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Where Are the Women?

I'm continually shocked by the lack of women in this game. Yes, we have more women playing than we have in the past, but if you watched the Town Hall today, it's always striking to me that it's a bunch of guys making this game happen but we don't see women's involvement. The women roles are often the more of a "community" gathering sort of role. Or look at the great YTers like @clove71 or what about the engagement @marianaemilia brings to the table with her writing and being a top player? I would really love to hear their insight as a guest on Splinterlands' Town Hall someday.


What Women Want

Trust me, I'm not a raging feminist and rarely do I even like to make the distinction about male vs. female because I just don't like to get into that whole political game-play; however, if you want more players in Splinterlands, I think you're missing a big group of people when you don't get some input on what women want from this game.

Certainly it depends on their state in life as to what women are valuing at the moment. However, I think most women just want a place to relax, not think about all the million stresses or events they have going on in their life and play a couple rounds of Splinterlands. I know I've enjoyed having my breakfast and playing a bit of cards in the morning before I get my day started. Now, if I had a place where I can chat then perhaps I would sit around, make some friends and find myself forming a Woman's Guild or something which would develop the women's group even more.

I would just love to hear what others think about bringing in some more women into this game. Is that even a focus? Perhaps this game just isn't meant to be designed for women? What do you all think? I would really like your thoughts about this, @sjarvie5 and any other women out there who would like to share. What do women want from Splinterlands?

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That is an interesting question. I had never thought of the fact that the people in the town hall were male. To me it was the people that had the mind and gumption to make the game. I haven't played in a long time as all my cards are rented out. I am not a gamer so when the competition got really good I changed roles and I renting the cards, it is my own game. :)

Hee hee about "it is my own game". I love that, Sara, and perhaps THAT is what should be marketed to women. While I usually don't notice the male/female dynamic, I don't know, for some reason it struck me this town hall, probably because now on YT they have a lot of the faces (which I think is great) showing who is talking, and it just struck me as I was looking at them that it might be nice to hear from a woman is really all. I would like EVERYONE to play the game, so I guess I see a marketing opportunity but I'm not sure if Splinterlands is a game women want to play which then made me wonder if it's worth the time to market to women. I definitely am not trying to imply Splinterlands is excluding women, I think it is just what it is, but because I am always an ideas person and looking for new ways to bring success to things, this was a thought that came to my mind that a whole group of folks (aka women) could be in this game and adding a new twist.

:) Thank you so much for responding, Sara. I was very curious about your thoughts on the matter. You are always so insightful and enjoyable to read. You offer great value for many people so I hope you will always keep sharing your perspectives. :) Have a great day!!

I wish more women play Splinterlands, perhaps they perceive it at men's game and don't give it a look. I think the game is designed to accommodate both genders. Clove71 is doing exceptionally well, women should follow her lead and tap into the opportunities the game offers.

Please invite me to the women's group or guild, I like being around women, I can be shy though...

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HAHA... yes, of course you'd be invited to the women's guild. :) Hee hee. :) Yes, I wish more women played as well so I was curious if there is any intention to market to women or not. Thank you for reading and commenting!

i have hairy boobs does that count? 😚

Um well... don't think so this time. ;) HAHA but thanks for reading and commenting!