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Hi Friends,

While in Arizona over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to get away and go for a 5 hour gold prospecting hike. I was in a known gold producing area, and I tried to research ahead of time to make sure I was not going to be on anybody’s claims, so I was in the right area.

For this desert prospecting hike, I was using my metal detector (Gold Monster 1000) and searching for any gold nuggets I could find. I got lots of hits from the detector, but ended up only finding hot rocks, bits of rusted metal, and lots of bullets/shell casings/buckshot.

This was my 4th or 5th time out trying to find gold with the metal detector and I have been unsuccessful each time. I may need to befriend a local who can give me some tips and areas to look as I can’t seem to figure it out myself!

One highlight though is that I was treated to an amazing sunset on my hike out:


Here are some other pics as well:






(Old claim marker)

My wife asked if I had fun even though I didn’t find anything - I absolutely did! I will keep doing it to as maybe one day I may find a big old nugget!

Thanks for coming by,


I only heard of gold searching in novels. Hehe. Your venture for gold search is something new to me. What if you really find some gold. Would it be yours or the government would have any claims for it?

If it was a good spot, I could stake a claim on it and pay for the right to mine it… maybe next time I will find the right spot!

Wish you good luck

Wao, this is great. I never knew people go in search of gold like this. I hope you get a better one very soon

Great way to stay in shape. Stay hydrated, Brian.rrr - @brian.rrr.

It's very interesting. The metal detector can detect different metals, find mainly aluminum. !

Even you don't find something valuable, it is worth to watch that beautiful sunset ;)

Exactly! 😃

People actually do mining gold for a job

Very cool

Keep trying, you will definitely get success. You have tried very well. During this you have also had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing

The sunset looks so beautiful

Thanks! 😎

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What is in the rubble? Dinosaur egg?

It’s a bone - not sure from what, but based on the size, I would guess a wild donkey (there is a fair amount in the arizona desert!)

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But is it really possible to find gold using the metal detector? That would have been great. I’m sure there would have been a lot of people doing that. Anyway I love your sunset photos, they’re amazing