@haejin claims he only self-votes his posts because he gets flagged...

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I ask...what about the other $150+ in rewards already on every single post from a single voter?

The posts aren't hidden.

He's still getting $150+ per post.

He doesn't upvote anyone else (88%+ self votes - see steemworld) .

It seems to me like he's only here to reward himself.

Now, I'm not totally against self-voting, but this leech is doing absolutely nothing for any of you. Why won't he just admit he's here to be a leech, rather than pretending to give a shit about Steem? He's made it obvious with his constant lies about not being here for the rewards, yet his behavior indicates otherwise.

@haejin, you are a liar and you are here to leech from this community rather than help build it.

Prove me wrong.

Everyone can monitor the progress of @haejin's self-voting here on steemworld.

Do you have stories of @haejin flagging you for no reason? Please, share them below.

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He has also flagged a lot of people in "self defense" yet I never flagged him once.

Yet he flagged me personally for thousands of dollars with his $80 - $300 flags all because I showed some screenshots from steem.supply.

Hi, it looks like an interesting app in the picture. Is it somewhere on the web? If so, can you provide a link?

YOU only put forth a fabricated (period to a comma) payout report back around November of last year. That's all. Hence were flagged! How you conveniently leave out self incriminating details!

Why are you still spreading this lie? I encourage any of your followers to do their own research into it. It is irrefutable.

There was nothing fabricated, it was a bug in Steem.supply, which I disclosed when it was found (and fixed by the owner of the site), in the end, it didn't matter the number was still accurate when a full week of data was available. Which I also proved many times.

So to sum up, it's 88% self-voting and 12% annoying people with malicious flags.

Along with with 99.9% self-voting with @rachorelaxo $4.5m account.

Your technical analysis only contribute content of arguable quality to Steem. Steem is not so much about content as most people think, it's a whole ecosystem that need resources and people to expand and improve.

Should you ever want to divest, you will figure out very quickly that you not only destroyed value but also didn't create strong enough liquidity to support your sell orders.

Be greedy @ranchorelaxo and do the right thing.

In the meantime, there is another interesting guy. You will love it!
Don't be too surprised: Guy's comment section.

Yeah... I'm still facepalming.

wow so much cringe

Ahahaha, told you :D

wait so i can make myself rich??

Yea go buy a few millies worth of steem, write 10 posts a day and 100% vote for urself. Go do it yourself. However be k with the fact that ur millies may lose 80-90% of its value fairly often.

Still want to so it?

If so we would really like that cuz ur bump us all up. Problem for u is after u buy, the price is likely to tank

That's like saying if you bought 16 steem at $1 a piece and then one steem skyrockets to $500 each you're sitting at 8 grand happily upvoting and sharing the love, then it drops to 4 grand (a typical 50% tank when it comes to crypto) so you decide "I have to upvote myself 100% now and stop voting on others because I gotta think about my ROI" Sorry guys, ROI. My income is cut in half so I'm losing money now.

We can assume this will be a rinse and repeat, bull run to $1000 [shares the love] then a 50% tank "sorry guys ROI". This is essentially what all these self voters are doing. I've seen people say "It's costing me to upvote others so everyones getting dust from now on and im 100% myself".... what?

I'm fairly certain rancho got in dirt cheap, and I'd say 99% of haejins account value came directly from rancho's upvotes. So claiming ROI is absolute garbage, because the account is worth more than any investment he put in.

That's really not how any of this works. If it is, then the Welcome Page is completely wrong and is false advertisement.

You should probably read the article and the comment you commented on. Only two ways you can become "rich" on Steemit. Either post quality content and over time you will help the community grow and get recognized for it. Or just have a bunch of whales upvote you. But that's not the point of this community. If you had 250k in steem you could make good daily money upvoting yourself but the community will flag you. As you can see haejin is one who gets hated on a lot for this very reason. But has more whales on his side so he still makes 150 per post every time. Hopped this helped.

What kind of commitment would you like to take toward that @haejin?

I think something fair would be that we both delegate an equal amount % of SP to @sadkitten Which counters self-upvotes in order of % without caring about the amount of SteemPower and see onto who @sadkitten gets to first.

Edited,: Originally suggested to merge rancho's account with your self-votes but @sadkitten project would never manually discriminate by grouping accounts together.

Edit: Why are you hiding this comment @haejin?

