Me and Paris - Smartphone (Street) Photography Series - 2018

Hellooooooooo Steemians!

I'm back in NYC from my trip to Paris! I hope everyone has been well in the time I've been away. New York, I've found is still waiting for Spring and Paris wasn't that warm either. I bundled up however and went out onto the gorgeous Parisian streets to enjoy the fabulous change of scenery. And while most tourists like me were busy taking pictures of Paris' many main architectural attractions, I was having the time of my life taking street photos. Many of you know, I use my iPhone to take pictures and for street photography there's nothing more discreet and easy to use for this genre of photography than the phone. No one seems to notice me snapping away and because Paris is filled with so characters, I was in photography heaven.

This post is a continuation of a previous series Me in Paris as Paris is a city I'm fortunate enough to be able to visit almost every year to meet my husband's family. Paris is a 'meet in the middle' kind of place for us, and the reunions are quite fun, even if they are with the in-laws. My husband likes to accompany me as I walk about distracting folks from my real intentions by pointing hither and yon which is a great way to get in close! We are a great team. He distracts, I shoot!

So without further ado here is Me and Paris - March 2018










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Thank you!


I hope you had a great time !!! I’ll be back from Pakistan in two days . Here it’s 36 C and back in NYC you already know . Not looking forward to it :D

Hope you’re well !

Oh my! That sounds so lovely! To not have to wear a winter coat...yup! it's cold here!
I'm very well! And I hope you are too! xo

Beautiful pictures :)

Thank you very much! :D

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Really amazing smart phone photography

Thank you very much! :D

Hi@ilanaakoundi, It's good post on smartphonephotograohy! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments and dropping by! Good to see you! :D

yeah that is right! Im going to Paris next month! Maybe we will meet! :D

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Have fun in Paris!

Great street photography . Good to know that your husband distracts and you shoot ;)

Hehe! He was very into it! Quite fun! Thanks so much! And for dropping by! :D

realy great photography and art.good job.

Thank you so much! :D

hellooo @ilanaa how are you? I see you after many days, I hope you have a wonderful trip. This is sooo amazing beautiful pictures of the street. You have taken wonderful shots, Awesome photography.
Beautiful City Paris!

Thank you Sana! I'm very well, how are you? It was a wonderful trip! I took hundreds of photos, such fun and of course I ate a lot too! Oh boy!

wow! sound great, I'm good and doing well little bit boring, that's too good you've collected many photos :) I wish I also visit Paris
and thankyou so much @ilanaa for always support me when you come!

Great pictures as always...I think you took a lot of picture and had a lot of stories in Paris to tell us...welcome back my dear friend... Really nice street portraits ...

Thank you for sharing and have a nice day ...

Thanks so much Mustafa! So nice to see you! Hope you and your lovely wife are well! Big smiles! I did take a lot of photos! So much fun looking at new faces and new streets!
Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Hope you had a great time! It's just started to warm up a little this week here in the UK but it's been chilly all year, Paris is usually similar to us so you definitely didn't get the best year for it! Stunning street photography as always! Lovely to have you back!

Hey there! I did! I was grateful for the change of scenery and even though I spend a lot of time with the in-laws just getting out onto the street was a real treat. Not to mention the delicious food! It was rather funny how my mother-in-law kept asking why I take pictures of strangers. Seeing friends was nice, too!
Glad it's warming up over there, finally! Here it's still rather nasty though I've heard we'll have a 70 degree day on Friday. I can't wait! I feel like an old person obsessing about the weather but I guess that's just human evolution, oy! Thanks so much! Always appreciate seeing you! and saying hello! :D

Hi mam how are you?

Hello Taylor! Thank you, I'm well! how are you?

Welcome back Mam, good to see you 😊 it looks like you have great trip very beautiful classic photos all. Extremely awesome place, that you capture in you smart phone really liked it 💕
Have a happy life with family 🙂

Thank you very much ! It was a fun trip so glad you stopped by!
Sending big cheers! :D

@ilanaakoundi, That's better street photo selection. Who's the lady smoke in the street?

Thanks so much! Smiles, I don't know who the lady is, a woman of mystery like all the people I take pictures of on the street! :D

@ilanaakoundi good photos, simple but of good quality.

Thank you very much!

Nice to see you back after a long time of silence! Like I always say, your photography are pretty amazing! Specially your photography viewpoints! When we are trying to get photography of items + others things that we have seen while traveling you are capturing photography of people around you! It's pretty cool concept and you are making it very well! Congratz friend and wish one day you will visit Sri Lanka too!


Hey there! Smiles! Sometimes I wish I would take a picture of the Eiffel Tower, but I forget I get so into seeing the people. It's fun to watch for the differences and the similarities, too! Oh boy! To travel to Sri Lanka would be a dream! Hopefully one day soon...
I hope you are well my friend!
Cheers right back! :D

paris is beautiful, I want to go there, and you are also very beautiful in camera

Thank you very much!

