Manual vote. 100% for the afromentioned issues. I hope they can seriously take your suggestion in to consideration.

On the side note, the curation window were set that way was due to the agreement within the witnesses. That however, we can see a lot of circle jerking and vote farming within the top paying witnesses. So, ask them to stop voting each other to get high payout seems like the hardest protest could ever imagine.

And don't vote comment anymore even if you can. The 20steem penalty makes everything shrink if the payout is less than 20 steem, so voting on a comment that pays out less than 20 steem, you'll be getting less curation reward despite voting the same amount of RC and VP.

Last but not least, I followed you. Please follow me back 😂😂😂 ok that didn't came up right. I was just coming over to tell you finally I get rid of a pair of my sports shoes, and I did not allow myself to buy more 😂

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And therefore, I rather GIVE steem as a gift than VOTE !tip


I've already got past that stage. Whether or not steem will survive is another story. I liked the people I'm dealing with, even the people I hate, I like. More like I liked to hate them or I hated that I like them 😂 there are assholes whom always being huge bullies, @steemcleaners is one of them. From what I see, you're probably not being in the crossfire, but bark up the wrong tree. It could be @akiraq and they shoot at the wrong person 😂 take a chill pill. Enjoy the people surrounding us, forget about the idiots. Let's see what the new government is going to do

!popcorn !shop

Ah... Pardon my Engrish. I meant THEY barked at the wrong tree 😂

And, the chill pill think, got no intention of insult at all. Was just going to ask you to chill it out 😁

To me, any change is a change, good or bad. In the end, it's just powers fighting against power, and we the crypto civilian are taking the toll regardless. Who allows the curation windows dropped to 15mins, and then 5? The top 20. Who proposed to cut the power down to 4 weeks? Again the top 20. Now with the new top 20(or 20 in one) deciding to down to 24 hours 😂 My guess is, they are(or he is) going to fork first, talk later! Apologize on the wrong expression. Engrish too powderful😅

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steemcleaners does a lot of good but they are humans, they're not always going to get things right and these are some solid suggestions. Maybe narrow their scope for abuse on the chain and double down on that instead of moving into areas that are more murky until there is a definitive strategy on how to handle it.

I downvote mostly on reward farming with bid bots and plagiarism. Circle jerks are a bit harder since they all agreed to vote up one another its still in a grey area

Particularly, why I was suddenly blacklisted after more than 2 months of inactivity!

You were probably blacklisted a long time ago and just never knew it. It's this new (software) version they just implemented that shows the red (1) next to your name that now makes it into a "scarlet letter".

Marky's pushing for a "grand-unified-master-blacklist" across all the major front-ends.

Details here,

I think the flag has the potential to be useful.

Of course it sounds like a good-idea, but these are just a bunch of self-appointed yahoos who can make exceptions for themselves and their friends at will and enforce their opinions on the rest of us with capricious and tyrannical abandon.

If the blacklists were controlled by the witnesses exclusively, then at least we'd sort of get a "vote", and we could advocate for a transparent appeals process that included some "innocent until proven guilty" procedures along with a standardized "road-to-redemption" for those found "guilty".

It's weird . Steemit encourages you to build networks and communities but when you upvote the same person alot then it's circle jerking. I have my closest people in here on auto in case I miss a post and it automatically upvotes them . I see nothing wrong with that as they are the reason I am in here. All this stuff turns me away from the platform and attracts me to the others . Voice for example are in beta . There is no auto voting. Great. No bots. Great . So noone can break the rules without knowing. Why can't Steemit do this


Or, just decline payouts (like me!) that's all they really care about anyway (protecting their precious-magical-reward-pool-pie).

Well, I would have quit a long time ago if it wasn't for your early encouragement (comments and curation).


Also, if your upvote is below the minimum-payout (1%), you can still say "thanks" without cutting into the reward-pool-pie.

If your upvote is small (less than 0.02 steem) then it never pays out curation rewards.

If your upvote never pays out curation rewards, then you can't be accused of "vote farming", because you're not taking any "money" from the reward-pool-pie.

These vigilante groups, steemcleaners and steemflagrewards, ONLY care about "protecting" their precious-magical-reward-pool-pie.

I've spent an enormous amount of time trying to figure out why high-powered-accounts would spend so much time and effort encouraging downvoters and hunting down "low-effort-exploitative-content" and it turns out, the answer is right in their discord channel,

"Hey spam fighting neighbors! @ everyone One of our fellow spam fighting teammates came up with a great idea. # abuse-fighting-tools is your sneak peak at some of the favorite ways to discover and or smash these pesky reward pool abusers."

Strangely enough, the most consistent TOP-EARNER (total steem rewards awarded per previous 30 days) is steemcleaners. The more downvotes people make, the bigger slice of the reward-pool-pie gets shoveled into the mouths of the TOP-EARNERS (that's how the reward-curve is designed, 80% of the pool goes to the top 20% of TOP-EARNERS).

So, as long as you don't cut into their private reward pool, they'll most likely focus their attention on more profitable targets.

Yeah, I try to "follow the rules" to the best of my ability (I upvote a lot of low rep accounts, I'll have to see if I can get an "official" ruling on that). When you read the "appeals" you see people getting downvoted for stuff like saying "veganism made me sick" and for posting-public domain images without attribution-links and for making "low-effort-posts" like posting pictures of their dog.

I wonder (out loud) how long it will take for you to be banned and blacklisted. It has to be coming, right?

Well, up to this point, the downvoters still appear to believe they're "reasonable" so I try to reason with them.

I believe declining payouts also gives me some "cover" (but not immunity).

On my very first encounter with steemcleaners ( when I asked them why the heck "the original author" (me) would care if anyone re-posted their stuff they told me "why don't you just decline-payouts?" which struck me as odd, I didn't even know what they were talking about! That post only earned 0.04 steem anyway and it was only my 4th post evar! I didn't know what a "discord" was, I didn't know what "rules" I'd "broken", I didn't know who "steemcleaners" was or how the rep system worked.

May I ask why you're voting for the Tron witnesses?

Would be less damaging than jeopardizing Steem as we know it to just not vote on any witnesses at all but okay. Sorry didn't have time to read the post.

Every vote counts vs stake that was promised to never be used for voting. I'm sorry you feel that way but I've had a lot of sleepless nights this week just trying to catch up with everything going on here. If you feel offended that I didn't have the time to read this post this time around then I could say I feel offended of all your previous posts I've read and manually curated for you to turn against what I believe is the communities well being.

Fantastic post. You got a new follower for this one. Keep it up, we need more people like you here.

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