I never understood the war on @haejin until recently. I have only been a member of Steemit for almost four months (111 days to be specific) and I have been trying my absolute hardest to succeed on this platform by writing quality content and giving back to the platform through upvotes, resteems and encouraging comments.

I am trying to be one of the good guys, one of the few who are writing content to try and improve this place. I am not publishing photos of flowers with no captions and spending $500 on bots to get them to trending. Or writing spam pieces like Jerry Banfield is.

And then yesterday I received my first Haejin flag. I am not a power user, I am not rich and my posts only recently started making me $1+ thanks to some great community initiatives like @teamaustralia who have helped me immensely.

Haejin claims that he never downvotes for no reason. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post titled, Proposal: rename Steemit to Haejinit. I didn't attack Haejin, but I didn't sugarcoat the damage he is doing to this site. Well, Haejin flagged it.

I only just reached the 49 reputation mark on Steemit and flags from Haejin hurt for a plankton like me. And I thought it was completely unjustified, Haejin censored a post that wasn't favourable to him and didn't even have the audacity to write a comment explaining why.

Are you aware of an account called @starjuno ? They then went and flagged a bunch of my comments on the post as well as flagging comments I have left on other posts. This account seems to exist to resteem and upvote Haejin's content, is it a Haejin bot and are you aware of it?

Do you have any advice for me @berniesanders ? What can a newbie to Steemit do to stop being brigaded by the likes of Haejin and his bot accounts? I don't know what I did wrong other than poke fun at the rampant abuse. Is this what Haejin wants, to silence people?

I won't let it discourage me, but I wish there was help out there because I have spoken to others who have been flagged by Haejin and associated accounts before and for seemingly no valid reason.

How many people has Haejin pushed away from this platform because of flagging? It's damaging and in the long-run, it'll damage this platform and stop it growing.

He's a very hypocritical beast, that's for sure. Do your best to avoid him. @starjuno is one of his alternate accounts. His time will come, just stay clear of him for now.

His time will come

How do you imagine that? He's got an army of loyal slaves-asskissers and bots AND also has a shitton of SP. Your crusade on this parasite is admirable, but let's face it, your rep is -15, and his is the highest on the platform. The rot and corruption goes on. The communal effort at flagging won't damage him much, too. I really hope I'm wrong and that somebody (preferably time itself) proves me wrong.

The "army of loyal slaves" has minimal affect on his rewards. It all comes from himself.

Every day he can keep his practices going. It will be harder to put a halt to them.

Thanks @berniesanders - I appreciate your efforts to try and extinguish the dumpster fire that has been raging here for a while now. I hope to support the cause by buying some SP soon and then delegating it towards the effort to turn things around here. I assumed it was one of his accounts, considering all they do is flag anyone who speaks a bad word and resteem his "TA".

I have hope that one day the issues with the platform will be resolved or minimised, I am not sure how or when, but hope is all we have for the moment and it's reassuring to know that people such as yourself want to fix the issues (even if it is an uphill battle).

The question is why doesn't STINC do something about it?
I'm all for self-governing society where social trends direct the flow of power, but when power and reputation can be bought, the umbrella (STINC) needs to lend a guiding hand to steer the ship in the right direction.

Maybe the answer is to have community backed moderators, almost like the Witnesses where the community elects a number of moderators who can help guide the system, not for rewards but for fairness.
But then again that's also corruptible and can get used for evil.

capitalism and democracy are incompatible

Minnows should stay well clear of this war - we haven't any power and will just get crushed in the process. Leave it to the whales.

In the meanwhile, if you see someone who doesn't deserve it getting votes, don't flag them, instead upvote someone else. The amount of steem distributed in a 24 hour period is fixed, so your upvote for someone else has the same effect as flagging the bad guys in that it redistributes the steem. And this way you won't be at risk of being flagged yourself and will make the day of the noob you have upvoted!

It doesn't have the same effect. A $0.10 upvote for someone else won't take $0.10 away from haejin.

It does have the same effect. The pool of steem is fixed. So a $0.10 flag on haegin's post has the same effect as a $0.10 upvote for someone else. So don't bother flagging, just upvote someone else.

That's not correct. If I flag haejin (or anybody else) his rewards are directly reduced by the exact amount of my vote's worth.

Upvoting someone else rewards that person at the expense of everybody else. Downvoting someone rewards everybody else at the expense of that single individual.

