Don't sleep on Splinterlands Node Licenses...

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I believe Splinterlands Node Licenses are being vastly overlooked at the moment. Not only they're a producing asset right now (which is already good enough!), the thing is these little things only going to get better in the short term.

If you never heard about the full details, the future governance of Splinterlands will be strongly correlated with these nodes and SPS, full details in the official post.

And although the governance is expected to go live in Q4, the truth is nodes are already producing yield.

A pool of 20K vouchers is being distributed daily, with 3K nodes currently circulating accounting for 200 vouchers/node every month. With vouchers at 0,49$ this adds up to 98$/month; 1176$/year.

67,2% APR

And if you feel this is not enough... Soft launch of SPS rewards is expected to go live in August. And August is already there.

License holders will receive an equal share of the 3,375,000 SPS / month rewards per license they hold in their account as long as they are running an active validator node.

So... 3,375M SPS is being shared equally between all the valid nodes (not counting the most voted, etc).

3,375M/3K (current nodes) = 1125 SPS/node per month. With SPS at 0,06$ this is an additional 67,5$/month or 810$/year.

1176$ from vouchers
810$ from SPS
= 1986$

Which translates into an excess of +100% APR.

Think big.

What happens if for whatever reasons our beloved bulls come back to town and push our beloved SPS up to let's say 0,3$
(I mean, 0,3$ it's still a very 'conservative' number anyway).

Those 1125SPS/node then became +330$ and the APR is around 300% APR, at least virtually.

And I say virtually because if those numbers are someday real, a decent number of people will rush to buy nodes. Reducing the overall APR... But hey, there's the trick.

You need SPS and Vouchers to buy Splinterlands Node Licenses.

This means demand for nodes is DIRECTLY translated into demand for SPS. And the price of every node is fixed in tranches. Only after every tranche is sold out then the overall price/node increases dramatically.


And you won't mind a hypothetical decrease in APR... when your principal will be (vastly!) up.
In other words, owning nodes is like owning SPS on steroids.


Think (even) Bigger.

The year is 2026. BTC just dipped to its ATL for the year and struggles to hold the 100K$ support.
In the meanwhile, the gamefi sector struggles and it's only a shadow of what it was the year before.

After a -70% decline, SPS does its best to keep the support around the 3$ mark.

Half of the circulating supply for Splinterland Node Licenses is available, So tranche 5 started just recently.

Every node is enough to provide a minimum wage income in some European Countries. More and more people keep quitting their jobs in order to start collecting cards and drops of SPS in Splinterlands.

People in some African countries can completely live off thanks to the couple of nodes that they bought at presale prices.

''Thank god I listen empo back then''.

And I'm still being conservative. This is already happening and will only get exponential as the years come and go. This is a not-so-distant future.

All the best.



I like to be part of the progress of Splinterlands, despite being a passive user, I want to continue to see it gain more relevance in and out of Hive.
Honestly, I feel like I shouldn't be too thrown off by reading your post. XD
I have 1 node. I don't expect to be structurally among the most voted validators. But I will surely end up buying some more nodes. TY

The calculations on the post don't account for earnings for being a voted validator (which means they're expected if you receive 0 votes from other SPS owners).

3,75 million SPS/month

  • 375K between the most voted validators.
  • 3,375M between everyone equally (this is what I counted).

I'm happy to see you posting a few comments around. Welcome back lady :)

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Very interesting, I will not forget it. And yes, I will be here again.

  • The lesbian ;)

I am extremely happy about my five licenses even though I miss my SPS that I unstaked for them. My main intention was cash flow, because they enable a daily stream of VOUCHER already at an amazing rate. I gladly take those 67% APR on VOUCHER alone. And also that we can sell the LICENCE tokens at near buy price, even more when this tranche ends. And the SPS will soon stream in as well, eventually paying back our entire SPS investment over time. Like you, I see it as a long-term investment and I believe this ecosystem has a great future ahead.

!1UP 🍄!PIZZA 🍕!BEER 🍺And expect the @curation-cartel soontm


Completely agree with you. The cash-flow thing got me and the fixed price (in $$ terms) got me. In case SPS goes down to something stupid like 0,01-0,02$ massive amounts of it will be burned in order to buy a few licenses. So it's always good long term.

Cool looking watch (the first pic) :P j/k

wow, that's some great APR%. I didn't realize those node licenses could perform like that.

they already giving that juicy 67% (varies constantly), soon it will only get better.

Currently receiving 66 vouchers daily from my 10 nodes

Nice! 😊💪

bought 2, fomo, yeah.

I mean the price per license increases massive each stage.

Maybe i need moar?

I started with 2-3 and I have 10 now lel

10 is very good!.

i think about adding some more too. Something besides DCA :D

I think we are all waiting on SPS to increase in price and then i will buy one :)

till then i hope it all works :)


I first thought that it was better to just hold SPS and wait, but changed my mind over time.

everyone has a plan, after all. Hope it works for you! :)

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I also got one, may be buy another one if funds permit.

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Friendly reminder to use money that you won't need anytime soon :)

El único punto negativo que le veo es que la inversion inicial es grande. También hay que ver cómo evoluciona el juego.

Bueno, todo son niveles. Pero si te lo puedes permitir mínimamente la propuesta de valor es casi inmejorable.

El juego en sí ya ha superado la peor parte que es arrancar. Ahora la progresión será más o menos rápida. Pero la base de jugadores y la base tecnológica está ahí.

Did you buy the node? I am waiting for a price of SPS to increase maybe like 10 cents and then buy it. Cheers

I got 10! This a way of doing it, but note that If price of SPS make a massive pump then the incentive to buy nodes also increase exponentially.

The 1900 node's available won't be enough to last many months tho....


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oh I see. hehe congratz on ur purchase


MY kwontatative does the math, up only!

btw we need to run later some software to earn? As I understand that is required.

You probably don't need to do it yourself. There will likely be a delegation system in place, where you can delegate your nodes to accounts that run the validation software. Those accounts will then likely take a fee for their costs. For now, you are just earning VOUCHER and soon SPS for holding the LICENCE token in your wallet, until the validator mainnet goes live in 2023.

Good to know! Thanks!

Thanks for this. It was a barrier from my non technical perspective and knowing this only reassures my intention to keep buying/holding nodes.


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