he just wants more steem! Its a nothing burger!

We all want more Steem and we all need more. Distribution needs to happen for Steem to make money.

@steemflagrewards is the main group that I have identified so far. I am sure there are more individual abusers that branch out from this group. By delegating to me you give me the power to go back and fight them. I will downvote the post of the people in this group that are causing the abuse to other users and at the same time upvote the people they downvoted that I think were wronged.

So, whose alt account are you?

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I was wondering the same.

Just so we're clear. You are insinuating I am an alt account of another user?

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No Thought you was talkin about @mydogzeus because he from sept 2019

I see. Well for your information, I founded this effort known as Steemflagrewards and am in no wise connected to vote selling money. My belief is it has always been a questionable practice and detrimental towards honest curation.

ok I believe you lol

I had an account way back when but lost all but my posting key for it. So meet my new account. I would never call mydogzeus an alt account. If you met him you would understand ;)

Cool but what is the abuse you are speaking of?

The systematic downvoting of posts that use bid bots?

Yup. We are looking at a battle right now for power and the users are caught in the middle. I want to stand up for users.

If you can't beat them then join them my friend. I think you will find it very difficult to find people who agree the use of bidbots is useful for the platform.

Yes, I was one of those people that thought upvote bots were bad, but downvoting groups are worse than the upvote bots. Also the upvote bots are the downvote groups. They are double dipping into the system. They are going to take over and destroy it if we do not fight.

They are only downvoting the people who use the upvote bots which you agree are bad so I fail to see the issue. Honestly bud your flogging a dead horse here.

So just let Steem die? These people own the upvote bots and the downvote groups. This is really how we want the network to be? They are going to downvote anyone other than people in their group and upvote each other. Also look at the prices of BTC, ETH, LTC and others compared to STEEM. We need to do something.

I am pretty sure that is not what is happening at the moment. Without me actually doing some research, would it be fair to say that you got downvoted for using bidbots?

I have looked into a couple of the accounts who support steemflags and they do not own the bidbots. Who specifically are you inferring owns the bidbots and also owns steemflagsrewards?