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Hey everyone!

One of the best strategies for generating content on Hive involves engaging in circular economies through the expenditure of HBD at local stores. Numerous Hivers have accomplished this, and Hive projects globally have facilitated it. An excellent example is @hivesucre, which has convinced over 60 local shops to adopt HBD as a payment method.

In Cuba, the @hivecuba community maintains a website showcasing businesses that accept HBD on the island.

In Barquisimeto, Venezuela, the @hiversbqto team has been able to get a CoWorking space to accept HBD as a method of payment.

These are just examples. There are many such initiatives across Hive working towards this goal. At 3Speak, we aim to encourage such content, which is the motivation behind our initiative.

How to participate:

  • Use a store that accepts lightning payments (and pay with V4V), a store that already accepts Hive's HBD, or a local store to accept HBD (we know this might be challenging, but it's not impossible).
  • Record the purchase process and upload it to 3Speak.tv. It's very important to record the process where the QR Code is scanned.
  • Use the #SpendHBD tag in your post.
  • Share your post on social media and use relevant tags or hashtags. For example, you can share a small video clip and invite people to watch the full version on your 3Speak channel.
  • Repeat this process as many times as possible.

The 3Speak curation team will check the #SpendHBD daily and reward the best videos with upvotes and even tips.

Important Information:

The business or local store doesn't necessarily have to download any app, they can go to https://v4v.app/pos/@SHOPACCOUNTNAME and create an invoice there. That will create a QR code to scan with your phone's camera and finish the transaction through the Hive Keychain Mobile app.

In the V4V app, the shop owner can set the local currency, so you don't have to convert to US Dollars.

Another thing is that the business does not necessarily have to open a Hive account. It's great if they do it, but if they already accept payments through the BTC Lightning network, you can pay with them with HBD through the V4V website.

The initiative's goal is to #SpendHBD at existing businesses and video record it, not to onboard businesses to Hive.

And lastly, check out the following maps of businesses that accept HBD and BTC Lightning Network payments.

BTC Lightning Map: https://btcmap.org/map
HBD Map: https://stores.hive-keychain.com/

There will be extra points or chances for users engaging in other people's posts. Remember that this is not only about yourself; commenting and watching the videos is a great way to contribute to other users. Let's build a great community!

Example of videos:


Important Links:

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Let's gooo!

Brilliant! I love it! I wish there were local businesses here that accepted HBD! Focused community outreach, education, and onboarding is the way to make it happen! 😁🙏💚✨🤙

I think the Kingdom Without Limit in Krakow also accepts HBD -- please help my memory, @mipiano -- and one or another of the skateboarding initiatives on Hive does as well!

Yes, the Kingdom in Krakow accepts HBD! Let's tag @hallmann for more details about it!

Yes, in Kingdom Without Limit we could buy with HBD some tasty pierogi (dumplings) 😇

What an amazing initiative 🤯 maybe host a giveaway in the future to gather even more attention from users?

It's very good promotion and it's very easy if HBD OR HIVE as a payment method.

Incredible initiative, time to demonstrate the power of HBD in the economy.

Una excelente iniciativa para dejar por sentado que nuestra criptomoneda tiene mucho valor. Los casos de uso quedarán inmortalizados en la blockchain en formato de video, así haremos viral este tipo de transacciones. Sigamos construyendo Web3.

Una iniciativa fenomenal para motivación al contenido audiovisual y sobre todo mostrar los casos de compras con el HBD, Voy por mi participación pronto.

Genial, ya estaré haciendo mi video.

Let's do this!!

Excellent initiative, this is how we motivate ourselves and show examples of our purchases with our token in allied stores. Let no one be left behind. Let's go for more

Cool initiative, lets spread the words about #HBD

This is awesome maybe we can have the opportunity of setting up online shops too for an international participation

Excellent initiative, I have already created the account for my business, it is the only one in my city that receives HBD, I am drafting the presentation and will be coming out with the details later.

Now this is something I’d love to do!!

HBD to the world🥰🥰

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step !!, good luck all.

I will make a post paying with hbd here in my tattoo studio in Caracas Venezuela since we accept hbd since Hive was created lml excellent initiative.

I'm about to get me some $HBD ramen. mmmmmmmmmm!


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I think it is a good idea to show the use of our coins and how in simple steps they can even be exchanged. Of course it is not about people or businesses joining Hive, but I am sure this will ignite many sparks and create motivation.

How does a business get listed on this map? Can this map be included in the Keychain app? I recall this same thing when PayPal was young. I went to a local store because it was listed on the PayPal app to accept payments via their app.

I so much love this initiative and this is great to see. More will be coming


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The initiative's goal is to #SpendHBD at existing businesses and video record it, not to onboard businesses to Hive.


  1. If the places do not accept BTC Lightning and do not accept Hive account, can we start from there to get them onboarded and then start to receive?

  2. If I have a business, can I start accepting HBD as payment and share videos where I receive such for services and products?