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Not feeling so creative? But you've been battling your heart out?!

This challenge is for you!

Each week we'll have a new THEME for the challenge, but always required: BATTLES.



Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Affliction at level 1; Oppress at level 5

Note from Carrie: It's a magic-water sort of week. This poor old ghost. Stuck roaming the Splinterlands for only a brief chance to hold some treasure. Something he'll never get to experience. So... in the meantime, he's showed up for battling! Yes, this is pretty new, so it's likely you won't have this leveled. REMINDER: YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT ANY BATTLE AND ANY CARD. This is just a suggestion and a fun way to all be doing a similar thing. Back to the Ghost. He's a little pricey in the mana range, but his native ability (at level one) is affliction. This is NOT too shabby, especially in the Water Splinter. And then! Oppress at level 5?! That makes Lord A shake in his jar. So... tell me, is this guy gonna be a new powerhouse for Water? 😘@carrieallen

  • Create a post sharing a video of one of your battles using the CAPTAIN'S GHOSTT.
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    • Card Images by Level HERE.
    • Tag splinterlands.
      Please note: the below questions are suggestions. Things to get you going. Answer them all or answer completely different ones! Make your article shine!
  • Tell us about your lineup. Explain why you put each card in that position and why the CAPTAIN'S GHOST is a good fit for the ruleset.
  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
  • Do you use the CAPTAIN'S GHOST often? Why or why not?
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DEADLINE TO ENTER EACH WEEK: Before the current post pays out. SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE will be posted every Monday.


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Got a tweet out and a facebook post :) Captain's Ghost was pretty fun to use NGL.

Ah nice I just happened to have got him up to the oppress level cheers!

Undoubtedly one of my favorite summoners, Daria Dragonscale, in fact, one of the most used when I want to go up in the ranking, with a good strategy I surely win, it took me a little to find details for this gif, but in the end, I liked the result!
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here is my second entry; LIVE battle and strategy discussed on the battle field...

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Hello every one, here's my entry for this week:

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Here s my entry for this week. ENJOY!
I shared this battle on my Facebook account:

Have a fantastic day, and take care, @splinterlands, @carrieallen 🥰🌺🤙

Wow took me a while to get a game with water allowed but this card won that match for sure. Check it out.

And I put it all these places. YouTube, Lirbary,, Uptrennd, Publish0x, SoMee and 3speak.

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Hi guys i made my first entry to the weekly challange ever ! ;)
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Here is my entry and I shared it on twitter. Thanks.



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Hi, my Dear and Great Friends of Splinterlands, here my entry for your contest...

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hey please make sure to share this to a social media site too! That's part of the rules for this challenge. if you do, send me a message on discord or telegram and i'll come back and upvote your post if someone doesn't get it sooner!


Hello Fam....glad I still made the timing.....hope everyone is great!Here are my shares for the weekly challenge


Hey guys! I joined the challenge for this week, I brings you an excellent story!

No worries! And if you happened to enter just after payout, make sure you tag @carrieallen or another curator so it gets noticed. 🥰

I'm back for this weekly exercise. <3

It's nice to be able to somehow analyze a game. 😅 Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Captain's Ghost


Greetings friends, I continue to have connection problems and therefore my delay, I love participating in this challenge and I hope not to be left out; I'll try to be faster next time ... greetings and a big hug.

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