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RE: Ranked Battle Reward System Updates

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Hi, I am slightly new to this, could someone explain to me what does this statement means?
Cards on 24-hour cooldown will no longer be able to be listed for rent on the rental market

  1. On what conditions will a card be on cooldown?
  2. For example, if I rent a card out to Player A for 24 hours, and Player A uses it in the last 15 minutes of the 24h rental period, does it mean when the card is returned to me, I will need to wait 23 hr 45 minutes for the cooldown to end before I can list the same card for rent?

I don't believe so, I think the 24 hour cooldown period more affects the purchase of a card that was recently used. I just used a card in ranked battles 10 minutes ago, put it up on the market for sale and you buy it. Since I played it, you have to wait 24 hours to use it. I don't believe rentals are affected the same way but I could be wrong..

Thanks for sharing! Understand your point, though I also note that the statement mentioned "listed for rent". Hmm let's see if anyone can shed some light.

Yeah I mean it could be that scenario except when you bought it, then you threw it up on the market for rent. I wonder if anyone could clarify, maybe @splinterlands could?

if you used a card in battle, then decide you'd rather rent it out, you will need to wait 24 hr before you can do so, i believe until this rule one could rent a card on cooldown and not be able to use it in battle, which would be a waste of a rent unless you just rented for the CP

If you use a card you own in ranked, it gets a 24 hour cool down for use by other accounts. The change will prevent you from putting cards with a cool down timer up on the market for other users to rent out. It shouldn't impact cards that are rented out to different players, as I believe those don't incur a cool down timer for other renters now.

  1. when a card was used in battles within than 24 hours. whether as an owner or renter.
  2. yes. 23 hrs and 45 minutes is the remaining cooldown period. and we have to wait for the cooldown to end before we can use the card again.