You’ve No F**king idea what STEEM means to me

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In this video, I’ve opened my heart and shared my 17 months of dedicated journey with my Blockchain

This is probably the last content for this month April, therefore I wanted to bring all the three elements of SEVEN77 Twitter Movement and I’ll be ruthlessly living on Twitter for our Blockchain


Guide to STEEM Awareness Twitter Movement


Answer one simple question to get your referrals gifts


Every single day until further notice, one SEVEN77Team member will be donated λλλ liquid STEEM or λλλ SP delegation for 90 days, λ < = 7

Thanks a million for being with our Blockchain and being part of my journey


Wow, man, I'm so glad you shared this video. I only really started following you recently so I didn't know your story. First off, I wanted to say thank you for the 7.77 Steem today! That is super appreciated. :)
I understand about the scammers and the milkers - so many people have done that here, the DLive episode, the people who left as soon as the market crashed who weren't interested in building up the blockchain for everyone, only taking what they could for themselves. I'm a big believer that blockchain in general and Steem in particular is one of the major steps we can take to change the world, from this greedy, unequal, super-rich and super-poor imbalance world, to a fairer, more equal world. And it's going to take believers like you for us to achieve that goal!
Thank you for being awesome. :)

Well said Phe! Why this comment would be flagged makes no sense to me. Steem on friend🌹

Because Lyndsay upvoted it, and Bernie flags anything she upvotes.

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maaaaaan. i hear you! i mentioned in a post the other day...i have no plan b. it’s steem for me!

and i know your passion bro. this blockchain and its community appreciates you man. all your hard work and support of everything.

you’ve been one of the only whales to support @steemsavvy and you have no idea how much that means to me. thank you sir.

anything you ever need. you let me know. i’m always around. 💯 focus!!

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I always love to hear the passion when you speak as it inspires to believe and be a part of creating value with our resources! Thanks for sharing the journey!

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That is a dramatic amount of love you have for Steem.

Not all drama is bad


Thanks @jongolson for re-steeming this video!

I didn't knew about you @nathanmars until now, nor about your projects, but I will take a deep look on all your links from the post...

Thanks for the video and for opening your heart for us on Steem... There are a lot of things happening around and it is indeed though to keep the focus

I wish you all the best!

Hi m8 @nathanmars

I've been somewhat inactive the past 3 days so only just saw this and some of your other recent posts.

I can see you're really speaking from the heart in your video and for me one thing that was super interesting was hearing your journey in the early days. I only found your blog about 3 months b4 steemfest and then obviously we met in Krakow. So I didn't know all of the history of your journey b4 that point. Btws, I agree @hashcash is such a nice dude. I spent some time hanging with him near to the end of SF3.

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with scammers in the early days. I've been around on steem for a long time too and experienced something similar during the bull run. I worked in a discord community where I gave my time for free, helping editing people's creative writing to a high standard. I mean I really gave my all to steem at that time. Between curating for curie, running a literary segment on Wshares discord show and running writing workshops in promo mentors, I was 40+ hours/week on steem activities. While dealing with the chronic illness that limits me.

Anyway, I've always been a bit of a cynical person. Not negative, just very wary, so I was lucky to be able to spot the two people who were scamming promo-mentors for their vote and I got them kicked for plagiarism. Also, one of them kept pestering me on discord for a delegation (I only had about 1000 sp at the time), he said to run a poetry competition and something just didn't seem right. So I did my curie style checking on his posts and found out that they were stolen.

On the positive side, I do think steem has many wonderful, genuine, decent people, but also - and partly because of the draw of higher rewards during the bull run - many unscrupulous people.

I feel like blockchain (and decentralisation) in general can offer a level of freedom that hasn't ever really been attempted before. What this can mean is the freedom for people to build amazing, world changing projects. But also that same freedom allows takers to leach value, and scammers to scam.

But I can see a future where steem can impact so many lives positively, especially in a future of mechanisation and increasing automation through AI. I've allways pushed for the idea that crypto/Blockchain, and particularly steem, could change global wealth inequality.

Ha ha, anyway.... I'm gonna cut this comment short b4 I end up in a full on rant 😉

It was good to hear your thoughts and I can really see where your coming from even more clearly after hearing your journey. We're on the same page brother.

I will give as much time as I can to helping push Seven77 and steem on twitter. Keep doing what you're doing Nathan, you're an awesome steemian 🙂

Always available and on hand to do anything for #steem we share the same love and it's so saddening when we love at the blockchain and all we can find is less love, it's disheartening.

Truly appreciate you brother!

hey bro @nathanmars thanks for sharing this video. you've got a lot of great initiatives and you really move fast. we will bring steem to the mainstream this year !! i can feel it in my bones ...

i just want to let you know that you are not alone in this push to make the steem blockchain gain mass adoption !! Lets make it happen !

Have a great day bro.

Honestly speaking even in starting i was also hear to just get lots and lots of steem from the platform but i am really thankful that i found you and slowly as i went to know you and your vision i kinda turn into a long term person and frankly speaking now i don't care(to some extent) about rewards if i will get or not i just love to do my work though i have not hustle a lot just the way you do but still i have learnt many things and the reason of shift in my mind set is just because of you buddy and i promise you today no matter what is going to happen i will be there for you on this platform till the date i am on steem blockchain irrespective of rewards, exposure or anything... and i really mean it.

