SBD trading volume is EXPLODING!!!

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I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the SBD trading volume has just SHATTERED all previous records. According to, the trading volume for the last 24 hours has been a little over $171 million! This is more than a 4x increase over the previous record of $40 million, which was YESTERDAY. In fact, there have only been four days total when the trading volume exceeded $10 million, and today it is 17 times that! Here's a brief chart with the previous record 24 hour trading volumes.

SBD trading volume records.png

This is a pretty staggering trading volume, and I think it actually puts SBD in the top 20 coins for trading volume. Maybe people are catching on to the idea of instant transactions and zero transaction fees.

In any case... we live in exciting times!

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Yeah, I saw this and I didn't get it. The total supply of SBD is 6,646,375 SBD, according to:

Supposedly, Upbit alone is generating 185,368,000 SBD of trade volume, according to:

It's so high, coinmarketcap is excluding it from the total average:

Interesting, do you think it's a reporting error?

No, I don't think it's an error. Coinmarketcap often excludes outliers because they assume that exchanges are reporting something incorrect. But in this case, I think the South Korean exchange probably is reporting actual volume.

It's probably a good arbitrage opportunity, but I'm sure it's easier said than done.

I just realized a detail, the arbitration with steem is the easiest of all there is for not having transaction commissions and for being instantaneous, I did not think about it until reading this message, I'm not sure but steem is the only cryptocurrency without transaction fees?

really this news with these large volumes has me totally excited.

I believe that right now we are in the best business.

Hello ✨ I am so happy to see that you are writing again😊 I am assuming we have bright future 💐

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the trading volume for the last 24 hours has been a little over $171 million! This is more than a 4x increase over the previous record of $40 million
wow awesome news, spectacular growth.

in 30 minutes I will leave you my positive vote because I liked this information. and I'm going to share it because it's good news for everyone.

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impressive vote, is the highest obtained until the date in a comment of mine, thank you very much for a small fish like me means a lot.

True, now transactions of SBD is really increasing, in opinion also it's happening due low transaction cost and yes SBD will enjoy the greater heights on charts in coming future. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

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Yes it's really amazing that we are seeing such great numbers! I can only imagine the numbers we will see for the rest of the year... Steemit is going to be very very popular :)

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Wow! I wonder what's truly the motivation in this, of course the high price, I wonder if it's just a couple huge whales there were sitting in a mountain of SBD waiting for a pump. Who knows but either way it's very exciting and just more examples of why we are ready for a huge breakout.

Yeah good question. Apparently it could be a reporting error? re inertia's comment that total supply is only ~6.7 million SBD. Something's a little funny it seems..

I really don't understand why people buy SBD instead of Steem. I think slowly but surely people start to realize that Steem is not Steemit. Steem has so much more and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Such high volume is an indicator for a sentiment shift towards the Steem blockchain. Great news for us !

If so, do you think it is worth maintaining steem power ?, I mean ... what is growing is steem and in case one day is worth a lot, it would be very profitable to have those steem but I do not have anything in this moment steem alone I have steempower that at any time I can do a powerdown, but I do not know if once the steem has a high value that steem request would be at that high price or the price now.
I do not know if I explain myself correctly.

The concept of SBD ( Steem Dollars) is to ensure that it's value will be at least 1 US Dollar. If you have Steem Power, you can always power down at some point and have your Steem Power converted into STEEM. SBD can be converted into Steem also or just sold as SBD on bittrex. If Steem reaches 100 dollars and you have 10,000 SP, it means that you have 1 MILLION DOLLARS.

I hope I answered your question. Bottom line is that you should invest all your earnings into SP, because STEEM is inflating 100% on a yearly basis.

The inflation rate of STEEM is currently about 9% and will decrease to a terminal rate of about 1% over the next 20 or so years.

Interesting, I've read multiple times that the inflation is 100% yearly, where can I check the current rate?

Thanks for clarifying, I have other questions for you also. Just give me a green light :p

go I just realized now that you are the same person who commented on your post, hahaha the world is a handkerchief I do not know if it is chance or that but the fact is that here we are again commenting.

