Age Of Sexual Consent Soon 13 In EU

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Okay, here is the appalling news: early January, France ruled that 13 is now the age of consent. It is definitely setting a precedent and we seriously presume that more European nations will follow suit because less and less is done about this silent epidemic anyway. Germany and the UK come to mind.

Remember the movie "Cuties" which caused an outcry in the Western world last Summer? You will see our blog about it if you scroll down our page.

There is no egg-chicken dilemma, the entertainment industry is a major culprit since its products infiltrate households quite insidiously, molding everybody's perceptions, and especially that of the youth, about sex.

There is another colossal debate coming our way and which be soon u-n-a-v-o-i-d-a-b-l-e, unless a majority remains complacent and accepts to see adults starting to date adolescents that have just reached puberty. The debate will be proven highly challenging however because every parent has their own idea about sexuality. But we hope that new consensuses will be put in place very quickly because what lies ahead is an extremely slippery slope.

Legal has little to do with morality. Why?

** Because there are many adolescents looking younger/older than their age. Or it may also entice them to lie about it. Facts like these were already widespread back then when the age of consent was 16 anyway, so the latter will not go away and we're willing to bet with you that in a couple of years from now, it will be discovered that many engage in sexuality way before the new legal age of consent.

** Because knowing from such an early age that intercourse is authorized and protected by law, irrevocably promotes solicitation, especially in a society that is on the brink like today and with an ever-increasing poverty gap. As a result, prostitution among the youth will start to skyrocket as we descent into the worse economic downturn humanity has ever known.

** This is a huge victory for "Porn Inc" and which is going to condone the use of ever-younger (looking) actresses, hence facilitating pedophilia in the households and child sex tourism and trafficking further. It is going to decriminalize much of the pedophilia already going on.

** Lowering the age of consent is an agenda in itself. The sexualization of society and children is very real. Last year the WHO came up with new guidelines recommending that even toddlers be taught about self-pleasuring and that by age 6 every child should know about "gender fluidity", transgendrism and be aware that sex change is available.

This is a big flashing light because this very young generation will replace us all eventually and define future consensuses. And that does not bode well. Just look at your grandchildren and imagine them openly watching porn on their cellphone by age 6 or 8.

Sexuality was never intended to enforce promiscuity. Most people are already so disconnected that anybody calling for society to come back to its senses is perceived as a bigot. Words have been weaponized on purpose and we must wake up.

Although French laws seek to enforce tougher protection of children younger than 13, we do not believe it to be the case because this silent epidemic has already gone too far and nothing really has been done, not to mention the WHO rewriting sexual education in a very disturbing way.

So why would the French government act upon it at this stage?

Until we, as a civilization, realize that sexuality is a weapon when misused or abused, no man-made laws will ever fix our current and dire situation.

Senate Sets Sexual Consent of Minors at 13 Years (Jan 21 2021)
On Thursday, the Senate unanimously passed a bill to create a new sex crime to protect minors under the age of 13. According to this text by centrist Senator Annick Billon, children under this age threshold will no longer have to justify that they did not consent to sexual relations with an adult.


Absolutely disgraceful and you have to start looking at the individuals who have lobbied the government to make these changes. I would like to think that kids will always be kids and no matter what changes happen externally won’t turn them into a young generation obsessed with porn and sexuality. These external changes will, however, make it “acceptable” for perverts to exploit young naive children. I guess this is just another marker to find out how desensitised and toothless the general public have become.

Huh. I think you clearly misunderstood the article.

This is not what the article is about.

Here's some google translates of the article:

The Senate on Thursday unanimously adopted a bill to create a new sex crime to protect minors under 13. According to this text by the centrist Senator Annick Billon, children under this age threshold will no longer have to justify that they were not consenting to sexual relations with an adult.

He also proposes to punish with 20 years of criminal imprisonment an incestuous sexual relationship between an adult and a minor under 18 years old.

No I didn't misunderstand, read again... French is my native language... the headline is the correct interpretation: 13yo adolescents can now consent to have sex.

what you quote speaks of minors under the age of 13.... and only addresses "incestuous relationships"