Self-voting of @berniesanders (35.14%) vs @haejin (93.09%)

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ANYONE can go and look for themselves. Again, @haejin is full of shit by claming I am the only self-voting. Another #haejinfact.



To all of the ignorant twats asking, all of my accounts follow @berniesanders, so yes, this does represent all of my accounts.


Why are you making me power up again? I was riding nice cup and handle wave.
Now I need new Idiot Charts, let me go make some.

Is his post racist too madafacarr??? I thought you knew where the MUTE BUTTON was?

Why are you making me power up again? I was riding nice cup and handle wave.
Now I need new Idiot Charts, let me go make some.

Is his post racist too madafacarr??? I thought you knew where the MUTE BUTTON was?

Hey @berniesanders I think you should look at this user @prameshtyagi he is abusing rewardpool by self upvoting himself and he is also using other user's content.

when you could just ignore everything and self-vote all day on your 6 days old comments.. you are the true community whale @berniesanders

I caught you. You are a lier.
It's 90.19% only😁😂😃😂😂😃😁😆

Show my account some of that 64.86% loving!! My posts can use some of bernies firrrrrrrre

With that grab attentioning self upvoted comment I think all you deserve are some nice flags dipshit

Does it work the other way around if I flag my own comment? :3

Lol is self voting frowned upon? I think its just a way to get closer to the top of the comments and why not if you have put in Steem Power then you deserve it right? But yes the comment was kind of spammy and was literally just asking for upvotes

I think it's really bad manners especially if you just beg vote. Let others decide if it should be on the top or not :)

I disagreed.

you must be so proud of yourself

Yes, I am. And it feels better than being so self-obsessed.


I like your comments, read with pleasure

Self-upvoting your own comment is the best way to show you need some big upvotes.

This has received an upvote from the @minnow-aid subscription service.

@berniesanders Jah love @calebotamus reminding you to breathe deeply and remember the goodness

hey bernie my account could use some of your "fire" too! as a content creator I can really get screwed over by flags! flags suck don't they?

There ya go. I killed your account for you.

good work son, once again you have shown you have no idea how to communicate with words and that you will flag anyone who speaks their mind :)

I'm sorry you don't like me, I know it's tough seeing you get called out on your hypocrisy!

Are you fucking kidding? Try pulling haejins cock out of your mouth and acknowledge the real post. Ignorant fucks like you deserve to be silenced.

i'm sorry about all this happeneing, i'm sorry about all the hate and rumors. I hope you calm down soon and get back on your feet. please take it easy. I do not know you and i'm not in any way up to your standards. But a minnow is begging you to take it easy. Some of us depend on steemit to live, same as those you're putting out your anger on. I beg you to calm down. Thank you.@berniesanders

When his stuff got hidden a few days ago, he stopped posting for half a day I think so he could rebuild some voting power to self vote as his take was down like 90%.

Vs @moneyinfant 8.62%

It really is a struggle here on Steemit when starting out. I can see how people may use self-voting or bid bots on themselves for great posts that they have made. But the shit posts are the ones that should not have this option, there are so many shit post accounts on here posting 4 memes a day and bid botting them to make money, it's kinda rediculous.

@bernisanders, it is imperative that I write this article for the benefit of all, there is no gainsaying that a lot needs to be done to tackle the canker worn eating deep into the fabric of this community, I need your voice on this , a resteem will help the voiceless.I am not going to be economical with the truth as I have often noticed that a lot of misadventure goes unchecked in this prestigious platform, no one is above the law.I am a an advocate same as you to the voice of the voiceless.
May posterity tell on those who feel they can do as they choose.
Yours Sincerely,
Your ardent follower.

I don't understand this, you paid for your steem power right?
The way you use it should be up to you, it's your money. A lot of people upvote themselves but it's ignored because their steem power is low. Self upvote is self upvote.
Lots of people in this comment section self upvote, regardless of how many percentage.

Use your money your own way.

Bots might be the problem, not self upvote

A lot of people upvote themselves but it's ignored because their steem power is low.

I have seen people upvote their own comments for like 0.60$ all the time and no one seems to care. I upvote mine sometimes too to get to the top of spammers even if my vote is like half of 0.01$

This kind of reaction is only directed to owners of huge voting power

Bernie hates it when lots of other people vote for content he doesn't like.

@sweetsssj is active @berniesanders and she just made a new post just responding to your previous post.

Great Sir.... Well done

Wow this is incredible...speechless.

@berniesanders (35.14%) vs @haejin (93.09%) we are really injoy this compitition Amazing boss @berniesanders

Amazing, big voting. lol


Thank you Sir Bernie for being a check valve for steemit. I love you.

