Work report #05, balance adjustment & tournaments

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We would like to show you what we have done since our last work report. Mid-January to mid-February was relaxed for us, we've recharged our batteries. We have also completed a couple of smaller, but very important updates.

We have completed/fixed...

  • Guide for the exchange completed
  • Fixed the data of the y-axis on the exchange chart
  • Limit trade history to 120 on the exchange
  • Coloring freeze players on the club page
  • Balance adjustment on freeze: -1 CD (contract duration)
  • Individual training on the training page (opt-out single players)
  • New layout on the training page
  • Optimized button logic on the training page
  • Fixed cooldown bug on the dashboard and the training page
  • Collectible 7/11 has been sold
  • Modal with all data of the building levels on the stadium page
  • Downgrade of buildings on the stadium page
  • Fixed display bug of the BY bonus on the stadium page
  • Fixed some minor display bugs

Balance adjustment

The freeze function is currently used to keep salaries low in the upper leagues. You can use gaps, this is not a problem at all. It is up to us to close them. We're closing this gap by giving the freeze function -1 CD (contract duration).

As a consequence, the salaries in the upper leagues will increase to a normal balance level. Since we've noticed that Freeze is also used to train players on player-level, we want to continue to enable it. We solve this by allowing individual training. You can see this in the screenshot below.


We have completed and prepared this update and we will release it after the start of the upcoming season.


We are not exactly on schedule with the announced roadmap. The given roadmap will be stretched over the whole year. The tournament module is more extensive than planned. We are currently working on the tournament module. The frontend template is about 60% ready.

On the screen below you can get an impression.


You will be able to create your own tournaments according to your own rules. There will be tournaments hosted by Rabona and tournaments hosted by you. There is a tournament creation fee that will be burned.

The new match algorithm for tournaments is separated from the match-algorithm for the league. There will be no financial consequences for your club when participating in tournaments. Cards are counting only for the tournaments, the number of fans doesn't go up/down, and statistics (player/club) do not change. The only exception is injuries.

All given descriptions of the tournament module can be changed until we publish the final module.

We will keep you up to date on the status of the tournament module.

If you have any questions, join our Discord server or use the comments below.

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Currently, I am working on the encryption of line-ups. The idea is to send an encrypted message to the backend. This message includes the encrypted line-up as well as an encrypted key, with which the line up can be decrypted. The key can be decrypted by the backend server with its private key. Later on, the results of the match will be published and that also includes the encryption key, so that people can verify that everything was as expected.

It turned out, that this is easier said than made. So far, I have been able to encrypt everything on the frontend side, but I have not managed to do decrypt it in the backend, as Javascript and Python seem not so easy to get to understand the encryption. But I will figure this out and then the problem should be solved. Just takes a bit of time...

Individual training on the training page (opt-out single players)

We have been waiting for it for a couple of months 😍 Tournament will also be fun. Thanks guys 🎉

We are glad about your passion and patience.

Training adjustment is a welcoming move! Not sure about the freeze-unfreeze yet. Need time to understand that better. Good progress.

Oh looks like 7th perfect player is sold already, so you can edit that on the post. Congratulations!

Morton Betts has been sold for 150,000,000 RBN on the market


..., so you can edit that on the post.


Awesome, I can't wait for the tournaments. It will bring some creativity and more diversity to the game.

Rabona will become more dynamic, yeah.

You are putting a lot in Rabona development, thank you for the gem updates! Rabona will be more fun when tournament goes live 💯

Thanks. (:

Keep up the good work team

We will. (:

This is amazing! The opt outs are gonna be very helpful for the training of my newbies

Looking forward to the tournaments as well.

You guys have been doing a great job so far!

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For good boys, good badges 👍

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Auf jeden Fall. (:

Damn! So excited for the tournaments! I think I'll be a fan on the new training system too, this will make training so much more dynamics and will also save a ton of time (and I mean a TON lol) freezing and unfreezing during batch training!

Keep up the good work!

... and will also save a ton of time

This too, yeah. Good point.

Awesome, I can't wait for the tournaments.