Splinterlands: An Explosive Success Story!

Record Breaking Growth!.png

Every single rubric we could possibly use to evaluate Splinterlands' success is exploding off the charts.

Daily new user sign-ups have 10x'ed in just the last month, going from 500 registrations at the beginning of July to over 5,000 registrations every day as we head into August. It took over three years for us to reach our first 100,000 users, and in the last month and a half we have seen this number double, breaking through the 200,000 benchmark today.


We've had more Spellbook purchases in the first day of August than we did in the entire month of June. This one-day sales number is nearly identical to the combined Spellbook purchases of November, December, January and February, just to add context. Mirroring the new user sign-ups, it took us from May 2018 until mid June this year to get to 25,000 total Spellbooks purchased, and we just broke through 50,000 spellbooks purchased today.

Land prices are rocketing up as well, with plots that originally sold for $10 to $20 now selling for over $180. With the release of land still to come, we are excited to see how the markets unfold going forward.

Our new Guild system is up and running, and we now have 380 registered Guilds, including 25 different languages and a plethora of skill levels. Brawls, too, are underway and making waves, with a second version set to be released soon.

All this growth is excellent news for longstanding members of the Splinterlands community, as the value of assets is rising with the tide. The total market cap of all of the cards that Splinterlands players own has been exponentially growing as of late, and currently sits at $111,793,824:


What does this all mean for Splinterlands card holders? It means that players are seeing significant appreciation of the secondary market value of their cards. This is easy to see via gold foil legendary cards and super rare promo cards where prices for the most expensive cards are becoming astronomical:

However, it holds just as true via the standard foil common cards, where the value has increased dramatically as well. Gone are the days when you can pick up low level cards for under ten cents. The cheapest five cards currently on the market (Wave Runner, Warrior of Peace, Marrow's Ghost, Magma Troll and Kobald Bruiser), have all more than doubled in market value in the the last 4 weeks. This has led to nearly $150,000 worth of increased value this past month for the players who have held just these five cheapest cards.

With no packs currently for sale from Splinterlands and the price of cards on the secondary market dramatically increasing, new players might wonder how they can join in the action without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, the rental market is growing right along with everything else. As of today, there are over 135,000 active rentals taking place through this market. This is the epitome of a win-win-win situation:

  • New players have access to over 700 unique card types at a fraction of their market value, which enables cost-conscious community members to play without heavy up-front costs. They get the experience of playing with a larger variety of cards, and many players have already reported that they can easily make more by playing than it costs to rent the cards.

  • Card owners receive passive income for assets they already own (card holders are currently making over $5,000 per day, which would mean more than $2,000,000 per year, assuming no additional growth) in a trustless and user-friendly rental market.

  • The entire Splinterlands eco-system receives the boon of a surge of new players, which means more opponents available to play at any given time and in every skill level.


If all of this wasn't exciting enough, the release of the Splintershards (SPS) token has caught everybody off guard with its incredible and immediate success. Airdrops have already begun, and Splinterlands asset owners will be receiving 400,000,000 SPS tokens over the next year, worth more than $105,200,000 at their current market value. SPS is currently traded on a few different markets, with more options on the horizon.

Splintershards staking also started today, enabling token holders to stake their SPS and thus earn more. Staking will also grant access to certain Splinterlands features and activities, and will allow participants to take part in the decision making for the game.

Lastly, while the amount remains undisclosed, early access to Chaos Legion pack purchasing will require having staked SPS. So, if you'd like to get your hands on these new cards first then you need to have your SPS staked!

Splintershards White Paper

All in all, this is a very exciting time to be part of the Splinterlands community, and we hope that you are as happy to be here as we are to have you. Can't wait to see what comes next.


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This is the best place to be in all of crypto!!

....and The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

Land, Player Staking, Brawls 2.0, Chaos Legion

....excited for the future of the game.

I think the same

Love this game. More and more success to this game <3

Kudos to the whole Splinterlands team. We as a community have grown to understand what you are capable of. Now the rest of the world is starting to figure it out. Slowly at first, then all at once!

I'm so happy for more than myself, I know many people as a result of this game, and its a great community filled with awesome people. You are changing lives, and for that we are ALL grateful for what you have done, what you are doing, and most importantly, what you WILL do!

Thank you!!!

