Justin Sun Thwarted - A White Knight saves the Steem stolen by HF0.23 by sending to Bittrex.

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What an amazing turn of events!

They will make a movie about this one day.

All Steem's human witnesses got cold feet about HF 0.23 - perhaps after my legal letter warning that HF 0.23 was theft.

Justin Sun then used the @dev365 account with massive Steem he controls to appoint 20 sock puppet witnesses to force through HF 0.23.

HF 0.23 goes through and all the stolen funds are transferred to the @community321 account as planned.

But then a White Knight intervenes and immediate sends all these funds to @bittrex with the memo:

"These are funds stolen by the Steem witnesses using HF23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork :)"

Screen Shot 20200520 at 17.15.10.png

Bittrex had closed deposits and withdrawals earlier today.

20 minutes later @community321 sent a message to Justin Sun: "Stealing is Bad" in Korean!

Screen Shot 20200520 at 18.05.49.png

The White Knight thought this through well.
Q: Where can you send the stolen funds that is safe from another hard fork by Justin's sock puppets?
A: To an exchange that can be trusted. Justin wouldn't dare steal Bittrex's funds.

@jpbliberty will now be writing to Bittrex on behalf of those who had their funds stolen requesting their return to the original owners and suggesting a mechanism for clear proof of ownership.

It is clear that Justin Sun is so technically incompetent that he he did not maintain exclusive control of the keys for @community321.

It reminds me of the mad Roman Emperor Caligula being murdered by his own Praetorian Guards.
This is what happens to all tyrants - their own inner circle turns on them.


This is amazing.

One thing must not be missed though: HF23 was completed. And it was completed in a way that proves that it was planned and controlled by Justin Sun. This means these funds were forcefully removed from their rightful owners. That they were returned by this Ninja-act does not change the fact that THIS WAS THEFT.

If I was you, I would still push legally and bring his ass in front of a judge.

That's true, even if the funds are recovered and returned, the theft did happen as intended. And it WAS theft, outright and clear.

도둑질은 나빠요

best day ever.

And what a great reference to Caligula @jpbliberty!

i see florentin, i like

Remember IF Justin got cold feet about this theft maybe he is the white hat. Just putting a possible scenario out there.

Why would he send a memo to himself saying "Stealing is bad" in Korean then?

to fool everybody?? but it is more likely to be a korean white hat i admit. You just cant make this stuff up.

Why go through with HF0.23 at all?
Justin Sun is running all 20 Steem witnesses.
He could have removed the stealing bit from the HF0.23 code.

Someone call Netflix to make a documentary about all the crazy shenanigans that happened in the last few months please

lol, with morgan freeman voice :)

Seriously someone in the arts TV space should write a screenplay and pitch this.

Since the beginning of steemit there has been drama.

Just when you think things can't get any crazier....

That’s the fist gif that I see here. I wished that it would be for a good reason. Feeling a little bit unsecured.

How did they gain control of the wallet?
Is this an indication that one is not solely in control of their keys when they create an account?

It means that they were incompetent. There are three posibilities:

  • More than one person had access to the private keys and one of them disagreed with stealing funds.
  • The account was created by anonsteem, the owner of anonsteem kept a copy of the private keys.
  • The owner of the community321 account was/is a double agent.

Either way it shows that the people running the hardfork/theft don't know anything about account security.

The account was created by anonsteem, the owner of anonsteem kept a copy of the private keys.

That's a possibility, although I don't think that to be likely.

Then the story would become crazier than crazy.
So better always change your private keys, but is there a really secure way for it?

@anonsteem created the @community321 account 12 days ago.

However, shortly before the Steem HF23, community321 appears to have changed the keys in https://steemd.com/tx/e6d0d03d4d3c8e2d05f7d636a13f2a4422e0b52b (10 minutes prior to the fork):

If Sun changed the keys, this would indicate anonsteem was not behind the STEEM rescue. However, it's possible anonsteem could have submitted this account update transaction, which would mean Sun is now unable to transact with community321. @onthewayout does that make sense?

