Even in this Bear Market You Can Still Earn 100% APR

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How to Earn 100% APR During this Bear Market

I'm on a sort of working holiday over the summer, or should I say winter, here in Australia, so I haven't been able to do the Town Halls as I would like to do, but in the mean time I'm keeping up with all the latest news, just in a totally different time zone (or apparently whole different day... so bizarre! HAHA)

What's truly important right now is to find the positive among the negative, the light in the darkness and boy have I found it. Well, to be fair, it's Neil @nealmcspadden and his recent YouTube show that shows there's still reason to hope! You all should check it out and you can even get your own spreadsheet from him! Here's his article you can watch his video here:

What you'll discover is something you can share with all your investor-friends who are currently stressed about this downward market -- you're still earning while others are losing.


How are you Earning in this Bear Market with Splinterlands?

I'm earning in Splinterlands, because I've invested in the validator nodes, and with the nodes' benefits, including the recent addition of vouchers given to node-holders, I'm actually making money with a 100% APR! You see, when you look at Neal's figures, you can understand that making a node purchase means you'll earn all your money back and then some. Maybe you struggle to explain the figures as I do, but thankfully this is easy math and obvious to those who have spent time playing Splinterlands, but it might not be so obvious to the newcomer. Explaining to them that you're earning during even this difficult time should be an incredible selling point!

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How Can You Be Sure Splinterlands will Stick Around in this Market?

You may have those who worry that Splinterlands is going to crash and burn, but again that comes down to some easy math, some study of the business model, the reassurance from the Splinterlands' team and a little faith.

If you need to assure your investor friend about the future of Splinterlands, you can show them that Splinterlands was developed during a time when crypto wasn't even the great gold rush it seems to have become, or at least was, just six months ago. Therefore, you can assure them, just as we heard from Matt and Aggroed at the Town Hall this week that they have the funds to continue supporting nearly 100 employees during this bear market. They even indicated that this isn't the worst they've seen in Splinterlands' lifetime, which should be QUITE a telling scenario that Splinterlands is doing well.

How can you say Splinterlands is doing WELL? Again, check the numbers. SPS has dropped at the EXACT rate that Bitcoin has dropped. That's not a reflection on the game, that's a reflection on the times. Do you think bitcoin is going to crash and burn to nothing? It's quite doubtful, so then you should have some encouragement that SPS which is the token visible on the mainstream market is just moving at the same pace as all other crypto.


So don't stress too much. Find some time to find the light in Splinterlands and if you have any ability to buy some nodes, you SHOULD!! You'll see the rewards for sure!!

Hope everyone is doing well! I will try to write when I can. As for now, I'm out in the Australian bush looking for koalas, my favorite animal of all-time. Yippee!

If you enjoyed my post and want to try Splinterlands, please use my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=rosiew
Please remember my post is not meant to be financial advice and is just my opinion.
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Great advice! 100% APR seems too be good to pass up. So where is the marketing push on that? I wonder some times if poor marketing is holding us back.

Thanks, J2R! Marketing could definitely get us that edge.... I hope the Splinterlands' team figures it out, or perhaps we need to venture out and find a way to market it more ourselves! :)

Australia! Hope you find a koala.

Me too, Gregory.. me too. If I find a Koala, my soul will be at peace. :)

When I lived in San Diego, I would go to the zoo and stay for hours at the koala area. They had an albino koala then and I just had this connection to them. Now, I'm not some amazing animal lover or something, but I will say, the koalas have always had my heart, so I really do hope I see one in the wild just happy in his/her tree living the good life. ;)

If you do find one, I hope we get another of your great posts with lots of pictures.

Finally could get back on here... and ahhhh... thanks, Gregory! I didn't think ppl would want to read much other than Splinterlands, but maybe I can throw a koala in hahaha... haven't seen one in the wild yet but we did see one at a koala habitat area. :) Hope you've been well!!

I don't see Splinterlands crashing due to current market condition Rose, neither do I see Bitcoin going to zero. We have opportunities here on Hive to keep earning, this is something that isn't out there.

Thanks for sharing the video will be checking it out for some tips. Enjoy your holiday.

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Thanks, Joe, for reading and commenting. I completely agree with you. Right now is the BEST time to engage and people just need to understand the market a bit better. I'm not an expert in this at all, but it helped to grow up around my father who was discussing the stock market and what to do constantly.

We really have been gifted with an opportunity to truly believe in this game and invest now while the prices are so incredible. I hope you're doing well and thanks for the well wishes!! :) Have a fantastic day!

Am doing well thanks Rose, taking every opportunity and utilizing it to the best of my capability here on Hive.
Have a great day.

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