Exactly. People are starting to realize that you are giving real value to the users/players. This is why the number of the sign ups will increase even more in the future. Splinterlands is changing lives, and in the literal sense in one of the best ways possible.

I absolutely love Splinterlands. I hope it keeps on growing and I hope to see more brilliant updates come in the future.

You all are doing a good job with the game, Keep it up!

Awesome and exciting times! I heard @aggroed say in a stream today we can expect Player Staking hopefully in the next couple of weeks!

Player staking? You mean staking SPS? This already works. I did it yesterday: Today (on 2021.08.02) I staked 18 SPS.

Today (on 2021.08.03) I claimed 0.118 SPS from that staking. It is worth to stake.


This is just basic staking, a temporary way (as I understand) of staking until player staking is releases.
Player staking will earn you SPS by staking these SPS on players. Your return will depend on their performance. Like sports betting without the risk of losing your bet. ;)

This sounds very interesting, but depending on the working mechanism of the player staking, professional players may get a huge advantage by this. Maybe the casual players too. But the investors definitely.

I refrained from playing this game for the last 6 months because I knew how addicting it would become if I started. If only I would have realized how lucrative it would become as well. lol Oh well, better late than never. I'm fully engaged now, learning the cards and the strategies and, of course, it's every bit as addicting as I feared. Thank goodness you put the capture rate in there to force me to sleep. :-)

Awesome game! Really well conceived and I can't believe how well thought out all the underlying mechanics are for replayability, growth, and financial rewards. You hit all the buttons with this one. A major home run! Thanks for bringing it up on Hive and dragging the entire ecosystem into the limelight. Your success is OUR success and I'm grateful I've been here to witness it. Keep up the great work!!!

I love to play @splinterlands i really regret it why I don't not started playing splinterlands earlier, I just started playing splinterlands few days ago, when sps airdrop started its got my attention, I feel more I played or get information about splinterlands more I am getting addicted to play it,

I think splinterlands have a good future, playing splinterlands or investing smart media tokens offered by splinterlands like, sps, spt, dec is much better then investing in pump and dump coins like dogecoin, Shiba inu etc

I ventured into Cryptoland because of how comfortable and easy Splinterlands is for a Crypto newbie such as myself! Thank you so much for providing a place where I can build up some crypto and not be intimidated by the process! I'm SO excited to see how high Splinterlands can go! The possibilities are endless! Yippee!!

That's how it work, I saw it on twitter and now I play everyday!

Even I'm impressed.

No :)

Wait till lands come out.

Have been playing Splinterlands since Alpha and while I knew this game would be a success, I never would have imagined this much motion so fast and the most amazing airdrop I've ever been a part of.

A big thanks to the Splinterlands team for working so hard to get us here.

Splinterlands is truly one of the best, if not the best blockchain game in the space right now. If I had to give my opinion on what the best blockchain game was, I'd say Splinterlands hands down, with Axie in 2nd and I don't need to go further. Some would say Axie is number one but if that were true then Splinterlands would come 2nd. I'll play Splinterlands over axie though.

The only regret I have is not buying more cards and I am very pleased with my account. So some of you big collectors are rolling! So big congrats to everyone that stayed in the game! This is all our success story.

Fuck yeah. NOW show us your tits

For you, absolutely!

( o Y o )

Lol nice tits bro. How have you been?

Pretty good just accumulating wealth. You? It's been a wild 3 years I can tell you that much. Good to see you're still around these parts...I've just been so busy.

Proud to be here :)

Amazing game! I think it is gonna affect my life in a big, positive way!

This game already affect many people's lives. And this is why more and more people are registering.

Well I love the game here but am yet to fully understand how it works which I will really love to know

I have some #Splinterlands tutorial videos on my PeakD and YouTube channels. What do you want to learn right now in the game?

🎲 I started playing #Splinterlands 6 months ago. My card deck is now worth 4 times the money I put into it ($250)...and now the rental market is bringing me in a passive income. My most successful investment to date ✅ 💵 👌🏻 #YieldGuildGames #Blockchain #gaming

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the August 1st Hive Power Up Day

I felt like I missed out on the card collecting games for the past 3 decades (like magic and pokemon), so I'm super happy to be in this game. I've played way more than I should have.

I'm really enjoying figuring out strategy as I learn to play the game.
Bought my first few cards today too! :)

What's cards did you buy?

