now YOU choose - who should get the 100 Steem???

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My daughter and I giggled like idiots over some of these names!!! I'm not kidding you - some just had us laughing like nuts! We could have been extra tired last night? We could have just been thinking about the people and their minds. or... we are just two little twisted chicks who see the humor in everything! LOL

But here's the thing.

We can't pick. We couldn't even agree on one!!! So - it's up to you!

VOTE FOR ONE OF THE 6 FINALISTS BELOW!!! You have until @shadowspub's evening show on Thursday's #pypt to vote - and then... I will announce WHO will win the 100 steem, and WHAT our monkee mascot's name will be now, and forevermore!

(p.s. Don't forget... $500 for whoever can amaze us with their Lego creation! And I'm paying out of my own pocket to ship that prize ANYWHERE in the world! so.... don't let location stop you. Amaze us and win!!! you have until August 15! Just about 6 weeks left!!!!)

Here are all the suggestions submitted! Thank you for entering LOL

@underground - "whatever Dreemie's middle name is" LOL... no no no. I wouldn't wish that upon this poor monkee!
@bluefinstudios - Spunkee Monkee Montee
@jackmiller - BOBO the Spunkee Monkee 😂
@thehive - Kid Kong
@snook - Gelos (i can still hear the robotic computer voice pronouncing this - and cackle every time. )
@owasco - Magnus
@dfinney - Kevin (you and @bethalea think alike! LOLOL) 🤣
@enginewitty - Bamanaman (oh my gosh, my brain cannot ever say this on the first try. hehehe darn you if you win! LOL)
@improv - Punkee, the Spunkee Monkee (this was actually part of the original program! have you been spying on my notes?!?! LOL)
@jamerussel - Candu Spunkee Monkee (awwww!)
@maquemali - Spunkee Monkee Ollee (thanks for lending us your special name!!!)
@eveningart - she wrote a story!!! See why she chose Mr. Alph A. Monkee! hehe
@dkkarolien - and she wrote a poem!!! See why she chose Preston
@dronegraphica - Monki Bumjangles 😂
@victorholyo - Bead Bead (and BB for short!)
@dutybound - Captain Furry Pooflinger, captain of the Ice-cutter, Brass Monokee (why do monkeys fling poo? LOL i do not know.)
@bethalea - Jeff. (just jeff! LOLOLOL you and @dfinney... hehehehe) 😝
@thekittygirl - Chipper (Chip for short!)
@ange.nkuru - Chubbles

Ok!!! and now - the names that are hilarious but not appropriate for family project have brought a TON of joy to me and my daughter heheeheh - but they cannot go on to the next round! LOL The tribe has spoken LOL


My kids have narrowed down their favorites! They loved the two that went the extra mile and did story/poem posts so they are in! and the rest... well... here ya go!

Good luck to all you finalists! I will announce the winner on the Thursday evening show of #pypt! Drop your vote below (just one per person! hehe)

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Gotta go with Chubbles. 😎

nice! hehehe thanks for voting! and dragging Jack here with you!! LOL

😂😂😂 He'll still be calling him 'Bobo' in his head.

right? hahaha whoever wins... he will say "well Bobo is his LEGAL name" lolol

BANANMAN by Enginewitty.

That is my final vote.

hehehehe why thank you Jackieman!
I thank you
Bobo thanks you
and its Bamanamanana

LOL i cant say it.

but you spelled it wrong too hahahahahaha

I'll go with Bamanaman!!! Hehehehe,
You'll probably be practicing saying that in the mirror before going on the video...

Another vote for bamanaman! Lol

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I was having a hard time making up my mind between this or Alpha A. Spunkee Monkee...
All of them are good though...

I'm going with Bamanaman

Cuz it's like Batman but better :D

Lololol and hilarious to say!!!

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Bamanaman, because it's always cute to hear kids mispronounce words and it's a good brain exercise.😂

I think you are more entertained by the fact that I WILL be mispronouncing this name on EVERY video hahahahaha

Yup, everyone will and giggle while doing so, which is what makes it perfect.😂

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it does make it pretty perfect! lololol

Right and the kids will love that adults can't pronounce it too.

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The kids will probably all pronounce it perfectly and the adults will be the only ones fumbling! Lolol

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This one gets it :P

Such a brat you are.....lolol

I can just saying this every video and stumbling tongue!

