How To Check For Your New Splinterlands Legendary Airdropped Cards!

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Hello everyone! Splinterlands has released the two new Legendary cards for Airdrops! There are here now for you to see if you got any and claim them! I am here checking on mine! They look like really awesome cards; the first one, Baakjira, is a Legendary water card you can read all about the new cards and airdrops in the Splinterlands post about the airdrops HERE. For the lore, you can read all about it HERE. Next, Uriel, the Purifier, is the Legendary Life card. You can view the lore post HERE.

What excellent stats they have! The Legendary card Baakjira is a water splinter card and, when maxed out, has 16 health! It heals, has strengthen, slow and void! It is only 6 mana, so it sounds perfect for a tank or at the end of your lineup.

Uriel the Purifier is a Life splinter card; when maxed out, he has a 4 Melee attack, 11 mana cost, heal, redemption, Recharge, and is flying! He has 6 Armor and 12 Health! What a beast!

I just maxed out both of mine, I forgot to buy the other 2 cards as I got busy trying to use the cards instead, but as soon as I got off, I went and bought two Uriel's and maxed him out as well. It is good to wait as prices will be high at first but then go down a bit over time. I want to battle with it now, though, so I went ahead and maxed it since I only needed 2. I hope you all received some nice airdrops and I hope to see you soon.

I have no idea if I will be streaming tomorrow as I am still pretty sick, and @ty2nicerva AKA GoodtroubleTV, the Gold Foil Hype Man, is not feeling too great as well now, but we will see. We have a Gold Foil Legendary card on the Prize wheel for Twitch Subs! Don't worry if we are not live tomorrow. It will be on Monday's stream. I can't believe it is 3:00 AM and I am here posting on Hive while being sick too! LOL! Now that is what I call dedication! Have a great need of season, everyone! Good luck! ~@clove71
You can view my video on YouTube about it below.


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Uriel the Purifier
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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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Nice airdrops I wish I have so many 💲💲💲so that I can Buy so many pack and Have Airdrop . Looking Forward for More Update . 😍😍😍

Cheers for the heads up. Will have to look further into this

Still one of the best out there.

Thanks a lot for tips.

Nice post thanks for giving this information...

Tnx for the update about the new card on splinterland...

Thank you!, I'm new in this nft game, and I love it.

Greetings from Cuba

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