What a way to go back! Beautiful photos my dear friend 👌👌

Thank you so much Jose! Hope you are well! :D

hi my dear, I've been waiting for you for a long time. just today you just surprise me with a very beautiful photo. surely your holiday in paris very pleasant dear.

Hello there! Yes! Paris was so pretty! Thanks so much! I appreciate your stopping by and your lovely comments, too!
Cheers! :D

it must have been a very enjoyable journey. I also long been expecting your visit to my place of love. Thank you, my dear.

You're back at the end of my dear friend!
we miss you. .) the last days I saw you in my dream: D
I am delighted that you have a perfect holiday. You take great photographs. great pleasure to follow them. :) I sevice excellent tones in photographs. Paris must be the perfect place for street photography!
congratulations my dear friend

Helloooooo my Beauty! So nice to see you! Oooooo really? I hope it was a good dream....I believe in dreams!
Paris is an excellent place for street photography, there is so much personality in the street, I almost prefer it to a museum, but I love those too!
Thank you! I admire your artistry so your support means a lot to me!
Sending a very big hug my dear! xo

wow such awesome shots so good to see you after a long time dear :D

Hello there my dear! Nice to see you! I hope you're well! Thank you! :D

Yay your back! We've missed you on here! Another awesome selection of shots, these are so good, love the colours in them and you can definitely tell the Parisian influence! Hope your well! :) x

Hello there my dear! It's good to be back! Trying to catch up on the posts I missed while away. Going to pop over to your blog after to see what the talented Ms. Verity has been up to! Yeah, Paris has it's own personality that just makes taking street photos so much fun! This time i left thinking, you didn't take a single picture of the Eiffel Tower?! Next time! Everyone is well, gearing up for my daughter's graduation from college! I'm in a state of denial, but otherwise trooping along! How about you? I understand the weather is starting to warm up...dare I hope any trips planned to Scotland? xo

Hey! Oh I don't envy you catching up with everything you missed! It's a job to keep up each day for me! You are so kind to go back through my Blog though, I'm so grateful, don't feel like you have to each time I know its a lot of work!
Haha awww sometimes we go to places like that where we just don't go to the main tourist spot or get any photographs of it! But obviously you were more captivated by everything else! I have been to Paris twice and just loved it, its got a feel that nowhere else has.
Oh wow congratulations to your daughter for her graduation, what was it in?
Well I have actually been to Scotland since your last visit, only for a couple of days, and it rained on them all! But I did get to go to many historic sights and got a post out of it so I was happy! We have a lot more free time this summer compared to normal so we are so excited to go up again then. I will stop writing now as its getting rather long, so I apologise, so great to hear from you! Best wishes xox

Wow amazing street photography. Good to know that your hubby accompanied you during Paris visit. Keep sharing @ilanaakoundi

Many thanks! I appreciate your stopping by and kind comments too! Smiles, it was fun to go about with him as I'm usually alone in NYC. Hope you're well! :D

Great photos!

Thank you!!

Your trip to Paris was really great, but also photographed very beautiful photos, and you are beautiful walking in the streets of Paris.你的巴黎之行真的很棒,而且还拍摄了非常漂亮的照片,还有行走在巴黎街头美丽的你。

Thank you! I love doing street photography and Paris is a great place to capture people! I'm happy to see you here!

Many people like to take pictures under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But this is a common practice. Many things, if there are many people, are not new. However, the shooting on the streets of Paris is very special. me too, nice to meet you.很多人喜欢在巴黎铁塔下拍照留念,但是这已经习以为常了,很多事情,如果有很多人做,那么就不新鲜了。反而巴黎街头的拍摄却是很特别。我也是,很高兴认识你。

this is a real paris!
good job!
and still colorful !!

THANK YOU! I truly love the people of this beautiful city!

unique people :)

Hi@ilanaakoundi, It's good post on smartphonephotography! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

The photos are lots of fun. I live in a suburb of Paris myself and never tire of wandering the city; there's always something to discover.

Lovely work as always , love the fashion sense of the French :O

Hello there, I've never used a bidbot and didn't know it existed until seeing this.

Wow, sorry to have introduced you to them. It would have been better to have been blissfully unaware indefinitely.

Some of the voters on your list are bidbots, so I will look into this for you.

Ok thanks. I'm rather lucky I don't know lots of stuff that goes on here. As an artist, I do understand the value of creating and content however, and I despise Facebook and Instagram so Steemit seemed a great place to share my work and I'm happy I stumbled upon it when I did. I have my friends and loyal followers for whom I'm very grateful and I reciprocate their kindness. Life is good!