Accumulation Mode

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The time has come for the big step.

I did some changes lately about my life on blockchain strategy but today is the day.

Delegated most of my 95K steem to different projects to collect some coinz:

@actifit, @roadofrich, @wherein, and @travelfeed are my current selection.

I also have a lot of coins in @dlike, @dporn, and @steemhunt.

Over 2K @steemmonsters cards too.

@magicdice and @steembet screwed me over, tho but that's the name of the game.

In my Steemengine wallet, I have thousands of different coins.


Delegated my Pal and I'll only be curating on @steemleo from now on.


I stole the photo from the internet. Sue me!

To sum up:

My blogging mode is over for now. I'm switching to accumulation mode.

I'll lose rewards, but if steem is going in the direction I envision, we all be just fine.

After two years of posting every day, I want some rest.

And I know you're tired to see an oldtimer on the hot page day after day after day.

Even I am.

We'll see how that goes.

I'll still be on steem every day; I'm not leaving.

And I can change and adjust my strategy any day in the future.

After all, this is my journey, for good or bad.

We're going places, so keep grinding, my friends.


This is such a pleasant surprise, thank you so so much for your generous delegation. We will put it into good news with the main focus to onboard users outside the Steem economy! Again Thank you!!!

Seeing that TravelFeed delegation made me so happy. Thank you for the support!!!

You're welcome. If I see some progress you might get more.

That would be sweet! We work hard on it every single day... and we do try to write update posts to share the state of things with our users and supporters. Thank you again!

Thanks for the good times, oldtimer! LEO is where I'll be spending most of my time, too. Somebody's got to try and teach the kids not to day trade...

good luck to you @oldtimer and thank you for the support you have provided

Thank you.
I'm not going anywhere.

nice that you will still be here @oldtimer

Excellent choice, may the cryptos be on you

I check in on Steemleo every day and spread a few of my measley votes around! The future is exciting!

My best wishes to you. Enjoy your break.
Huge respect and thanks a lot for your support.

Hey man. Good luck to you. And thanks for all the help over the years.

You migh have fun with this strategy. ;)

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Grind Time 🤑😎

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Nooo... not go :((

Wish you all the luck with your new strategy! Enjoy @oldtimer 😉

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Take your break but blogging is a habit and i'm sure you will still have a lot to write about as we move along. A picture is starting to form for the future and we can see the applications starting to stack on top of each other and grow.

You are the first Steemian that takes a break from blogging that I know of because he realizes he has been successful on Steem.

What a ballsy move and a breath of fresh air from all the I'm leaving Steem, Steem is shit, I'm powering down everything that was given to me posts from the past.

I respect you a lot.

You worked hard, took risks and will benefit from this greatly.

We're going places, so keep grinding, my friends.

You got it! All the best for now!

Bless, man. A guy who take after my own heart and says it like it is!

We're on the ship, my friend. The destination should be monumentous. :)

I hope it all goes well for you my friend. Big change is happening all around us. Enjoy the ride.

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Sounds like a decent plan. Withdrawals yet?

Do you mean steem?

Never withdraw Steem ;D

Just thinking what it is like to not post daily. It has been a very long time since I have missed a day too.

I went for a bicycle ride last night.
Mosquitos eat me alive. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. You live in Finland, right?
Maybe I should go back to posting, hehe.

I know those bastards well. I am lucky, our apartment is above the flight line, they stop at about the 3rd/4th floor.

Maybe I should go back to posting, hehe.

Just when you thought you were out...

I can understand the choice you made and I hope it works out well for you

Hope your new strategy is working out for you, but I am missing your photos!

I'm accumulating photos too ;-)

That is good to know! I'll be looking forward to seeing them!

Howdy sir oldtimer! I think your strategy is a good one but I'll miss your great photos.

Dear @oldtimer

I just decided to visit your profile and see if you're still active I don't remember seeing you around lately.

I really hope you didn't give up on Steemit yet. It has been quite a while since your last publication.

Hope you're okey there.

It's nice to see someone noticed. Thanks for worries. I stopped posting to cut the old connections. I'm not a greedy old bastard and I'm fine with my 100K steem. Now I'm active on a few tribes to help them grow. Steem engine also keeps me busy. Just delegating steem, collecting tokens and manual curating.
I read a lot of posts but I'm not wasting time commenting.
After HF I'll rethink my strategy again.
Thanks again, my friend.

I copied this comment from my answer to whatsup who asked me the same question.

Thanks for checking out my account.
steem will be just fine.

I'm glad to know that you're still around and fine @oldtimer :)

Well, I had been away and knew you were going away from where you once were, but, I guess I didn't realize that you would stop posting altogether. That makes me a little sad, but, I can see your point.

Thank you for the generous upvote I still receive from you and I hope that there will be days where you just feel like throwing out a post. You know... now and then.

Until then, I am checking out the steemleo. ;)

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