Proof: When @thing-2 upvoted you, haejin's rewards remained the same...because the .25 was spread across all current claimants on Steem for the day. If it were a downvote for haejin, haejin's rewards would be .25 less.

Here's another way to put it:

A downvote means that I believe the rest of the community should have a greater say in reward pool distribution than than the user who upvoted haejin. This is my basic rationale for why I flag him. He is mindlessly and indiscriminately upvoted by a single individual who has never given any reason for doing so. It is my belief that Steemians as a whole show better discretion than that guy and therefore should be allotted a greater weight when it comes to reward pool distribution.

Of course he wants to silence people.

He is (in my very not-humble, better-than-him, opinion) a middle-brow, low-rent, high-falutin, financially illiterate huckster who provides unfalsifiable Barnum Statement non-advice advice to vulnerable poor people.

If he believes what he’s selling, he’s a new-age pseudo-scientific drivel peddling weirdo.

If he doesn’t believe what he’s selling, he’s a charlatan.

A flag from him should only be salubrious for your mental health.

You should wear it like a badge of honor.

I certainly would.

just admiring the use of language....eloquent albeit sharper then the chedder i enjoy occasionally

If anyone write anything that haejin thinks is negative towards him.... he will downvote you. Then he will start to downvote all of your blog post. That is how he is. He is a bigger snowflake than Hillary Clinton.

we need more people like you. not just on the platform but in the world. stay cool bro

Not to mention his "technical" analysis is the opposite of technical, it is useless garbage that is almost always wrong, except when he occasionally gets lucky. It makes Steemit and cryptocurrencies in general look terrible to see horoscope-esque garbage like that on this website.

I've said it before: If Haejin's "analysis" was even slightly accurate on average for long periods of time, he wouldn't have to upvote himself nonstop to generate income, he could just take his own assets and become wildly rich off of cryptocurrency predictions.

Really sorry that ur not the only dude who gets to self vote and get all the rewards.

He flags me for speaking out against him, and disagreeing with his potential rewards. Lately he's been hitting my posts at 7 days so no one can upvote them to undo the damage, removing around 300$ in the last week.

Does it scare me from speaking out? Not a chance. The more flags he gives us the less he can give to himself. Keep em coming, besides @haejin... #youflaglikeabitch.

Youre a badass Lyndsay

I'm glad to see you haven't given up yet either @brandonk.

Your technical analysis only contribute content of arguable quality to Steem. Steem is not so much about content as most people think, it's a whole ecosystem that need resources and people to expand and improve.

He downvoted @mikefromtheuk from reputation 44 to reputation -1. As the highest rep users of Steem he stands to be a dictator. I recommend changing reputation and downvoting such that we remove the rule that says that lower reputation people cannot reduce the reputation of higher reputation people as I outlined here.

orca-image-1524723108058.jpg_1524723108305.jpeg Photo found in Google then I edited it.

I'm that man that is leaving. Registered on steemit around one year ago and now I sure that there is any good incentives to go further with steemit

It's hard to grow here in steemit. Only those who have a high reputation gets the upvote and you're lucky if someone (whale or dolphin) resteem you or upvote you. But my friend don't go yet, there are a lot of steemians that aims to help minnows like us, they aim to make steemit great :)

It is not the mater of growing but the fact that there is something interesting on steemit. Have you seen the post?!! Only analysis similar to haejin that are not interesting to anyone or what people think about this or that coin, on in best cases photo contest with photos copy paste form internet.
Steemit is a platform for someone like haejin that come here to invest money and to make more money not for us.

I have a solution for situations like this.

We create a web app that users can SteemConnect to. If their account has a reputation over 55 and they have at least 1000 SP they get a vote on what to do in a situation like this. (That should limit gaming the system too much) If the majority of those Steemians feel that the problem should be dealt with then the Witnesses and other high powered accounts will be asked to carry out systematic flagging to limit the abuse as much as possible instead of turning a blind eye.

If the witnesses don't carry out the communities wishes then they risk having witness votes taken away.

Nice solution! Did it work? If we all cooperate we can stop the abuse and make steemit great.

If all witnesses would agree, we could also send all his Steempower to @null with a simple code change and witness node upgrade. But I'am most certain that this would be most controversial and there wouldn't be consensus on this.

Woah -15... Not far to go!


im starting to like you more and more, haha.
its nice to see you do care about the platform.


