Science is Fab at the Wonderlab!

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London Museums

As we live in London we have taken our kids to the Science Museum several times, as well as other London museums. It's not too far away, it's free and Mini Me 1 and 2 (who are now 9 and 8 years old) are both into science. If you take your own lunch, as we have done several times, you can eat it in the indoor picnic area provided and it's quite a cheap and cheerful day out.



"Mummy we HAVE to go to the Wonderlab!"

Recently Mini Me 1 visited the Science Museum again with her school. She had a fabulous time and kept talking about how we "HAVE to go to the Wonderlab". So I booked tickets for the last day of the Christmas holidays. It cost £28 for a family ticket for 4 of us. Mini Me 3 is under 3 so was free. In hindsight I should have booked an annual pass as it was only £5 more per person. I feel like the ticket price was worth it though as although there are things for kids to do in the free part of the museum, this was on a different level!



Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery ( is on the 3rd floor of the the Science Museum in South Kensington and has over 50 exhibits, demonstrations and shows that blew my kids little minds! (and mine and hubby's if I'm honest!). There are three giant slides which are super fun for kids and teach them about force and friction, there are demonstrations about how electricity is made, live experiments at the chemistry bar and there is an auditorium where regular shows are put on. We went to one about explosions and it was brilliant. Mini Me 1 volunteered to go up to the front and press one of the buttons for an explosion. She was actually a bit terrified but it's all done in a controlled environment.....the Explainer did insist on everyone putting their fingers in their ears, and noise cancelling headphones for Mini Me 3, as some of the bangs were loud.


Something for all ages

The best thing about this trip to the Wonderlab was that all three off our kids learnt something and throughly enjoyed themselves. Mini Me 3 loved the slides, as did her sisters, she loved running on and off the rotating space platform, she loved being pulled up ion a chair using pulleys, and there were also lots of little shape games that held her attention. Mini Me 1 and 2 were really into the chemistry demonstration, making flying aeroplanes and learning about electricity. It's nice that the whole thing is quite contained and big but not big enough that you worry about losing your kids.


Makes Science fun

Mini Me 2 tells me that her science lessons at school are sometimes boring but she loved everything in the Wonderlab. I told her this is how science is used in the real world and saw her eyes open wide. I would definitely recommend a visit to the Wonderlab if your kids are aged between 3 and 11 and if there are interested in science.



Annual passes

As a child my dad would insist on us going to museums, wherever we were in the world! My sisters and got to the point where we glazed over at the sight of yet more exhibits! I don't really think we were museum people but then in those days I don't think the museums had much fun stuff for kids to get involved in. In contrast my kids love museums and make full use of all the interactive exhibitions for kids. Next time we plan to the visit the Science Museum in London I will definitely be booking annual passes!


MummyImperfect x


Resteemed. I have long waited for something sweet like this to read. Good to know you are back once again. These children must be always excited with you make them feel always. Nice one to share dear @mummyimperfect

Thank you so much 😁 I’m glad you liked it.

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I use to go as well a lot in museums as a child but then is was very far from the fun I have today. I visited some friends in Strasbourg and together with her kids I had my best time ever in Le Vaisseau Sience museum there. Is amazing, if by any chance you get around that area (they have a game to move bricks with mind)

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Wow that sounds so cool!

Looks like you guys had a great time :)

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