Pattern of Mireukjeon And Autumn Sunlight

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As soon as I passed through the Jinyeo(Buddha) gate, I saw a building named Beobwanglu, where monks teach Buddhism to people.
Beobwang means Buddha. It seemed like that various names are required to define Buddha.
There was a signboard written Mireunkjeon on the front roof of Beobwanglu.
Mireukjeon means an auditorium for the Buddha named Mireuk(Maitreya)


This building had two names, Beobwanglu and Mireukjeon.
There is a reason for naming this building with two different names.
It is for the temple not to stick to one purpose.
Although there is one building, its meaning changes according to the name.

The building was not old, but the patterns decorating the windows of the building were beautiful.
It was the pattern style of the middle of the Joseon dynasty.
After the war with Japan at the end of the 16th century, the buildings of the temple were all burned down. It was not possible to rebuild the building the same with prewar, so people tried to decorate the windows beautifully instead.
I couldn’t take pictures in Mireunkjeon because people were praying in there. I didn’t want to interrupt them. The sound of chanting the Buddhist scriptures came out.



There was a gate right next to Beobwanglu.
Even though the surrounding area was messy because of construction, autumn sunshine made the gate beautiful.


Autumn Sunlight makes the world beautiful.
Autumn sunlight doubles the beauty of Mireukjeon’s pattern.


very good photography bagunan friend, this bagunan has a lot of history.

Thanks, friend! Most of the temples in Korea have a long history!

Thanks, friend! Most of the
Temples in Korea have
A long history!

                 - slowwalker

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Nice capture

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Cool pictures

It seems Buddhism is the main religion in Japan?

Actually, many religions such as Christian, Catholic, and Buddhism coexist in Korea!

Wow. Interesting!!!

Interesting story you are sharing with us about Buddhism @slowwalker. I am actually enjoying it.

Nice brother... Good post... 💚💚

Those names are wonderful. And the naming those building are very interesting (BEOBWANGLU and MIREKJEON). Great to read your post. I benefited greatly from reading it. Thanks for sharing this with us...

Thank you for your comment! I hope my posts can provide useful information!

Obviously your post provide many useful information...!! It is very nice brother... 💚

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Those windows are very ornate and nicely done. The gate is beautiful and shows a view of the window that you mentioned. The lower angle of the sun in autumn makes for long shadows and a pleasant effect on photos. It is almost is golden hour all day :)

Autumn is my favorite season of the year! As you mentioned, the lower angle of the sun makes things beautiful in photography!

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아름다운 불교 사원.

댓글 감사합니다ㅎㅎ

한국 사찰을 이렇게 외국인들에게 소개하시는군요. 멋져요,올드스톤님. ㅎㅎ

감사합니다ㅎㅎㅎ 더 노력해야겠지요ㅎㅎ

@slowwalker, Beobwanglu hall seemed some big than previous temple's halls. Exactly brilliant patterns on the windows. That was various but looking to great paintings. Those gate placed tremendous place with naturalize shades.

Autumn sunlight made brilliant shadows over the gate!

The way you describe each post, I like your description and your photography, I love it .!

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Thank you! I'll try to provide a better description!

You know that recently it becoming popular Buddhism in Europe too, many people turn to this religion because of spreading peace to people and own soul, but another reason because this is a religion that does not force you to accept it people choose themselves if they want to accept it. That is one of the attractive features.

The little gate is beautiful, you managed to capture the beautiful highlights of the day on the gate :)

I didn't know that Buddhism is becoming popular in Europe! Though I am not religious, I think aesthetical beauty and philosophy in Buddhism are worthy of notice.

Lovely how the sun streams in through the gate! I think that the beauty of the gate negates the construction surrounding it. I must agree that the sun filters its energy and gives back that beauty to you.

The beauty and serenity of it never get lost one me.

I admire that the windows were redone as opposed to replacing them. A nice touch to this entire building.

Enjoy the autumn. Such a beautiful time of the year.


안녕히 주무세요!

You're right! The construction scene could not diminish the beauty of the gate and the sunlight. Autumn is such a beautiful weather for taking a picture!

Have a nice day :)

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Does this building have two names alluding to Buddha? Very curious.
With all due respect, I understand that the dominant religion in South Korea is Christianity, closely followed by Buddhism. That's how it is?

Buddhism originated in India and Christianity in Rome. Does South Korea have its own religion? In my case, I live in South America where there has been an amalgam of European and Middle Eastern culture, the indigenous culture is becoming extinct every day.

In that sense, I think the world is getting smaller every day, imagine in 100 years. The modern world will gradually encircle ancient buildings and traditions, endangering cultural and aesthetic heritage.

Thank you for your valuable reports, they leave me a lot to think about in addition to appreciating their well-made photographs, in this case, seeing certain patterns in the temples.

Religions in Korea are related to the political situation because Korean Christianity was introduced in the process of modernization! Buddhism symbolizes tradition, and Christianity symbolizes reform in Korea. Thank you for your comment! Have a nice day :)

The patterns decorating of the windows is so beautiful.
Through your writing, I learned that this decoration of the windows is the style of the middle of Joseon dynasty.

Thanks! I'm glad that it was useful!

Fantastic energy, positive
@slowalker we all love you and respect your work here

Thank you so much! Your comment encourages me!!

Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Congrats to Rep 80. It suits you well.

Thank you so much! I'll keep trying! :)

Great to see they still teaching the great things wonderful place to visit

Bongeunsa Temple is worthy of visiting! :)

Autumn is a my favourite season after spring. Rightly said the autumn sunlight made the temple more beautiful. Nice photography.

Thank you :) I also like fall and spring the most!

@slowwalker, Always great to watch these Ancient Architectures and when we explore these kind of places we can feel the flow of Spiritual and Peaceful essence. Stay blessed.

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This is sonething that we can only see in movies.
Interesting following of culture

Thank you so much! I'm flattered :)