If you have a bit of a fitness slump that's ok, but you gotta nip it in the bud at some point

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At many points in my life I have been extremely fit. In my family it was kind of enforced at a young age onward and when I became a legal adult it was kind of just part of my life. I have my parents to thank a great deal as far as a lot of this is concerned because they could have just allowed us to do nothing and eat junk food like a lot of my friends did. I don't even know what inspired my family to be like this with us but all of their kids ended up being very fit and active and it was only once we got away from the coop that things had a chance to go awry.


These days I manage to have a reasonably fit lifestyle with a somewhat focused diet and regular exercise at least 5 days a week. Every now and then I get some sort of wild notion and end up doing significantly more exercise than other weeks and also it can go the other way. Some times I have what I call fitness slumps where I blow of exercise one day and then the next day it happens again. For me it seems to be that if i allow myself 3 days in a row of not working out at all that there is a really good chance I could end up going down the path that I did in my late 20's and almost all of my 30's.

I started to just kind of accept the fact that I wasn't going to exercise and this was slowly becoming my norm. Then after a while the next thing I knew I was pretty damn heavy. I will tell you this from real-life experience that it is much much much much easier to maintain a certain weight than it is to drop weight. When I suddenly found myself at around 240 lbs, I had to make rather extensive and committed changes to my life in order to get back to below 200, then when I wanted to get to 190, which still isn't my ideal weight of 175, it didn't seem to matter what I did or what I ate, that last bit just refused to come off.

This is another thing that kind of inspired me at times to just blow off exercise altogether and it has happened to me so many times in the last 20 years that these days I have learned to identify it and make a conscious decision to put a stop to it before it ends up being a huge problem.


I think that these days it is actually a lot easier for us to just do nothing than it was when I was young because streaming services and easy access to basically all the information and stupid crap like YouTube in the world is something that we can all access from anywhere. When I was in my 20's you had to be pretty creative to waste time like we all do today on a regular basis and because of that we all tended to do things that were more active.

So at least in my own life I find that it is very important to make sure that if you do find yourself in a several days off type situation that you need to get control of this situation before it becomes your norm. When I hit my late 20's life happened and the next thing I knew exercise was not a priority at all. Things like socializing and of course work were my priorities. This continued in a bad way for a decade until I was very fat, very unhealthy, and because of this, I was very unhappy.

So if you are the type of person that spends a bunch of time watching Netflix I think you should take notice of your life and ask yourself if there is just a chance that maybe just 30 minutes of that or even an hour could be better spent with a podcast and a walk or maybe just browsing instagram between sets instead of allowing it to be the entirety of your day.

Keep your weight in check instead of later trying to lose it and you will end up thanking yourself. The thing is that we all have to get motivated to actually work out though and for me the hardest part about every workout that I ever do is the first few steps away from my apartment. Then autopilot just kind of takes over and I get it done!


Your ability to self-reflect on your habits, and subsequently adjust them, is impressive and will keep you in a great state of fitness and health for a long time. It's also great you acknowledge that we can have ebbs and flows in our routines - and that's absolutely ok, as long as we correct ourselves along the way. Keep up the great work. 😊

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Good advice as keeping your weight in check is half the battle won and you only need to do some exercise and not loads. I know I need to get back into doing stuff and once the pool is fixed I find swimming the best exercise.

swimming is a great exercise and one of the ones that I find is easiest to actually stick with. You need to have access to a body of water of course :)

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