I'm taking the risk of commenting here because the very first post I had seen on my joining here on steemit was about haejin and berniesanders. I just recently reached the reputation level 50 after doing a lot of hardwork for last 3 months. I know mere one flag of you the people would be enough to destroy me from steemit forever.

I understand that haejin has invested a lot of fiat money here on steemit and hence tries to make the good profit out of it. I guess he is the only person having the reputation 79. Downvotes doesn't seem to prevent him from making what he want. I thought he is the most powerful guy here but later on I found that some inert accounts like @steemit and all holds unimaginable amount of steem power. Would someone who read this comment tell me in what way those big accounts are helpful for us? Are they delegating SPs to newbies? I don't really know it.
(Please don't flag me)

steemit is a founders account. huge value from the ninja pre-mine where the founders made themselves rich with the initial allocation of steem. it is one piece of the taint that you smell when you are on steemit, lots of unseemly crap in the background, and you'll slowly discover some of the salacious details

@haejin hasn't invested a cent, unless you are saying that @ranchorelaxo and @haejin are the same person.

Dear @berniesanders, your post is absolutely right, look at it: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/steemit.com
For the first time popularity of Steemit is going down, i think you understand the reason why....

Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending. anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

knowlagable post keep it on

His TA isn't good in this bear market anyways...

so you think hisTA has any value in an up market? shit is shit no matter which way the market is moving

As a newbie without the slightest idea of what was happening in the community, I once made a comment in favor of @haejin thinking he was been victimised. I even followed him just to show support. But after I did my research, my opinions of him changed.

Yesterday, I posted an article because of the actions of @haejin and his likes, and I posed a question: "Is the tragedy of the commons playing out in Steemit?" I'm afraid the answer is yes and one of the solutions I proferred was that Steemians should always check and call out fellow Steemians who are acting for their own selfish reasons and not for the good of the community.

I absolutely agree that Haejin does not care about building Steem i would not tell him that though because he has been downvoting a lot of innocent by-standers so to speak.

I don't understand that whole war against this guy. I am either not questioning content he provide. There are severals guys submiting photos what they eat, made by phone and earning their $$$ in less then 15 minutes that you can't get curation reward from it. As far as i remember haejin pumps his posts later to allow users to at least participate in curation process...

Bernie, you can not heal Steem alone. But with the help of others ...

  • Create a program for anonymous pool reward rape reporting
  • Wait until tomorrow, at most Saturday :P

My favorite part of Steemit is to communicate with others and build this platform to kill all other social media sites. Obviously everyone likes to get paid but it's the people I'm here for to make friendships around the world..... God Bless

Very nice and knowlagable post keep it on !!!

I wrote a post about that here, https://steemit.com/steemit/@stranded/upvote-your-own-post-to-vote-or-not-to-vote some biggies also vote up their own posts.

But, do they also upvote others? @haejin doesn't. That's the point. He upvotes other people 12% of the time, 88% goes to himself.

Most of that 12% is just him voting his soldiers and countering flags.

What's the bet those accounts belong to himself.

You are talking about the responsibility that every "big one" have with the community. Because being big is very relevant. And you're supposed to work with the community that MADE YOU big...

Nice topic to discuss herewith us, we are work as well as socially connected here with each other, its a matter alot if big ranks holder supports to lower ranks one, i think if big one upvoting lower one, its a basic theme of steemit

You got a 15.42% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @bittrex!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!


The solution is to FORK Steem, build a half decent, better version of Steemit and LEAVE OUT the stake of all the greedy, scumbag, liar, leeches, along with a significant proportion of "Steemit's" stake.

I wonder if you see yourself as one of those who might best be left out Bernie. Your behaviour in the past cannot be forgotten.

Yea, great idea, let’s let the scum just continue to build up...

I know you've been doing a lot lately to try to counter the parasites. I just wish I understood more about your motives. Large parts of your history confuse me. Despite the enduring history within blockchains, I hope we can all give each other the chance to start over. Anyway keep fighting I guess. There is much worth salvaging here, sadly I think it's too late and people will move to better social media dapps.

You know the only solution is to broaden the distribution right? Of course you do.

Yeah, let's put more Steem in the hands of the poor bottom feeders that are forced to sell everything they earn so they can put dinner on the table. Sure, great idea. Or, we could attract investors who actually have money and could do something with Steem?

Nah, you're right, let's give it to the poor schlubs...

