If you could change ONE (1) thing about current social media platforms, what would you change?

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I'm interested in your honest opinion of what you'd change and will curate your answers in the comments! 👍


I do not like to see advertisements in between my feeds. Rather, a sidebar with auto scrolling kind of things with ads is ok with me which does not trouble me to see my feeds. And even I would only like to see ads if at all I want to search for something, rewarding for that, would automatically attract people for that.


I agree with you on that just to much adds coming when you start scrolling anywhere...

Social identification process "mandatory" in verification mode to everyone... and as "optional" status to whichever wishes to go through...

Meaning everyone could do it if they want it... but upon request, you would need to verify someone (there are many ways to do it without revealing your identity to the verifier). If you don't verify anyone... it's ok as long you don't have a "verified" status...

Of course... "out of office" could exist... similar to a decaying voting system... where you need to check-in time to time... but to "answer" to a verified "status" person (randomly)... in order to prove that your status is not counterfeit.

If in addition, you wish to be validated, you could have a number of "bashed" results that would VEST into your "power". Making it harder to "MASS BOT" accounts.

Not everyone would do this... I am aware... But at least would kill 99% of fake accounts.

What does "social identification mean"? Also, what does verifying someone mean?

Why do you think "fake" accounts are a problem here? Hive has stake-based voting. You can fake money. If someone wants to have a 100 accounts, so what?

If we had account-based voting on rewards, then quite obviously there'd have to be KYC. But since we don't, why do you think anyone would want to do KYC here voluntarily? There is no benefit whatsoever in doing so and many downsides. Hive is completely public and readable by the entire world. Why would you be as crazy as to put your personal data out there for ID thieves to steal for one thing?

What does "social identification mean"? Also, what does verifying someone mean?

It was a name I have hypothetically given to the process of it. Which needs to be defined. The process would not publicly share ID data, but would allow you to verify ID via a methodology of "PoC" (proof-of-contact). Where you base your identification process based on others being in contact with you.

It's nothing I saw, just something brewing in my head. Don't even know it works, but hey... does not cost to thing about idealization of it.

The base ideology is to improve the authenticity of someone by both adding more proof and also reducing the "value" of that ID personification by others attempts. Even if accounts where the ID is not "real" I think this process would work. Ultimately making arguments drive the real truth.

AI could be either a problem or a good thing... have not really thought about it enough.

My point is that those accounts should have less value than an "authentic" (that represents a person) ones.

Why do you think "fake" accounts are a problem here? Hive has stake-based voting. You can fake money. If someone wants to have a 100 accounts, so what?

I do not think (even if I used the word "kill" above...) or said that they are a problem in this context (but let's not argue against that... that is not my point). My point is just towards adding more value for the ones that are "not fake".

If we had account-based voting on rewards, then quite obviously there'd have to be KYC. But since we don't, why do you think anyone would want to do KYC here voluntarily? There is no benefit whatsoever in doing so and many downsides. Hive is completely public and readable by the entire world. Why would you be as crazy as to put your personal data out there for ID thieves to steal for one thing?

My ideology is not the "usual" KYC... I agree we should not share publicly ID proof. But instead find a way to work towards a "way" of creating ID value, based on a "behavior" or "process" methodology. This is nothing proven, just a discussion of ideas.

It would be something that would even allow a stolen account to be de-verified based on the real person choosing to go through the same process on a different account. Would be something like this: "if you steal my account you don't steal my identity... just my funds"

I made an error. This:

Hive has stake-based voting. You can fake money.

should read "You can't fake money."

It would be something that would even allow a stolen account to be de-verified based on the real person choosing to go through the same process on a different account. Would be something like this: "if you steal my account you don't steal my identity... just my funds"

If someone steals an active user's account while that user cannot or won't start account recovery for some reason and starts posting with it, I think that person will be identified as not being the original owner rather quickly. We all have a unique writing style that is very difficult to spoof. The more you have written the more identifiable your personality. In that sense, a proof of unique identity already exists.

I do not WANT there to be ANY significantly large single social networks. There should never again be this much power concentrated in single hands.

That's it. That's what we need to change.

Percentage of ads revenue split to all the people in the said social media platform. Our attention is worth $$$.

our attention is worth $$$

Also Optional full identification

End censorship from silicon valley, let freedom of speech stand, that is what I would want to change, it matters not that I agree with what people say, I say they have a voice equal to my own, even if I do not agree with the content, we can beg to differ, but that now seems like a pipe dream, but it was the days I grew up in, they were like that, we grew up with sticks an stones may break our bones but names will never hurt me, now everyone is offended not debating. Be almost glad to depart and leave them to it the way it is going.

I think a good filtering system is necessary... A filter system that filters false and false news and reduces people's access to wrong information is good for everyone. In this way, it can be prevented in provocateurs in serious social events.Of course, I think it may require advanced AI and incredible processing power.

If you’re referring to hive, I would like to change how new accounts interact with the platform. There should be a landing page snd community with the information they should read. Almost like the tutorial or newbie zone that so many online games have. You can’t post anything outside of that first section until you make some kind of introductory post.

