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One of the most telling symptoms noticed in the early months of 2020 was highlighted by New York doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell - it was hypoxemia (low oxygen in the arterial blood). It was mistaken for a respiratory symptom:

Hypoxemia can be caused by Rouleaux blood which is confirmed to be caused by WiFi exposure, as proven by Dr Magda Havas 11 years ago:

I don't understand how you can successfully bring down the bogus 'science' of virology without a suitable explanation of what is actually hurting people.

There is a lot of evidence that an overload of electro-magnetic frequencies can cause some major symptoms such as heart attacks, strokes, etc.

I have collated a huge amount of supporting studies and articles here:


This archive is continually updated.

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It is pretty amazing to me that we have increased the background EMF radiation we - and the rest of the natural world - are exposed to by more than 200 million times, with as little overt and devastating impact as is apparent. Near microwave antennae creatures get cooked. The really immediate harm that would seem likely from such massive increase in EMF radiation just doesn't seem to happen.

However, the subtle and long term damage remains ongoing, is being concealed, lied about, and folks publishing good information about it are being censored, as part of the global 5th Generation war on civilians being prosecuted by all governments, corporations, and institutions controlled by the top dogs of the financial industry, that either own them outright, or corrupt them through the various ways that is done.

I am happy you and folks like you are sticking to your guns, because I suspect that direct harms as immediate as birds being cooked by microwave antennae can be deliberately inflicted, and may well be already, as you point out. Understanding critical to mitigating, preventing, and reflecting that hazard is of existential import.