm the balancing of the economy and not the gameplay. Sustainable, long term oriented focus.

We were aware that we could only use the RBN sale as start-up financing. So this step is perfectly fine.

If you are earning money on the market, we will also earn a small portion. Win-Win.

Keep up the good work team!

We will! (:

Indeed a very big step! I've been enjoying the game a lot so far, and my Brick Boys FC might just secure its first promotion at the end of this season :).

Good luck! (:

Thanks! I have one match to go, and I'm 2 points ahead of the no.2 and 3 points ahead of the no.3 at the moment ;).

I do like the simplistic interface of the game by the way. I used to play Hattrick all the way back in 2002, but that got so complicated and convoluted eventually that I left it at some point.

This one is a lot more straightforward, and the only slight gripe I have is that it is still a little unclear how all the different attributes contribute to a potentially positive match result :).

I look forward to the future updates!

This is some really cool stuff. Things are getting very interesting here...

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Keep up the good work!


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  • Tournaments
  • Bank of Rabona
  • Shareholder

All excellent features that will take Rabona to the next level!

This will be fun! (:

2021 will be an incredible year for Rabona, I have no doubts after knowing a little of what will happen soon ...

I know that RBN will only be in the in-game market, but will we have the option of, for example, withdrawing HIVE from the game?

I have no doubts either.

In general: You will always have full control on your HIVE.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to reaching 2021. 😁

Also das Spiel läuft wirklich gut vor allem wird es wohl noch interessanter wenn man das so liest schon gespannt bin was das Jahr 2021 so bringt.
Wünsche euch viel Erfolg .

Vielen Dank, @cervisia, das geht runter wie Öl. (:

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this is good news. I hope rabona will be more than just a game now.

Crazy news... only new followed the thread. This looks amazing!