3 Reasons I’m Choosing Steemit Over Insta-Fame (Featuring New Author @mynomadicyear)

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In 2013, I started sharing recipes of healthy breakfasts on Instagram (@breakfastcriminals)

Three years later, I have a well known profitable blog, almost 100,000 social media followers, two products, events around the globe, and global press (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Shape, to name a few). 

Naturally, every day all kinds of entrepreneurs ask me how to use social media following to build a brand and make money. 

While as a social media consultant I do know a thing or two about intelligent, impactful digital strategy, the truth is that social media landscape has changed drastically in the last couple of years.
I wouldn’t be able to create the same success using the same principles that I used 3 years ago. 

Instagram is starting to be like a swamp with plenty of bots and fake likes and followers, while Steemit feels like an ocean of endless possibilities. Like back in the Wild West days, only without the violence.

I’m choosing to invest more time into Steemit than into my Instagram account with 66,000 followers, and here are 3 reasons why.

3 Reasons I’m Choosing Steemit Over Insta-Fame

1.) Authentic, Non-Sponsored Content

Current driver of Instagram is sponsored content – both ads and content created by influencers who’ve been paid by brands. The recent Instagram algorithm change supports even more sponsored content. 

We as users don’t have control of what we see in our feeds – it’s curated by Instagram and is no longer a chronological list of posts by accounts you follow.
That’s not the case with Steemit, which puts all the curation power into the hands of the community.

2. Endless Possibilities

At this point, there are step-by-step scenarios anyone can follow to become Insta-famous.
Same with Facebook and with blogs. 

The old social media paradigm is starting to feel like dial-up internet in the age of Wi-Fi. 

There are plenty of ways to go around the system – you can now buy likes and followers, creating a fake idea of success. It’s hard to know anymore what is real, and what’s not. 

In contrast, the Steemit content voting system seems much more democratic and straight forward, creating a great space for authentic creative expression.

3. Get Money Instead Of Likes

Instagram Likes are a currency of sorts, but you still have to put a lot of work in building your brand and making money through sponsored content. 

With Steemit, instead of likes you make digital money, which can be exchanged for offline money. There’s no additional work you need to do reaching out to brands and communicating contracts.

What’s your favorite thing about Steemit compared to other social networks?

I’d love to hear from you!

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it's cool to see that people who are already successful on traditioinal social media are now switching to steemit, and that they actually prefer it!

And no doubt bringing a few thousand followers over with them.

I actually haven't announced it yet on Instagram, but that's a good reminder that it's about time!

Its certainly understandable that you'd want to be confident in the new platform before publicly transitioning. I don't know anyone who's regretted it.

I am just beginning to let my audience know. I can't keep the secret any longer.

So far, so good! Excited to see where this leads :)

now you can simply reblog this

I think the community is what makes steemit stand out.
unlike facebook or instagram where all the comments are filled with hate and cyber mobbing, the steemit community is so helpful and friendly!

great point! Let's keep recruiting more great people to join us here!

You are a successful blogger because you adapt and support what's best to your integrity. We are at the best place we can be right now (at a wonderful time). Steemit is a new paradigm shift with infinity and beyond possibility. Lets make it as beautiful as it deserves to be because it is our responsibility! Following you @mynomadicyear

"It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable"~Darwin

Wow thank you for seeing right through it and for your support, @allgoodthings! Right on!

your instagram looks awesome, followed you!

I have to agree its a nice instagram account

thanks @jamesab and @simonjay! I'm also on Instagram as @mynomadicyear for travel & personal updates :)

cool post, yes steemit has so many benefits compared to regular social media!
and at @sirwinchester great to see you help out the community, and especially featuring someone that already has a following, hopefully she can promote steemit to her followers and achieve more active users that love steemit like we do!

All great points, I'm all about bringing great people here - I've been telling all my friends about it, but only a few have joined it so far. I think people are a bit scared of the unknown. But I'll keep doing my part and spreading the word! Thanks Tony for featuring me, what a great opportunity!

Those are 3 awesome reasons! Hope more people will realize them soon! :)

A friend of mine has been unofficially promoting and helping out newbies on Instagram and the tag #steemit there. He also issued a warning against a weird behaving account by the name "@steemit" who had insisted it was an official account and when asked to prove it, he had replied on Instagram instead of here on Steemit. Hope users aren't exposing their keys to other accounts on Instagam.

Here is a link to it since its relevant.

thanks for sharing, checking it out now! I have yet to promote steemit to my Instagram followers :)

I think one of my favorite aspects is that the content on steemit is simply sooo much more interesting than on facebook for example. people have the opportunity to be rewarded with real money (not just likes like you mentioned) so they put in much more effort!

Wise choice @mynomadicyear!

thanks, steemit gets more way more excited than participation in any other social media!

I already follow you, and will now follow the author thanks for introduction! 😊😉♨

I must agree with most of the post I especially dont like all the content the big social media sites control but I must say its also a shame all the good content on steemit I see not getting upvoted.

cool post! I like the steemit art in your first image. Steem ON!

I know, it's great - thanks to Tony!

Congrats for your decision moving more engagement to steemit. It will power up your instagram traffic and engagement too !!

You think so? Definitely wasn't thinking about it this way, but guess I'll stay open minded!

I like this post. I ran out of upvote juice (20 limit) so I can only comment. Great job by the way.

Thank you for the [email protected], it's the thought that counts!

nice, I really like

Good post, great IG account. I agree with most of what you said, however, curation is HEAVILY weighted to whales. For example, people are seeing your post because a heavy hitter like @sirwinchester reblogged it. As more bloggers enter, the space will become filled with so much content, one can foresee a pay-to-play scenario just to be heard. How to solve this, Steemians?