Changing Earth's rotation to expose some changes

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In one of my last post I did a small synthesis where I exposed some of the realities and changes that the nature of the Earth would have if it were Flat as many conspirators and faithful believers think, in that post I put on a believer's mantle and created some scenarios sustained and easy to assume that totally defy the fact that the Earth was flat. However like many of you I also like to play with the different scientific realities that lead to the formation of different forces, so why not do it again and add some changes to the Earth that we know today.

For example, what if the rotational speed of the earth changed and became faster?

The rotation of the earth not only affects the duration of days and nights but also the interaction of humans with the different natural forces that constantly collide with the Earth, something that without hesitation would attract a huge change in the way in which humans currently live, let's begin to unfold those changes.

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If at any time the earth had an increase or decrease in its speed of rotation this would undoubtedly bring significant changes that would surely affect life as we know it, and that is that at present many of the natural factors that affect people's lives are determined by the movement of rotation that the earth possesses.

Centrifugal force

The first thing we must be clear is that the earth currently takes 24 hours to complete a spin on its own axis, that is, it rotates on its axis at a speed of approximately 1600 km/h, however when the earth was younger, at the beginning of its formation its rotation speed was approximately 6400 km/h. However, it is essential to emphasize that this speed is not the same in all the earth since as we move away from the equator the speed of rotation that we experience is much lower.

This is where things start to change drastically because if the speed of the earth were higher the current balance between the centrifugal force and gravity would be lost, because if the speed of rotation of the earth increases the centrifugal force too, and this will cause our bodies to be affected in different ways. For example, our weight at the equator would be totally different from what would have as we moved away from the equator. In fact, if the increase in the speed of rotation were so high, this would mean that the centrifugal force exercised on the equator would make our weight practically zero.

This would undoubtedly bring great changes gradually in human anatomy and in the animals because we would be subject to constant changes in the forces acting on our bodies.

Changing schedules

Another of the changes that would happen immediately, would be the mismatch of schedules as we know them now, and that if the earth turned twice as fast as it does now, the days would no longer have 24 hours but 12 hours which would mean that theoretically, we would no longer go around the sun every 365 days but every 730 days, that is, one year.

However, this is not a change that we can not adapt, at first it would be exhausting because basically our days would be cut in half, and this would bring changes in the different weather stations.

The most harmed would surely be the animals since they would have to adapt most of their habits and instincts to these changes, and nocturnal animals would suffer badly the attacks of having to deal with shorter nights and this would unquestionably bring with them that animals that usually hunt at night have to adapt quickly or face an imminent extinction.

Climatic imbalances

Another significant change that would bring an increase in the speed of rotation of the earth, would be the constant climatic imbalances that would originate, starting from the fact that with a higher speed of rotation would originate more uncontrolled winds that would bring vast hurricanes that would scour the earth. In addition to a remarkable increase in the formation of storms around the earth.

Surely, this is where things start to get really ugly because only imagine the disasters that would cause the formation of faster and longer hurricanes, this would undoubtedly be a problem that we could hardly solve quickly. However, for many, this would also mean greater use of wind energy in places where the fluctuation of these large wind currents could still be controlled in a certain way, but in general, this would be very bad news for humanity.

Chaos in the equator

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, an increase in the speed of rotation would bring with it a proportional increase in the centrifugal force and this would cause the flow of water from the earth to be concentrated little by little near the equator. That is to say that the water level in the countries and islands that are close to the equator would be totally higher and this would cause that these countries were gradually swallowed by the sea.

In summary, almost all the countries and islands bordering the equator would disappear, since the sea level would increase in such a way that it would inevitably sink them.

The effect in the remoteness of the equator would be inversely proportional and these places would have a greater concentration of terrestrial surface, since as I said the centrifugal force would do its thing and push the water towards the equator.

Contrary to this, the areas near the poles would be more superficial, since the water would be displaced from this area because of the lower centrifugal force that acts in that area.

A remarkable fact is that if at some point the centrifugal force were coupled with gravity, the rain would be totally different from how we know it. No more precipitations would form in the clouds, and on the contrary drops of rain would begin to ascend from the ground to the atmosphere.

Final words

Undoubtedly, the earth turned faster on its axis would bring substantial changes, many that we could adapt with time and others to which we would gradually succumb, as many of the changes that would occur on earth would significantly affect some of the forces and natural phenomena that govern our lives today.

However, we must not forget that before a hypothetical increase in the speed of the earth the first and perhaps most affected would be the animals who would be facing a race against time to modify their habits of life because if they did not, they would simply die.

Contrary to the changes that would bring a "flat Earth", these somehow would not be so decisive as long as that speed increase is not so big, because although these changes would be almost instantaneous will always be determined by how much is the increase in the speed of rotation, because if that increase is within a relatively small range the changes would simply be imperceptible to people. For example, so that the days are shortened by half, the rotation speed would have to be doubled and for the centrifugal force to be matched with gravity, the speed of rotation would have to be approximately 30,000 km/h.




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