Good thing it's all for the kids!!!! Lol

I have to go with @enginewitty's Bamanaman!!!
Only cause I love to hear YOU say it 😜😂 Hahahaha

Mr. Alph A. Monkee


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he forgot the full stop too. we share the same brain LOL

gotta go with Mr Alph A. Monkee ... I can't even pronounce the Bam... one

thanks for presenting this FakeContest on @pypt #pypt

hahahahahah YOU BRAT. you did NOT have an alternative name that i changed!!! LOL you can ask all the people who put in QUESTIONABLE names LOL i let them enter. its not my fault that you can't be creative on the spot! LOL Montee was your entry! stick by Montee! hahahahahahahaha

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Kid Kong!

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thanks! hehehehe :)

Wowee. Thanks so much Dreem 😁 I just need everyone to fall in love with Mr. Alph. A. Monkee and Tiger Le Cat and it'll make their week 😂

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still loving the tongue! hahahaha

I had to break out my special pink crayon and everything 😂

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can I vote for mine? I still think it's the best name lol.

Oh what about Kid Kong,
So much can be done with that name. It is really really coola bula name too.

go for it! hahahaa

Chubbles. Definitely. Wtf

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LOLOL i can't tell if that's sarcasm or not hahahahaha but I'm glad i didn't have to choose - now i can just blame my kids LOL

It's outright wtf. That's why I like it!!

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hehehehe its pretty cute! sound like he gets into lots of troubles too hehehe

chubbles troubles

Kid Kong is cute 😁

hahahaha noted! :)

I loved @dkkarolien's poem but I still prefer my name so, Chubbles lol

ok then - that's 2 for chubbles so far LOL

😂 Thanks

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I was gonna submit Punky but that's my Stacking Mentor's son's nickname, the fella that got me into Silver Stacking, then again I better not in respect of his young son.

hehehehe well someone already did submit that - but..... it didn't make it into the finals hehehe

so who do you vote for ? in the finalists?

I read the list, can't decide yet.

You're making me anticipate your answer so much!!!! Lol

I'm gonna have to consult the Higher Up, the spirit of Hatori Hideyoshi. To my Decision Making board.
Itsy, bitsy, eeny, meeny, miney....


It's moe, er...Chubbles

Kid Kong!!! 👍👽🍻😸

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i think that's 3 so far for kid kong hehe

Kid Kong

hehehe that's a goodie! lots of people like that one!

It's very empowering. I never got to know you but I wish you much success. You've touched a lot of people.

yes it is! :) I can see it being used to make kids feel invincible!

and thank you! I wish you great success here too! financially - it could be harder or easier - no one knows! but what we do know? Success isn't only measured in money. There are a lot richer ways to measure success !

I have been touched by a lot of people here as well. I will not be posting, but I will try to peek in and encourage people with comments. (they wont have any monetary value since i'm powering down LOL but...maybe i can drop some tips on people hehehe)

so - maybe we will still get to know one another... and I can beat the system too! hahahaha (tips go directly to you - no one else shares them. so it's actually like 100% author rewards for you!)

I can see why people like you. The door's always still open for you...

Feels nice to have so many open doors where I'm still welcome!

thank you for making my day :)

Oops...I was logged in with my other account @omra-sky hahahaa

Strongtower is me too lolol

I've done that before. 😀

Kid Kong!

Though Bamanaman would be useful if you ever have to check that a family member hasn't been replaced by an alien replicant. Only someone who'd been saying it forever would get it right.

right!?!?!?! i was thinking the same thing. you woul dhave to train your brain to say this.

and then when someone came from a galaxy far far away to inhabit your body... everyone would know that wasn't the real you.

we are on the same wavelength! LOL

Hard to decide right now, later.

ok! hehehehe

Chubbles is a really cute name.

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isn't it??? it's gonna be close i think! lots of votes for chubbles and lots for kid kong - and i have a feeling bamanaman is gonna sneak up on people too hahahaha

Thursday - we will find out!

I vote for @dfinney and Kevin

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Hahhaaha that one didn't make it to the finals 😂😂😂😂
Wanna vote again to see who gets the 100?? Hehhee

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Nope. My vote stands. This ain't a presidential election 🤣⏮😯🤯😪

Hahhahahaa ok! Well... Lol unfortunately we cannot accept it!
But I'm sure @dfinney will feel honored hahahahahahaa

@davedickeyyall, you know a good name for a monkey when you see one! Hug. When we get monkeys they can all be named Kevin. 😉

I like Kid Kong too

If you two do not stop misspelling're gonna get spanked! Lol

@dfinney... Was that an official vote for Kid Kong?