Pretty interesting.
So, essentially, if an account is created by a third party application or website, they could possibly have access to the keys?

You should ALWAYS change your keys, regardless of how you get them.

We can't stress this enough.

It's possible but we would have to see the code that is being used on the web page. If it is open source and we can review that the keys are generated locally on the users browser then it's unlikely. However if the user receives the keys by other means (like email) then it is possible for the third party to keep a copy of the keys.

The published open source code (if there is any) may not be the actual code that runs the web site. Also, the owners of the site can change the code at any time, and there is no way for us to know what code was used at the time of creation of community321 account.

That's the problem with trusting webapps, and it applies to any web application that asks for keys (steemit.com, steemitwallet.com etc. — they too could have been temporarily compromised at some point in the past).

That is true, only if you inspect the code running on a web app can you have some security but not everyone has the necessary knowledge to do it.

Las dapp de terceros deben enfatizar a los nuevos usuarios el cambio de sus llaves una vez realizado el registros.

Pero quizás esto es inseguro también...

Justin Sun probably got someone else to open the @community321 account because he is not technically competent.
That person kept a copy of the keys.

Probably just emailed it to a group. Or pasted it in a chat. Or something incompetent like that.

@heimindanger That is racist mate. Not all Chinese are that incompetent. Do you hear people saying that all Germans are Hitler? NO!

OMG the more I read about Sun the more I realize what piece of Sit!!

Justin wouldn't dare steal Bittrex's funds.

Are you sure ! This shit just gets crazier and crazier; I would not rule anything out lol

Anything is possible, but would Justin risk Bittrex delisting Steem and also Tron in retaliation?
Also, Bittrex have the resources to make sure criminal proceedings are brought against Justin Sun for theft.

Seems the money won't be gone after all, thanks to you. Steem and Hive will be in the headlines again.

good point!

I know - I wouldn't put it past him. He probably thinks he doesn't need Bittrex.

Good luck getting Bittrex to return them!! Just because there is a memo doesn't mean anything. Most likely those funds will be locked up for many years until a court battle or something? Will Bittrex's lawyers let them do anything? This is a crazy twist!! wow!! Everybody should just give each other their coins, quit making so much drama and get along! This is the stupidestthing I have ever heard!! I was hoping they were going to send them all to me!! wtf!!! U all suck!! (HIVE & STEEM)!! lolz!~!

도둑질은 나빠요

spam this shit all over steem yo 🤣🤣🤣

"Do you like Justin Sun or you just want to fuck him?"

Fuck him. Even his friends. Even when he pays them.

People like Justin Sun don't have friends, just paid flunkies and yes men that hate him.

It seems to me that you can already start making a film or series about the STEEM / HIVE confrontation

Lol. For real?

Ok, everyone on Twitter should know about this.

Damn I should make a troll contest about him now that everyone’s funds will be safe(?)

And the best part is that they’ll have their funds available faster than anyone else. Hahahaha. Love it

had not thought of that. Everyone waiting for the power down and they will have all their money before 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we need the movie in hollywood

Wow! This entire circus is so convoluted and bizarre... Hollywood's got nothing on this story... this is priceless!

And this story needs to be spammed all over twitter and the crypto news channels.

And I'm guessing your letters @apshamilton probably were that one snowflake that's needed to dislodge an entire avalanche.

Yeah! I hope Hive is mentioned in all the stories. All publicity is GOOD publicity! So far it's just STEEM going up the past few days.

What a roller coaster! I believe your letters had something (a lot) to do with some witnesses stepping down. This is history happening right here.

Why did Justin sun do such a thing? Isn't this stealing people's right?

because he thinks he can, and he is full of himself

"Who was that masked man? or woman? We didn't get to thank him."

I thought it was you. Ninja tactics!

Thanks for explaining what happened, in layman's terms.