@berniesanders (35.14%) vs @haejin (93.09%) we are really injoy this compitition Amazing boss @berniesanders

One of many thing I like you for, rewarding your fanbase 👍

wow! k so i am going to unfollowed the bastard, you do have a wider range of upvotes.

You actually support others to some extent.

to bad you couldn't make those fighting you work for you in some way?

Very good post

you are cool @berniesenders
although the reputation has been minus,
but your posting is always trending (y).

Whatever others say, I will still support you @berniesanders , I'm still very new here, but I think you are a true ecosystem savior (steem/steemit)

yes real way,! My posts also can use some of bernies firrrrrrrre

felicidades exito

You're not the only one who do self voting man... I admit I do self vote too.

Damn man, that's insane. I never really got into the politics on Steemit and have seen you get a lot of flak from people. It's crazy how uptight some folks can be if someone tells them some shit they don't want to hear. I personally don't see anything wrong with what you do, you tell the truth and yea no doubt it hurts like Hell to some people. Keep doing what you do brother! Great work on this article and good work suppressing rumors that people have started in attempts to quiet you.

It's a straw man. Haejin never denied upvoting himself, but he is not the one on a crusade against self-upvoting while also being one of the largest self-upvoters on the platform. It's pretty ludicrous that I even have to spell this out.

Haejin never denied upvoting himself,

No, but he has denied being affiliated with Rancho....which he very obviously is.

This whole thing is on haejin and his unfortunate inability to communicate and compromise.

If it is so obvious that haejin is affiliated with rancho, then please show your evidence.

Haejin himself speaks for his votes.

So, no evidence then. Just speculation.

do you not remember when an "agreement" was made? and bernie started flagging everyone on haejins posts 2 days later? lol

Thank u for an update. I am also upvoting myself but I'm a minnow.

Can someone please tell me what an upvote means lol... Trying to hit my wits

Aside the single pictures, single lines and memes.
What else is a bad post?

Show my account some of that 64.86% loving!! My posts can use some of bernies firrrrrrrre

Congratulations @berniesanders, this post is the sixth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superuser account holder (accounts that hold between 1 and 10 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superuser account holders during this period was 1247 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $11107.96. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

When will this end? Ah nevermind that's enjoyable 😂

Good morning brother I see you started something here I have been thinking about this when I wrote that reply yesterday and everybody likes the idea. Because we believe in you we can get this done. @berniesanders Another thing is I own a directed garment printer I can print shirts I can do embroidery as well so we should start something let’s make a movement to get @berniesanders Rep back up. Me and my roommate @suppaoutlaw we both value were not vote to as much as we can but we’re going to start something and get this thing cracking. All right brother have a good one I got to go take care something holler at You later.

Typo my roommate @bearrilla.
I am did up typing my own name Hahahhaha

Will I call this a war.. Smiles. If it's really that.
@berniesanders will definitely win it over.
Laughing.... You the best man

Yeah, that and the fact that you don't post 10 useless pieces of garbage a day...there is no comparison between you and this rapist!!

I like post

Nice post

Actually, if you include your bot accounts 80% of your upvotes come from yourself, according to the link you provided. Go ahead and downvote me if I'm right.

In a free society progress comes through debate. This is just fascism.

Yes it is since they all follow this one. Ignorant fool. Go back to jerking off the goat fucker.

Your self vote percentage for bernie is 37%. Your self vote percentage for all other accounts is 0%.
Your alternate accounts are not factored in the @berniesanders percentage.

And regardless, abusively upvoting ones self isn't as bad as abusively flagging dozens of innocent people.

I only wish you would try to learn how to be nicer to people, to change the way you think. I am very sorry that you turned out the way you are.. you might be a lot happier if you search for some self improvement!

True, but if you were to make that comparison, you would also have to include Rancho's votes in there as well.

rancho isnt haejin though, as far as I know....

and bernie has a LOT of accounts... he only occasionally shows them off.. its a lot more than the 13 he usually uses.
and he also has a system through which he scams new users...

Even though haejin is making more money bernie is still far more abusive. He is trying to "kill" my account for trying to talk some sense in to him.. not that I am surprised.

The fact so many fall for his misleading info and abusive posts is saddening.

I have to say... as someone contantly withdrawing 20 steem to bittrex you seem to have a case of severe egg ache. it happens when you are jealous of what others accomplished

Are you counting all of your self upvoting bots in there?

I guess that would be a no then.

haha clearly not!
join the flag party!