The Real Work Is Inner Work

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Authored by @David Greenberg


I'm writing this short blog post for anyone who needs to receive this message.

One of the biggest deceptions in life is that the solutions to the problems in the world lie "out there..." in the same world where the problems exist.

Whether through war and conflict, protesting and lobbying, or political and social activism.

It's very alluring and enticing to be drawn into the rhetoric and to be convinced that these are the tools for real change.

Not just a few times in my life was I seduced by such thinking.

The truth, however, is very different.

The Co-Creation of Reality

The truth is that reality is co-created collectively by all of us together.

It is the effect of our consciousness in the aggregate.

(I recommend exploring the seven hermetic principles of natural law, to better understand this truth)

So whatever you see that's wrong or bad in the world, is already an effect that has been co-created from causal factors.

On a very deep psychological level, these factors stem from deep rooted and unresolved traumas that we have each experienced.

And these traumas continue to play out in our actions and behaviors.

For example, a young child who was bullied by peers or parents, and who has not worked through the trauma of such abuse, will likely turn around and become a bully in their own life.

This in turn leads them to act and behave in ways that will almost certainly be harmful to themselves and to others.

Now, magnify this by the billions of people who experience unresolved traumas, and you can see why and how this happens.

Shadow Work

Shadow Work is the most powerful tool for raising consciousness in this 3d reality.

Shadow work is turning the spotlight around and shining it on oneself.

I can't speak highly enough about it, and how it has helped me in my own journey.

Shadow work helped me to:

  • Recognize how I was causing harm to myself and others, and why
  • Overcome addictions to smoking, drugs and sex using only my applied willpower
  • Forgive myself, my parents and others
  • Become a better communicator
  • Love myself, despite my flaws and shortcomings


How It Works

Shadow work is based on an increased self-awareness, combined with the will to change, and the courage to act.

Particularly of the behaviors we do which are objectively bad or harmful, and which deep inside cause us to dislike or even hate ourselves.

We all have such a shadow self.

In fact, those who deny this likely have a shadow which is even more deeply entrenched.

The good news is: through patience and consistent action, we can literally transmute these darker aspects of ourselves into spiritual gold, like an alchemist.

Shadow work starts by spending time alone with yourself - something a lot of people are afraid to do.

You can sit down in front of a mirror, and look at yourself, for as long as it takes to do so.

And then you start asking intelligent and well-thought questions about yourself and your actions:

"Why do I do this and that?"

"Why do I have such a hard time doing _______?"

"Where does this behavior or habit come from?"

I personally have found that journaling helps tremendously.

I even recorded a video about it, which you can watch here.

Journaling helps to codify and organize one's thoughts and feelings around this work, and to create more cohesion.

In that way, as you dive in deeper and deeper, you can keep track of the work, and focus specifically on those aspects of yourself where you want to do the most work.

Change Yourself To Change The World

As you begin to transform and transmute the darkness within into light, several shifts happen.

You become a more powerful co-creative force in the world.

And this upgrade impacts everything you do and everyone you encounter.

You start to align more with values like truth, courage, and freedom.

Everything gets better as a result.

I mentioned at the beginning that this would be a fairly brief post, because I really just wanted to get this information out there.

If there's interest, I'll continue to dive in deeper to the topic, and unpack it further using more posts and even videos.

Please comment below any questions you have about it.

And if you've already begun doing shadow work, I'd love to hear about your experience with it as well.

Take care!


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