I am a some what lazy person so bear with me😂😂 and i really wish you and all the people those who are hear for long term..a great success including me...

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Thanks a million brother

I'll be looking more into your movement for Steem on Twitter since I cant get very much interaction here.

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Please kindly participate in SEVEN77Challenge and and I’ll make sure you get more interaction

It's full Steem ahead, work and make it happen, let's do this!

I am with you @nathanmars, I will do whatever I can to make it so, thanks for your support.

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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I remember some fails of Seven77 when it began, and then we land on the Twitter movement and its works!!

I would like to thank you and thank everyone in this movement
we will take Steem to Mars for sure hehe

I can say this many times.

Love your dedication and commitment. I know you are from Mars!!! Because you are one of a kind.😁

Hehehe. SENDING #Steem powered love to you and family. ♥️


Let's us Steem!!!

yes sir, your right it's hard the blockchain but once you stick your life into it it will be easier.

@dramatoken watch the video on youtube and you find it inspirational, maybe dramatic but it's natural for being human. Who doesn't have an easy life but the important is we never give up. Thanks for sharing your experiences sir that helps me to encourage myself not to give up.

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You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

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I am truly inspired by the video. It was an amazing journey and I respect your dedication towards Steem.

It really showed how Steem really meant to you and I envy your hardworking upbringing Steem.

I admire every movement you do and that's one reason I choose to step up my game in Steem.

Steem is the future and we are the early adopters! It's just a matter of time until it reaches a massive adoption and making it in top 10 CMC is anytime.

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Nathan! After seeing this video i would love to hang out with you and have a philosophical conversation. I stoped posting on facebook in 2016 because my intuition told me that i don’t want to end up a sheep following the herd. Instagram picked up and became this world of pressure that inflicted itself on a youth of selfie barbies and Ferrari fetish brainwashed masses. Some people even felt the need to conform to this. It had very little to with the exchange of value. I believe in Karma, Dharma and quite frankly choose to be a part of a community that has the ability to share values without the filtration of central corporations, and political institution who have been the same since colonial times and Auschwitz. Growing up on Austrian school economics and people like menger and mises as well as FA hayek i have been waiting for something like crypto most of my life. I follow you because of your dedication and also because i really like everyone i follow here!

Yes I believe in Karma and Dharma too:)

Please DM on Twitter and let’s arrange our philosophical conversation sooner than later

I never used my twitter account until today. You made me do that 😂 I can only give you a hint. I commented with a green planet and a leaf about steem’s diversity of applications. I am so with you man. Your video really made my day. Your passion and dedication is truly inspiring.

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Appreciate your encouragement:)

I remember everything man. Money can make people crazy. I'm really thankful to you for what you do for steem. I'm glad you realized that the mother needed your help and you'r supporting her. Let's keep being positive, keep creating and do what we are all doing to make steem be much more popular in the world. Top 10 of coinmarketcap is really possible. Let's work for that. ☺

This video is a glimpse into the cryptocurrency world and gives us a real experience from which we all could learn from. Having 70 cryptos, pushing everything to Steem was a bold move. Hopefully on the long term this will prove you right.

I myself am involved in Steem and it is truly the only crypto platform in which I like to work on. It has something that I cannot explain, but it keeps me getting back to it. Cheers and have a great journey forward!

Thanks for sharing this video. I believe in you 777 project. At first when we talked you teach me an lesson with an example. It was,"If your opponent make 400 score on the board and you think you can't make it then you never gonna be make it. You have to have believe in your strength."

Just got back on steemit for the first time in over a year! Imo this is the easiest social platform to meet new people on it's not oversaturated and everyone you meet is super supportive. I do think bots and spam / scammers are the biggest problem but maybe if we can just support real accounts and build up each other as a community we can overcome them

I am willing and very ready to join the 777 train and I promise in doing my best to make this a reality. So, help me God!

You are one of the dedicated steemians. And your initiatives are pushing up Steem in outside world for real.

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Thank-you for this post. You expressed yourself very well no doubt. Appreciating you and your commitment to #steem ❤️ #Seven77

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I'm totally loving this, I'm willing to run with you to wherever this leads

It was fun to relive a few of the times in my mind. Keep it up. I see a $7.77 price coming soon.

You go Nathan. Love you ,man :)

Keep on doing good bro! You are/ have made a huge difference here on steem and impacting many! Some will try to take advantage but I believe mostly this community is good now and we believe in steem.

Ah I was wondering what happened to trash man go, now I know.

I am here brother , link me anytime to bounce ideas only honest feedback I shall give. I respect you bro. Witnessing your journey as it unfolds. Blessings

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Truly appreciate your continuous contribution in my journey bro

My friend you are taking a STAND for whole community . Best of luck to you.

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Thanks for sharing bro, you're an asset to this community, we need more ambassadors like you.

I admire your passion for steem nath!

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thanks for encouraging us to #steem ♨ On to the 💙 Universe ! ♩♬

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To all Steemians now is a time of magic. Let steem take your hand and show you things you have never seen before. Now, at last, you’re open and vulnerable enough to begin. Celebrate the magic, the mystery of the perfect blockchain.

We’ll make 2019 to be the year of STEEM

I’ll be always vulnerable enough to learn.

Thank you for all that you do for steem.

There will always be people that want to take advantage. Don't let them change you.

Thanks dude!

I’ll be always be only one NathanMars and I want to only become better