This would help them learn but it would also help groups that are trying to reach them so we can teach them things, ask if they need any help among other things.

Just my personal thought since I’ve been doing a lot of outreach lately. I do like others comments already about privacy of course, that’s huge with a lot of people.

If I could change something it would be some people. Do not take it wrong but we must remember that the intention of our content is to enrich platforms like this. To learn valuable information and teach it just the same, not just for profit. So we should focus on attracting people who do not belong yet here and not focus our content only on people who are already in it, if not, this ecosystem will lose the life we have given it.

It's a simple question, I'd suggest getting rid of the stupid censorships of the advertisements, for example, me as a person involved in an alcohol business almost impossible to advertise my products via Facebook or Instagram - they just decline my inquiries all the time!

Getting rid of the "bots" which are working on or against politicians and their reputation, it's an easy way of controlling the masses showing a whole million of controlled thoughts going from the bots aimed at raising or lowering the rating of a public figure or politician. Decentralized proof of Human?

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Computational propaganda/media manipulation ...I don't like that governments and megacorps have opportunity to use such strategy, but potentially even more so I don't like that users succumb to it without exercising reason and logic.

I'd go with mandatory full identification, One thing the internet needs is more accountability, people act like shits when anonymous at least let us know who the fuckers are.

Goes somewhere from there... but identity protection is also an important issue. Because of the other side of identification. Which is identity theft for example... Among others, like mass personification influence and forced attitude shifting... Anything drastically reactive can be as well very dangerous.

We need a better system to the ones already existing by any discovered society.

I'd imagine a system where your identity is tied to a biometric key sorta like an encrypted code of your very DNA would be robust enough and in order to do anything with any company,account, etc you sign transactions with your biometric key.

ofcourse something like that doesn't exist.

even it would... you still need to protect the user... which for "example" for now in the US would not value much.

On crypto... you can't depend on a country... it has to be universal... cross borders...

Someone would just "hypothetically" "steal" your finger... and take ownership. Some people might think that just too extreme... but try to explain to governments or general world mass population as that will "NEVER" fail... and after a while (probably a good while) you will get the answer... I am trying to say.

Blockchain does not propose solutions for 1 country... nor 2, 10 or 20... it's for everyone! It's public... it has to work against or in favour of everyone...

That's the beauty and the hard part of it at the same time.

Hi @therealwolf, I wanted them to change getting so much personal information before having an account. For me youre privacy and the youre identity can be stolen easily and it was happening today. Fake accounts are almost everywhere :(

There are multiple "checkpointing" methods that don't require identity proof sources and validate identity... By history for example.

For me, i will remove infringement.
The current social media determines what counts as civil and what does not. They remove our articles, images or opinion immediately they think it is against their ideology or what they feel their social media stand for.

This infringement limit human freedom to fully express themselves without the fear of been kicked, banned or suspended for life.

The moment this is removed, then, message will get out as they should and whoever it hits, would deal with it and adjust if need be or let it be.

The current social media seems to operate under the illusion that only them can decide what count as seeing worthy as against what people should not see. Such shouldn't happen in this era where only users are the real reporters.

I think the time when you could be rewarded would be changed. I m preparing now to make some programming guides and i know that many people will come here if they are in trouble. That need some time to get views and 7 days curation duration is not enought. For simple photos and post on a blog it is ok, but for other creative content it is to short time. I m not satisfied to get 0.5-2 hive per video which will be watched mutch more time than at curation time

Monetize them.

Then popular people win... not the real ones necessarily.

Well various social media platforms has its own speculations so it depends on which social media platform.

But for hive, for example, I would like to change the fact that people have numerous accounts. People would have to make videos showing themselves, and also have the video calling section. With this, I think the rate of having multiples accounts will be reduced or totally cleared.

I remain @oredebby


The power to pay people for their post, article, and content uploaded on the platform and likewise freedom of speech without barriers.

Well, one thing I will love to do about all those social media platform is to see them get users rewarded. We can't be blogging for just free, we are bigger than that stage right now.

I would like to disable their tracking feature of my browsing history which ultimately leads to showing the relevant advertisements. This is something annoying feature of almost all social media apps.

One thing that monetize without so much privacy data required

One annoying trend going on in social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is the activities if hackers, I have been a victim so I know how it feels so if am to change something I will make it impossible for users to change their passwords or authentication codes without a visual verification. Thanks

On snapchat I would change the name. Because once you have made a account you can't change the name unless you get a different email, phone number, and etc.

Rename it, there is no social aspect to it.

The users


A limit of posts per day regarding the quality. So many post just random boring stuff and it is all almost garbage. Example: I woke up, I took a selfie, I post. I ate a muffin oh my, let's post that. I think I have to use the bathroom, but look how nice the light is on my face, selfie time, post. This kind of thing. I want to see meaningful content, engaging, smart, educational. I am tired of the nonsense people post just to feel better about their sad life. I want quality and filters off. I am active only here. I resent Facebook for the falsity of the pictures there, their real life is sad while they post happy faces. Brr...no no.

