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RE: Ranked Battle Reward System Updates

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People are getting additional information about me while I'm choosing my team? Oooof, I didn't know that...

Thanks to the Splinterlands team for working on issues that totally affect me even when I don't know about them.


This is an interesting change - because it takes out the ability to predict what cards a person is going to play. This is especially important at the top where people play the same people regularly.

@abh12345 - I'm looking at you! ;D


Your record is good against me, I am like an old dog who's been on Quest autopilot for 3 years and has now suddenly realised there are loads more accounts kicking my ass.


Quest autopilot

It has paid off for you, which is why I like the change of adding packs to rewards.

It has, the reward cards are played often.

There was plenty of time to play around the Quests though, I missed out there.

@abh12345 absolutely destroyed me yesterday or the day before... so I'm ALSO looking at him!

Great! Let me know when you are playing 😄

I have to keep throwing curveball teams at him to win -he learned to combat my thorns with Mylor too fast :D

yes, you can stop this by going to settings and select the "hide battle results until viewed" option. apparently people will wait until near the end of the timer and then check the blockchain to see if you posted your team. then they can directly counter it.

That is already enabled to everyone since November I believe.
The new change will conceal the name of your opponent as well, so you can't check their deck, and more then the last 5 fight before selecting your team.
There were new services offering this option like Splintertools.