🌿Xander Foxwood /Art Contest (ENG/ESP)🌿

in #splinterlands2 years ago

Hello! I had a long time without doing a drawing for the contest (I was a bit in low spirits) but this helped me to distract my mind for a while. At first I was undecided about the character to draw, had about three female options until I saw little Xander with the story of overcoming and I loved it, also that his small stature with his great personality must have been very tender hahaha.


Hola! Tenía mucho tiempo sin hacer un dibujo para el concurso (estaba un poco con los ánimos por el suelo) pero esto me ayudo a distraer mi mente un rato. Al principio estaba indecisa con el personaje a dibujar, tenía unas tres opciones femeninas hasta que vi al pequeño Xander con su historia de superación y me encantó, además que su pequeña estatura con su gran personalidad debía ser muy tierno hahaha.


For the sketch I wanted to portray him between angry and frustrated, imagining the fact that being from the pixy race they would make fun of him and belittle him for having the dream of being a summoner, so I did it in that process before he took the decision to go and prove his worth to everyone (I think I identified myself and projected many personal things in this drawing xd).


Para el boceto quise plasmarlo entre enojado y frustrado, imaginándome el hecho de que por ser de la raza de los pixies se burlaran y lo menospreciaran por tener el sueño de ser un invocador, por lo que lo hice en ese proceso antes de que tomara la decisión de ir a demostrarle a todos su valía (creo que me identifique y proyecté muchas cosas personales en este dibujo xd).


From the sketch to the lineart I decided to change the background so that it wouldn't overshadow the character and what I was trying to convey, I thought that sometimes less is more, the rest was playing with the lights and shadows to generate the final work!


Del boceto al lineart decidí cambiar el fondo para que no opacara al personaje y lo que intentaba transmitir, pensé que a veces menos es mas, el resto fue jugar con las luces y sombras para generar el trabajo final!.









Software: Medibang paint
Time/Tiempo: 8h aprox.
Size/Tamaño: 2000x2000px a 300dpi



💖I hope you like it. A hug for everyone and good vibes 💖


💖Espero les guste. Un abrazo para todos y buena vibra 💖

✨✨If you want me to make you a draw, just let me know. I am open for comission without restriction.✨✨


firma transparente.png


Your line drawings are really clean and successful.

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Muy buen trabajo! me encanta tu estilo 😊 !PIZZA


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