Wow, this just got weirder, eh? Makes me wonder if it's even real, or was some of this scripted beforehand? Perhaps only reality could be this bizarre.


"The White Knight thought this through well.
Q: Where can you send the stolen funds that is safe from another hard fork by Justin's sock puppets?"

Woops! That didn't age well, did it? Predictably, Bittrex doesn't want to touch the funds, which are basically a legal hot potato, nor will they do what was asked (return them to the 64 rightful owners). The White Knight didn't think that through well at all.

The convivial atmosphere suddenly turns into a nightmare for Justin and Co.

What a turn around.....in a hindsight the contour of events complete a full circle. I hope the 64 beneficiaries get their fund back.


You can't make this shit up....

What a storyline :D

In the end this white knight saves Justin Sun from going criminal :-)

Well Justin is still a criminal for stealing the funds.
The White Knight returned them but the original crime remains.

Ah ok, thanks. I thought the act of stealing hadn't been done yet.

Bittrex had their deposit and withdrawal suspended since yesterday but I guess, sending to them without any memo would just leave it with them so that our guys can get it back ?

They sent it with a memo. The memo was "These are funds stolen by the Steem witnesses using HF23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork :)"

I raised a query with Bittrex about what will happen if someone deposits when the wallet is offline, and this was their response. So I think, Bittrex will definitely act in favor of the justice. This memo makes sure, it does not go to any individual account and stays with Bittrex.


HF24 soon? hahah

Won't help them unless they fork out a major exchange!

Such a big mess! So amateurish!

It's worth well thought out, really I think sending to a place like binance or huobi might have been not good. But I guess Justice will be done to all these funds

Hopefully. I'll like to see justice done as quick as possible 😎

I am looking forward to the screenplay. This shit is classic.

Wowzers, this is impressive stuff! Good guys do win in the end 😊

Interesting turn of events.

I was also thinking, or could this have also been a plot by Justin Sun just to shyly save his damaged reputation 🤣🤣

If that was the case he wouldnt send a memo to himself saying "Stealing is bad"

😂😂 There are no limit to what a Man can think of when it comes to justifying himself.

Thoughtful, that wasn't the case

Hope Justin get back to own feet and get some sound sleep...😄😄😄

And if all goes well, may be everyone also receive the Blut tokens as a good will gesture as well - hard fork of which was done earlier by https://twitter.com/BlurtOfficial

This is epic. But the funds are (for now at least) still in the @bittrex account on the Steem blockchain. Sun could try an emergency HF24 to grab them, but would likely screw the pooch with that too.

Can’t wait to see the news coverage of this.

He could, but I think even his inner supporters would abandon him if he did that. And he would be eaten up by lawyers. He has really forked himself good.

This is so amazing. As if Justin or whoever may have planned the hard fork was too stupid to keep the private key safe. What a tard.

Closing withdrawals and deposits means that they don’t have another choice.. which is stupid 😂 It is absolutely fun.

This is entertainment you can't pay for.

Awesome twist in a tale

Lolz...justin should dive from rooftop now

HOLY SHIT WTF:D what a time to be alive...:DDD

it will be a movie someday, really amazing.
what will justin do now? 😁😁😁

This is insane

Oh hilarious, what a turn of events but this wont save Steem/Tron any more, the whole takeover is just getting more and more ridiculous 😂

Brilliant, what a turn of events. Sun Justin must be the criminal laughing stock of the crypto world by now, surely. Who in their right minds would trust anything he is involved in?

I hope he has been facepalming, saying "Doh!", and sobbing, alternately for the past several hours. And I hope that goes on for a few days. That little creep is a villain.

just... WOW!

This really nice... Nothing to say... Just WOW.

Still shaking my head in (excited) disbelief.

I'm pissing myself laughing. Best action ever.


jeeeez this is an amazing outcome! This would save everyone. Justin's move was miserable and that it would have affected everyone of this community too. I am so happy for all the people that had to face this shit in person. Thanks White Knight this new made my day!