1 million dollars? wow that sounds spectacular hahaha I hope it at least reaches any value that comes close to that.

thank you and I will follow your advice, to increase sp

Thats the way to go! Wish you luck :)

I also wish you the best, and also we are all in the same boat and this boat is doing very well for what it seems;)

It's definitely interesting. I think what happened with the recent spike in SBD is that it was added to some Korean exchange and it just caught up with the cryptomania of people buying everything. Thanks for reading!

Awesome news! If I understand well this means Steem's worth will skyrocket right? new users coming will increase too.

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All thanks to you @trogdor!

These are the things that make your day, everything Steemit is achieving and there are still more things to come.

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put the SBD in the top 20 coins for trading volume, I think this is very good,@trogdor

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the same, I am very happy to read your post @trogdor

did not it have to increase the transaction volume and increase the price of SBD?
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It looks like the price of SBD is spiking to. Thanks for reading!

The trading volume of the SBD is four times higher than the whole market cap of SBD. How could it be? In my opinion people speculate on SBD because of its low marketcap and people don't really know what SBD is. People have also take into account that inflation of SBD rises with its price. And inflation then causes downward pressure.

Here I have a chart where you see the price of SBD versus the inflation:

Its from my weekly steem statistics.

Wow - thanks for the chart. Those are crazy numbers. What is going on?

Wow.. In Upbit SBD very hight price $ 10.2 USD.

I guess it's a good moment to buy SBD waiting for it to go back up its value. @trogdor

thanks for your informing and analysis. I am investing in steem, but there is a certain ratio between sbd and steem. ultimately this estate comes in as sbd. I am delighted that you raise it. the volume of transactions is so high that the price increases. my hope grows even more. @trogdor

I'm so excited. Thank you😮😱

Well in my opinion this is normal because we know that a week has passed where the cryptocurrencies have gone down so much the bitcoin to 10,000 USD the people were very scared was a week of fear where we did not know what was happening

Now that the cryptocurrencies have healed, the SBD and STEEM have gone up a lot to that at 8 USD, so in my opinion the people with the fear and the insertion of whether this will go down or up will be bought.

There is also a theory that people took advantage of to buy when I go down to trade and as today I went up a lot, they took advantage to sell and profit from trading.

In short this is my theory of what could have happened this we know that in early December the SBD remained from 7 to 10 SBD.

thank you my friend well done

Probably, those who buy sbd, foresee a sharp rise in prices for it?

Wow unbelieveable !
are we expecting even bigger changes in the price ?

It seems to me that this is bringing the price of SBD up and it's also doing the same for Steem. I regred exchanging the SBD I had for Steem just before it exploded.

Still, this news makes me happy! :)

Thanks for sharing this one. I notice it too. hope it will rise up to $30-$40 ...haha thankful that i hodl my sbds.

guess it's a good moment to buy SBD waiting for it to go back up its value

Excellent determination of the sbd. It is good that you bring this evualuacion for the users to keep us informed of the advances of the sbd.

We all hope that the sbd and steem take a bigger turn and I hope in the future that this will get better. Excellent post friend keep going ...

Greetings my friend, from Venezuela.

Interesting post. It is a pleasing news that transaction volume has increased by this amount.

very good information friend .. greetings

so much interesting and well done sir for such a nice informative and updated post i like it and @trgder i m new on your post to comment

do you think its insider whales or large traders?

I liked your publication very much.
I give you my humble vote.
@trogdor greetings from Venezuela

Hello!! It is interesting to have someone like you to get this kind of calculations.
Thank you for giving me your support in my entry into this community. I already follow you, I look forward to your future publications.
Happy day ...

Hola!! Es interesante tener a alguien como tu que saque este tipo de cálculos..
Gracias por darme tu apoyo en mi ingreso a esta comunidad.. Ya te sigo, espero ansiosamente te gusten mis próximas publicaciones..
Feliz Día..

It's a motivation, of course, and it's amazing how the number increases. Amazing post, thanks for the information to the new ussers like me.

Cada vez me estusiamo mas con EOS. Sigueme

Wooow Very good You are doing good work dear thanks for sharing this information I follow you for your next post

Thanks for sharing this.
exciting times indeed!