There is an ocean of difference between what you are suggesting and what would improve Steem. You know this, but for whatever reason, you seem to prefer to be obtuse. None of it matters anyway. Steem has taken on the character it deserves. We'll do better hopefully elsewhere. Lucky schlubs hey?!

I am not against self-votes but when all you do is upvote yourself and flag others, that is where I have a challenge with.

I think it's high time people get it that steemit is for all and not just you.

Give to receive and not just kiss your own ass.

Thanks for all you do here @berniesanders

That's exactly what most of the big shot on the platform now do indirectly, upvoting themselves while living the minors at the same level forgetting that even the lowest of us all make up the community.

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @berniesanders, thank you for sharing.

I've become a victim of Haejin and his dummy accounts, everything I do here gets flagged, I have no way of rectifying my rep until he stops.

Creo que aqui debemos ayudarnos todos ya que de esta plataforma se saca para sustentar el sueldo que se gana en un empleo normal.
Claro necesitamos buen contenido pero no hay muchos que lo den o si los hay no son muy conocidos o sus post se puerden en el mar de steemit

With great power comes great responsibilty.

He only has 1 of these

I am not on either side here. But did he not pay for that responsibility out of his own pocket?

Yeah that is true.

Well, i tried to be inspirational and i failed.


:) I still love that quote

What a despicable thing to do

Hi, I am new here, how can I check if my post got flagged?

People like that needs to be banned.

Self voting is bad? on reddit it automatically self up-votes you. That's like literally built into the system over there. And on steemit you can click to have it default to "self up-vote." This is more of an issue of the "weighted voting" that I dislike than people upvoting themselves, which isn't inherently wrong.

That's saying "I like my own content" why, if you didn't like your own content, WHY ARE YOU PRODUCING IT! Deal with the stupid weighted voting, don't hate on the people using it for their advantage.

It's insane how long this situation has been going on, I wish the devs would step in and just use some of their Steem Power to counter the @ranchorelaxo upvotes.

I do somehow understand @haejin and many would probably do exactly the same if they got 10x 200$ upvotes daily. The entire situation is just sad for this platform and it's not looking like it will end any time soon.

I don't get it. Why are you so hell bent on taking him down? What's your goal exactly?

As a less-than-one-week newb, I just want to know how the heck the site allows people to upvote themselves, anywhere, anytime, or how they can't/don't eliminate bots of ANY type from the site. Upvoting bots, in particular, are just a form of dishonesty, IMHO.

Seems like a couple simple fixes to me.....???

Because forbiding self vote doesnt end the problem.

Its Just as easy to create another account and upvout only your posts with It. So self vote doesnt matter.

So, what exactly, do they spend all of that time after registration and before approval, doing? Are they vetting at all?

AND...they could still outlaw/eliminate bots and severely penalize members caught employing them.

Sorry, but this won't happen. Steem Inc. doesnt get involved on what happens with the content of the platform, except to delegate SP to some projects.

All the "regulation" on the content is up to the community. Which in the end will make or break Steemit.

Bots aren't even content...they are anti-content-- sort of like anti-matter. They suck the life out of any forum they touch.

i don't understand (im new to steem) are we not allowed to upvote ourselves? do you mean he's using a second account to upvote himself?

Seniors should at least some consider for the newbies. We are loosing interest in here because of that. Please guys do some contribution do the community. Let us grow too. keeping only u live does not men everything. Giving others also make happiness. I believe that will give much more pleasure.Try it sometimes guys. Good luck and best wishes to everyone.

Actually, I quite had a problem with you. Now it makes more sense. You and about ten others downvoted the hell out of a comment I made on a haejin post when I was very new here (I guess I still am).

I often share your sentiment about this fella haejin. It makes sense now that my comment was so despised, as I think it was thanking haejin for the information that he posted.

I'm over it now that you outline it this way. I have really come to not appreciate self upvotes. I think they skew the blockchain as self-support is implied.

I remember someone a while back, @rewardpoolrape, who did the same thing.

So to sum up, it's 88% self-voting and 12% annoying people with malicious flags.

Along with with 99.9% self-voting with @rachorelaxo $4.5m account.

Your technical analysis only contribute content of arguable quality to Steem. Steem is not so much about content as most people think, it's a whole ecosystem that need resources and people to expand and improve.

Should you ever want to divest, you will figure out very quickly that you not only destroyed value but also didn't create strong enough liquidity to support your sell orders.

Be greedy @ranchorelaxo and do the right thing.

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