I see where you doing and you are right.
I’ve said that to people that I’m trying to attract to the network don’t just put your 1 photo and expect to make money out of it.
Create a good content and you’ll see results.
I’m working on growing Bulgarian network here on hive but not many are getting the potential and the idea behind it.
Just my few of my friends are @lyubo19 , @velino86 , @bulgarianmermaid

On another side I told them bring all of your Facebook friends here and then just post 1 photo and you’ll see money coming from your friends once we have mass addiction on the blockchain.

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I don't like censorship because I think it's threat to content creators. I will certainly remove censorship if I get one thing to do in the current social media.

The amount of tracking a number of social media platforms perform is alarming.

I understand when I’m not paying to use Web 2.0 I am the product. Therefore there are some expectations of targeted marketing, information being sold, and income being generated by the companies running them though those means.

Just think how many sites have a FB login and it tracks you even when you’re not logged in, don’t have an account, have no intention of using them, never agreed to their TOS and so on.


So I think I'm gonna break the "ONE" rule because there are a couple of things I wish I could change or at least tweak a little.
These are just my views though and I absolutely stand to be corrected.

Firstly, reviews for products or services should be able to be given by only verified persons or accounts. Now not just verified to be actual unique individual accounts, but accounts that have been verified to have either purchase the product or utilize the said service. I see a lot of online stores out there or freelance service provider sites with fake or boosted positive reviews.

Secondly and of course for one of the reasons why most of us are on hive or other decentralised social media is the absolute elimination of censorship. Everyone deserves to be heard and I think everyone agrees with me on that.

Thirdly, the illicit use of user personal data for financial gains even when otherwise is outrightly stated on said social networks is just plain bad. The Blockchain and decentralisation is fixing that and I hope to see a new age come when the use of personal user data, not just on social media but on the internet in general is rewarded. The Blockchain is bringing that age.

I will stop making idiots famous

Just as I would 😁

Way too many famous idiots. Lol

Id change the governance. Governance and decentralisation together is like an oxymoron to me. Greed and power are two of the biggest problems humans face. Any system that has governance is open to abuse, corruption and fighting. Satoshi was a very clever man to never expose his identity thus far and i don't believe he ever intends too, even though personally i believe it was Hal Finney anyway and he is now dead.

I would reward those who are able to display civility towards others with whom they disagree.

Social Media is largely governed by trend of "trending" or "viral".
People do very little to validate the info before sharing it to other.
So much fake exist and your personal information is available for sale by corporations.
"Social Engineering" is the most strongest way to take any system down.
I just feel if user atleast do some "DYOR" when they share info and be sensitive when they share information.

The extraction of value from followers by taking advantage of their attention - whether by ads on the page or by promotions. We should treat attention more like a property/commodity that people can give at will, not assumed to be granted automatically. The phrase "attention grabbing" should come to have a connotation similar to "purse grabbing".

Edit: oh it looks like someone has basically already said this.

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Just an idea for Hive: Experiment with anonymous downvotes, would this help improving the platform or would anon downvotes lead to even more misuse?

That they were honest with their users regarding the algorithms they use to display their feed.

I'd change the ownership ... to myself.

I’m kinda sick of the attention economy.

I would love to stop stealing of personal data. It is important to give privacy utmost importance. Nobody has right to leak personal data. Scandal like cambridge analytica really dented the popularity of social media platform. I know it's a big task but we have to do to make social media platform more comfortable for people around the world.

Being able to manage without ads. They tend to pollute the experience.

Advertising. Either remove it completely, or grant the users the ability to tap into the advertising revenue stream. If you're going to use my data to try and sell me something - you should pay me.

It's just one and very simple, the social media platform should desist from using consumers data for advert or anything.

Let's blog in peace and not get scared of the CIA and the FBI or the big brother using our data to manipulate things.

The "dishonesty", we all know how the socieal media keep lying to us in order for them to show a good show. Even if it doesn't true, they stated that it's true because the audiences will be curious about it.

I want to have a platform where we can verify that what they're telling to us are really true. Social media indeed is a great help but at the same time. A bad example for those who wants to fool the people.


I would like that social media don't have our personal data in their cloud

To feel like they know everything about me. I understand that they are companies and they must make money, but sometimes I feel that they even know what I think. It's pretty disturbing.

On the other hand, I don't like facial recognition, although I am surprised by the intelligence and technology behind it. But I feel invaded, forced to accept that others see me even if I don't want to. And I know that you can set the options yourself so that this does not happen, but I think that these options should not even be available.

Saludos desde Venezuela.

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I want the option where a speaker just utters words and they are typed automatically without the person manually typing them

I would add instant translation option, just to learn about other idiosyncrasies.

Its better that social media must be open source code. So much for close source code, we don't know what they are hiding.

You are really doing a witness job. Not an easy task.