Boom boom all the way go high

Right now I'm really excited for everything that's to come in splinterlands!!! This is going to be a video game revolution. 🚀

Congrats! Who knew those Alpha cards I got back when it was still called Steemonsters would be worth so much one day?!?? Be that as it may. Congrats on the well-deserved success.

But we can't rest on our laurels. I've been hovering over on various discord servers trying to promote the game and one thing I keep hearing: "It's too late to get into the game, it's already exploded."

How are we going to address that? Some new players are overwhelmed at how expensive the cards have gotten and can't afford it outside of renting. Dice packs can't be purchased by cash and only DEC, and DEC has blown past the moon heading towards the Andromeda galaxy.

What's the incentive for the new guy who wants in on the wave of success? All they see are the (whales now) players with cards that cost thousands of dollars they simply can't afford to win. Will Chaos Legion address this? I hope the packs aren't going to be DEC only because new players won't be able to afford it if this trend continues.

Hey, I started one week ago and I think if you put some time on strategies and have a little bit luck with renting good cards for low price it's not too hard to find success in this game. Even without paying any dollar, if you play daily you can slowly grow. I also already beaten a player with Prince Rennyn gold card, so everything is possible :)

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good job!!

Congrats guys and thankyou :)

Congratulations. A well deserved sucess (story).

I'm newbie to splinterlands. Good game!

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Hat's off for the brilliant strategy of showing how HIVE can make a great game be:

  • cross chain (going there at least) - with the amazing airdrop to call up for more players
  • make use of an existing community that has knowledge to teach and maintain the current blockchain and whatever can be the next stage of things
  • keep the bold mentality that does not matter how long it takes, it will get to that stage where a great "product" will get a great value

Now, it's adapt, re-iterate and monitor (for the time being)... well done!

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Don't tell my wife but I think I might be in love with you.

Splinterlands to rhe moon.

I haven't played Splinterlands for about a year. Looks like there's been heaps of changes. I'm excited to get back into it!

Congrats to everyone!

finally what had to come in these years has all come in the last month ... but I think Splinterlnads will go further and in 2 years many old gamers who will enter the world of blockhain gaming will choose SPLINTERLANDS to start.

Splinterlands is growing so as a players I am growing too.

Amazing game, after playing several times, i have been addicted to this game, i am new player, just 3 days i got a golden card from daily quest, i feel so lukcy!
Just 3 days i got golden card, how about ohters player since 1 year ago? i think have a lot free golden card!
Let's play splinterlands!

Congrats to the hard-working Splinterlands team.

You've worked SO HARD to produce a game that works for EVERYONE

I strongly believe - The Best Is Yet To Come !!!!

Unfortunately I don't have the time to play splinterlands but does it require Hive to purchase stuff ? I mean does it put buying pressure on Hive?

You do always good work. And congratulations for your amazing success.

Excelente Juego de estrategia y habilidades. Inicie hace 2 días en el Juego y ya estoy ganando batallas e incluso con una buena puntuación en el Rank por encima de 700. Realmente muy emocionado por mi desenvolvimiento, a los desarrolladores felicidades por el gran momento que pasan y por hacer gran juego de estrategia. No hace falta tener buenas cartas para llegar a conseguir victorias. Ya eso ayuda a muchos iniciantes como yo.

thanks so much for all the dedication!

Kudos! Hope this games becomes more popular!

awesomeness, imma staking me sps on a daily basis. The rentals are also going insane

This is exciting! I have been playing since it came out with Alpha cards.

i am looking forward to this game..i hope my time,effort and money will gonna pay back and also the value of the coin will increase more and more each day as more players are joining.

My cards value has grown a lot and it took me awhile to learn how to play but now I have good cards that destroy. I like earning dec in battles and I've used gold cards to earn more.

Thank you for the update and excited about the future. Just posted about SPS and that the next weeks are indicative of how the market will see it's progression. What are your opinions about the price point it has currently?

I bought I in October when it wasn't popular but I'm glad I did now because it's exploded beyond all my expectations #splinterlands #spt

I played this game 2 months, very impressed gameplay. It's easy to begin, play, but hard to master, very interesting game. The profitable aspect of the game also make people look at it. Congratulations, Splinterlands team.

Empowering SPS holders to be first in line to promotions is an incentive and one mechanics that should motivate others to do so and to help preserve the SPS price. Simply love this game!