Between spelling Monkee and dreemsteem correctly I am always gonna be trouble!

Yes. Officially voting for Kid Kong

Wait.. who's spanking the monkey?🤣

Kid kong... (Navel chest spunkee...😁 watch him closely...😬 story tells that he got the name because of his..... )

Hehhehee thanks for your vote !!! Will announce who wins on Thursday

erm... I think I'm gonna go with Preston.

...just to contradict all those who have already voted and commented on this post. ;p

hahahahaha such a rebel! LOL i'm sure @dkkarolien will be happy! LOL

Me a rebel? nononono ¡No Way!

LoL :)

😂 😂 😂 Even at that.. Thank you

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I vote for Chubbles !!!

this is going to be a fight to the finish!!! 3 in the lead and i'm not sure how the votes are distributed!!! hehehe but - its gotta be close! :)

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Can I vote for Bamanaman?

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Yep.. Jan voted for his own hehehe

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K then that's my pick😋

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Okey dokey!

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Well hello there miss!!!! Lolololol thanks for the visit... And the vote! Hehe

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Chubbles all the way

thanks for your vote! :)

I like...


thank you for your vote :) i'll announce the winner at PYPT in 2 hours hehehe

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@eveningart's story was awesome, so I vote for her name! 💙

thank you! hehehehe the votes are SO close!!! i haven't finished tallying - but it is SO close

HAHAHAHA, Bamanaman is awesome, but I'll vote for:

lol, thanks for sharing on #pypt :D

ok @fraenk - i'm tallying the votes!!!! are you suuuuuuure you want to stick with that??? your vote can make a HUGE difference as to who wins??? its SO close among the top 3 LOL

ok ok... if it's actually making a difference, then I shall reconsider.

I don't know why... but I had to scroll though your post 3 times to realize the finalists are the names in that image... it's so obvious, maybe it was too obvious for me :P

anyways, under these circumstances I'll pick:

I mean, I really like Bamanaman but the poor fellow is just going to have his name misspelled all the time.

hehehehehe yeah i thought it would be cute to show how they would look when they won - so you could get the FULL effect :)

ok!!! your vote has been tallied! :) thanks!

My little one says "Esteban the Treasure Monkey"

Art is a treasure and that art seems to be having fun with all sorts of monetary, sparkly, food and nature treasures. Good #pypt entry!

The End! ;)

alright - hehehehe now... i'll ask you the same thing i asked @fraenk...

are you sure you want to stick with one off the finalist list??? LOL cuz there is 3 at the top - and it is SO close - but your vote could make the difference to who wins!

Esteban is an AWESOME name - but you sure you want to toss your vote away? hehehe

She picks Captain Furry Pooflinger. She noted there were a lot of spunky ones but that one seemed to have the most thought put into it.

LOL youre killing me LOL

i listed all the entries - but here are the finalists LOLOLOL

(they are in the massive print on the bottom of the post. hahahahahah)

Kid Kong
Mr. Alph. A. Monkee

those are the only ones you (she) can vote on hehehehe

come on pickleman!!!!! ;)

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Hope I got my vote in on time but I only hear this evening on the #PYPT show. I vote Bamanaman by @enginewhitty. I just love how it rolls off the tongue.

it is NOT too late :) and the votes are SO unbelievably close!!!!! there are two voters that I notified can still vote in a way that makes a difference (they mistakenly voted for a name OFF the finalist list)

so - in less than 2 hours - we will find out! hehehee

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ok! vote tallied hehehehe :)

@thehive, @enginewitty, @ange.nkuru - it is SOOOOOO close between you three...
you have less than 2 hours left to get everyone you know to vote! hehehehehe

good luck :)

I only know you and Witty

I feel you, just decided to shill myself in a post 😂

that's the spirit! LOLOLOL

😂 I can tell you're enjoying this race a tad too much 🤣

whooooooo? meeeeeee? LOL

hahahahahahahhahahah then you's in trouble! LOLOLOL


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What is this? Why is this option to choose even there?
Of course banana...namnana..BA MA NA MAN WINS!

EDIT: #pypt

gimme shadeeeeeeee