Yeah! It would be sweet if we could have got ALL Sun's dirty tokens, not just the ones he stole most recently. Then we could distribute them to all the good peoples of Hive :)

absolutely agreed! My only intention is to power up in HIVE. I would have done so if I have had all my belonging tokens back!

Very interesting

Its so funny haha

next step talk to bittrex so they can dump those

This has really made me laugh. Would you trust this guy with your funds? He will either steal them or lose them.

Justin is chinese he is not korean i dont think.

Any filmmakers here wanna collab to write/make a film on this whole Sun, Steem, Hive situation?

New game of thrones only crypto style.

Karma is a bitch ;)


This is really starting to heat up.

I would consider it as Justin's plan if bittrex doesn't transfer the funds to their original account.

Once a thief, always a thief and with this Steem is doomed to fall down. Rise and join the HIVE revolution!

I'm still loving and dancing...

!BEER for the white knight

and a great evening for all of you

This is hilarious. It's steem heist on it own

Time to dump the Steem.

Sadly one needs to power down first. Wait — that was reduced to 4 weeks with HF 23…

In the case of the users whose money was taken by the fork, they need not power down at all

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Now that is a turn of events! I wouldn't be surprised if Justin Sun and Jack Ma try to buy out Bittrex.

muy interesante lo que te esplayaste en este post, espero ver mas de tus publicaciones, gracias.

Was wowed before I went to sleep, and even f**king dreamt about it, lol! I would call this the grandest day in crypto history ever!

@darkflame @rawbe @phusionphil this is so very fun. I am happy I joined Hive after the fork.

Yo, huge shoutout to that random Korean!

This is so incredibly satisfying; I can't even.

Or justinscum falling on his own sword?

Inept? Yes
Incompetent? Very.
Liar? Proven Time and time again.

Justin is the worst partner. Hive is glad to ditch him.

hoping the community set the legal action on this kind of matter.
hence the event is so serious on a legal basis.
what should the community action on this?
Hoping that the Steem community will unite to pursue legal
actions on the person who committed crimes, not only on the community itself but also to the legit owners of the accounts.

(as we called it thief of the night)

hi this is mrblu ^_^ hoping this kind of issue will resolve as soon as possible.

That's a good news though 👌😊

Completely unexpected and comical turn of events. Not sure how they are going to backpedal out of this one. As always, don't trust anyone with your keys and if using a service like anonsteem, change keys immediately after taking the account!

Justin sun is such a scam. I don't know how people still trust the man 😒

Justin Sun then used the @dev365 account with massive Steem he controls to appoint 20 sock puppet witnesses to force through HF 0.23.

When did he put the sock puppets back in? I thought I saw the current humans all running 0.23 the evening before the fork executed (justyy, steemchiller etc). I mean, technically the current witnesses are all sock puppets, but I didn't see all of those other new fake account puppets pop up to the top. Maybe I missed it.

Here is a screen shot of the Steem witness list immediately before the hard fork. https://archive.is/sEiHH

Apart from justy steemchiller & dlike the rest of the witnesses are Justin Sun controlled sock puppets. You can see it from the lack of posts and participation of these accounts as well as their newness.

@themarkymark spotted changes to sock puppets before the fork and posted about it here: https://peakd.com/fraud/@themarkymark/steemit-inc-releases-statement-prior-to-stealing-funds-with-hf23

@fredrikka also posted about it

Thanks for posting those links. After I commented here, I went and had a look at dev365's witness voting activity log and confirmed what you have written.

Is Jack Ma really Justin Suns father?

This is just wild.

I agree, this has all the elements of a hi-tech, Hollywood suspense-action movie. The plot is exciting, the characters seem perfect enough, the twists and turns all fall in the right place. I wonder who will play the lead roles? Maybe Byung-hun Lee as the Korean White Knight, but what about J Sun? lol