I’ll Nap Anywhere

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8am to 5pm is not a great shift for a night owl because I always need to cut my sleep short and that’s no good.

Here’s a little snippet of sleep data from my Oura ring, a typical night if I need to wake up for work at 6.30am. I was watching some show on my phone until about 3.30am when I finally properly fell asleep, Oura thought I was asleep before that too but other that nodding off a bit at some point, I was not fully asleep.


I’ve always had trouble with my night sleep, more so when I need to be up early, I do a lot better if for example I can sleep until 9am. Overall I really value sleep and get the quantity I need, just not always at an appropriate time.

Luckily I’ve inherited my napping skills from my dad and can sleep during the day if I need to, no matter where I am. Night sleep is waaaay harder, gotta be dark, quiet, cool, right pillows etc, but during the day time very little matters when I just want to sleep.

This week I was so tired at work that I could barely keep my eyes open, so I had a nap after my lunch. Ten minutes of snooze time sitting at a desk in the office with a lovely metalworking sounds as a lullaby. The sounds are verh loud and annoying but if I need sleep, I’mma gonna sleep. The next day I upgraded and found a stack of microfibre towels and used that as a pillow, what luxury!

When I was in culinary school way back in the day, I used to crawl under a table and roll the big spice cart in front of me so I can have a sneaky nap while I waited everyone else to finish their tasks too. My most adventurous nap place has to be next to a chimney on top of my childhood home, a two storey house with a ridge roof. I made a little nest into the space between the chimney and the ridge, even had a blankie with me. Safe to say I don’t have a habit of rolling in my sleep or sleep walking.

I’m off to take a long ass nap in the couch to reward myself after the workweek!



for a night owl

I'm also a Night owl and i can relate with the shift timing 😂

can sleep during the day if I need to

I'm unlucky in this case, i can't sleep at daylight never not once in a decade but also i don't get proper sleep coz i do work at late night sometimes writing at 2am to 5am and than waking up 2pm when the half of the day is gone.

Been long since I've sleep early at night night sleep is important fro health and 6 hours is necessary.

Safe to say I don’t have a habit of rolling in my sleep or sleep walking.

Haha same 😂

You deserve a long peaceful nap, Have a Great nap ahead and sweet dreams.

It does suck to loose half the day but at least you get some sleep! If you could sleep avcording to your natural sleep cycle without having to think about work or responsibilities, what time would you sleep?

sleep well to you

And oh boy did I sleep well!

Back when I was broadcasting music festivals ... my favourite place to nap was suspended in a hammock under the stage. I usually arrived in the wee hours of the morning, set everything up ... then I had down time during the shows. Hearing protection on, swinging gently under the stage with a rythmic thumping - zzzzZZZZ. Once the show was over, I had to rip everything out - so there was no sense going home in between.

Sleeping with a bass vibrating close to you, not bad not bad!

La verdad que a veces es importante, todo eso que nos pasa, pero a la larga nos puede hacer daño, te dejo mi voto y te sigo, saludos.