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I've ported to the HIVE blockchain. The new domain is Login is done with hive keychain or hivesigner.

All voting rules have been copied but are deactivated. You need to go to and toogle:
Enable voting to true.

I'm motivated to improve my tool, please drop suggestions as comment (I know already that the interface sucks :)).

What can do?

Vote by command is not just a simple autovoter, it can be used to vote by leaving a command in a comment (requirement is a active authority given to @rewarding)

Thanks for your article
$rewarding 50%

Autovote only when vote power is idle

You can upvote your own posts only when your vote power is full and would be otherwise wasted. You can do this by creating a rule with:

  • yourself as author
  • min_vp set to 100
  • vote_when_vp_reached set to true
  • maximum_vote_delay_min can be set to limit the time window (e.g. 4320 means that a vote is only broadcasted within the first 3 days)

Follow curators

It is possible to create trail voting rules and set conditions when a vote is followed (e.g. exclude all posts with a specific tag).
It is also possible to follow downvoters by creating a trail downvote rule.

Stack votes

By using the delayed vote tab, it is possible to stack votes.
This can be done by setting min_vp to 100, vote_when_vp_reached to true and increasing vp_reached_order for each new stacked vote. E.g. when there are already 2 pending votes, I can add a third one, by setting vp_reached_order to 3. Whenever now the VP reaches 100% one stacked vote is casted, sorted by vp_reached_order.

Improving curation rewards

As it is not possible to vote always within the first 5 minutes, I can create vote rules for authors that create always outstanding content. shows in the vote log the best time point for a optimal vote. When optimize_vote_delay is toggled to true in the settings, the time delay is automatically optimized.

  1. Less Options - group options, absolutely required to set rule, extra options. Simplify basic functionality like auto voting for users.

  2. Am not going to use app for voting, but i remember your tool had curation reward calculations, i would like to use that to check data on all my votes not just on votes from app. Could replace steemworld for some people to check curation rewards = users. I could add alt on trial to use it already hmmm.

  3. Few simple tutorials - step by step, to create basic rule or to create more complicated rules, like voting on tribes(tag) or apps, adding comment after vote. All of that is useful for people running own small projects if they can understand how to set this up.

  4. And back to point 1, simplification wherever it is possible, leave required settings and button to show extra settings :)

I made some extensive tutorials (linked in my main comment). I'm going to improve these. Steem rewarding is by far the best autovoter and curation trail follower, extremely powerful when used well (from steem auto to this I nearly doubled my curation efficiency%)

Good point about complicated. I will try to make a 4th tutorial to just do quick beginner set up.

yep, it would need to be simplified in app, when user see so many boxes to fill, he's already confused, and closing it without checking tutorials :)

  • if there are tutorials already, could be linked in app

I personally automated everything by myself already in own scripts...

Yup a few people who read my tutorial said too complicated.

Maybe someone could build an easier interface and integrate it somehow.

Another idea would be import/export rules. Others could help, then just names need to be changed.

I'd be happy if my tutorials were linked or parts borrowed, translated, whatever.

You an holger seem like advanced hive users/dev, I'm intermediate. We could tryband get someone who is more beginner level to make a tutorial from their perspective.

create rule, add multiple names. instead of creating rules

Loved the app on Steem, glad to see it on Hive! I have no wishes for now although I would recommend it more often to n00bs if the interface looked better :P But I know that you know, so I'll just shut up now :D Really happy to see you active here! Cheers!

A ton of smileys couldn't tell you how happy I am to have that service again :)

Can you put in a system to not vote on posts that use #NoAutoVotes as a tag or somewhere in the metadata. Whatever way you want.

Believe if or not some posts are made not to get rich off of and a creator may want to reserve votes for other posts or non-community posts.

You can alread do this with it on individual accounts and trails, field is called "skip tags" or something obvious.

I got an internal error upon setting my voting true on settings area.

Is the global api set to peakd or steemit?

I think someone else commented about that elsewhere.

Im guessing thats the issue too. Do i have the authority to change the api?

Thank you so much. Less than a week is very impressive.

I will check it out after work.
I already prepared 3 extensive tutorials on steem (trails, individuals and optimizing/troubkeshooting).

I will update change steem to hive and improve these over the weekend and next week. There are a few things I don't understand well or use, and maybe the comments in the old posts will be valuable so I will link the original versions then.

They are all easy to find here:

Very good @holger80. I've heard about this. I need to investigate and learn more about it.

In attempting to do so, I found that your app does not allow me to sign in with Hive Keychain, as indicated. Instead, it takes me to a HiveSigner webpage and asking me for my keys, even though Hive Keychain is activated and working fine with PeakD ...

You have ported this app to Hive in a very short time frame. I would imagine you are still working on it, so hopefully this will be addressed soon enough. Then I will try it again ...

Hurray! Thank you so much for making this awesome utility available for Hive. I used steemrewarding frequently, so I'll definitely be interested in this one.

Is it okay to say @holger80 is my favorite developer on our blockchain?

Cool job, many thanks and whenever it is running here a lot of BEER

Awesome! was waiting for that on Hive :)

Oh yea.. In is this:


We don't have to change that?

This is a left over, as I copied everything from steemrewarding. You should change this to or

Oh okay! Thanks :)

Thank you for this, that is cool.
But would you please consider going on running
It seems to have stopped voting.

A greeting, Nicola

super, thanks!

Is there any way to recover my lost voting rules? They seem to be missing from my steemrewarding account also.

I've enabled voting in the settings, and they are still gone.

Hi, Holger.

Maybe you can add a parameter to prevent voting on more than one post by the same author withing 24 hours or even 48 hours to prevent shit posting and reward mining.

Hive is growing and moving forward

Stack Votes o.Ó

Well that sounds fun to me.

Do i need to change the URL? at moment it says

Would love to use it but its down.


I fixed it, can you try again?

It's fine now, thanks!

Just one more thing, is this enabled? It seems not.


If I click the link, it appears it is authorised?


Thanks so much for this - appreciated.

I found a case where the variable name requires changing:

Vote Rules:
vote_sbd [$]

should be:
vote_hbd [$]

or changed to something neutral

Great! But unfortunately I receive a 504 when trying to access it:

So lovely!! I'm happy to read the good news today! Chain on! Chains off!! !invest_vote

Well, "504 Gateway Time-out" right now

@andrepol denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@andrepol thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

Great autovoter for everyone on HIVE. I need to give a trial soon.