FREE SP Delegation for STEEM newbies – Details Inside

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Many new accounts are still hampered with Resource Credit problems.  Not having the ability to do much and yet being told, you gotta engage, you gotta comment on posts from others, you gotta reply to everyone that comments on your post.  How the heck can new accounts get by.

This onboarding problem has been here for a while and from what I can see will be here for a while longer so its time for me to step up and offer help to new accounts.

I’m giving away some SP delegation and there are a few simple rules

Rules for Entry

For this you will receive 20 SP delegation for 4 weeks.

Simple, effective and helpful.  You learn and win at the same time.  A quick tip: watch the course in fast play and you will be finished in less than an hour.  Join 1300+ other steemians that have taken this course. 

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Howdy again paulag! this is great, thank God for you helping. I was just contacted today by a totally new member who wanted help so I was able to send her the link to that course.

great, feel free to send all newbs over. If they are happy to invest the time learing I am happy to help them get off the ground with RCs

I will, thank you so much paulag and God bless you!

This might be something for you 😉

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thanks for bringing people to this post dude, you rock

Actually, you are the one that rocks!! I think the extra 20 SP will definitely help. Didn't realize the bandwith issue until I started getting really active on the platform. If it wasn't for delegation I would have a shortage every day.

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Wauw awesome! @pawiroisiah check this out man 😁

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awesome that you are sharing too, I hope to see you in the course :-)

I'll try to do you one better. I'll share it during the next Steem Meet Up in Suriname 💪

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Cool thing to do, @paulag.
It seems like I'm missing so much - I only found out about this post by seeing a resteem of it on one of my delegatee's blog.
I really can't keep up with everything. While I'm typing this, I see a post by Asher in the background about Engage tokens I didn't see yet. I really need to find a way to get organized and keep up with stuff I think is important. I can't even manage to handle all my comments and replies, let alone take a look at my feed.

Anyway, resteemed for more visibility! :0)

thats for your support as always @simplymike. Im going to be honest, Im struggling too to stay on top of it all so dont worry about it. we are all trying our best is a busy choppy sea :-)

Thanks, @paulag. Glad to know it's not just me :0)

Very generous, @paulag! I hope many new steemians take advantage of your offer!

thank you so much, I hope loads of people take advantage

Re-steemed so my newbie followers can see this.

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thank you for the resteem

YEEEEEEES, @paulag!! Oh, I am sooooo glad someone understands! I'm trying to engage but have no concept of why every third action is blocked! 'Running out of Steem/bandwidth/etc' is not easy to understand at all, and so your course promises to help me ENORMOUSLY - thank you so much for your generous sharing - and for this beautiful, blessed and VERY welcome offer to Steem power up new Steemians - yeyeeeee! Happy successful fulfilling day to you! 😊😍🌞🌺PS urgh- blocked again - will likely have to wait some hours or another day before posting this!

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I hope to see you in the course so, do let me know when you have it complete and I will sort you out with some SP to increase your resource credits

I'm savouring it - it's exactly what I needed to see and hear, @paulag - huge gratitude to you!

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Hi @clareartista, I am glad this pleases you - sounds like I will see you in the course :-)


Thanks @crokkon, with any luck we will get a nice uptake

Learning and winning at the same time sound really good. But since I'm not native english, I'll play in normal (or slow) mode, LOL!

Thank you very much for this very nice opportunity... see ya! ;)

🥂 Cheers! 🥂

fantastic, let me know when you have it complete and you are eligible for delegation :-)

well that was fast indeed. I hope that you found the course useful and I have sent on the delegation. enjoy.

Oh yes, the course was useful and I'm very grateful to you for it and for the delegation!

🥂 Cheers! 🥂

How much sp is needed for a good steem experience? 100 sp? I think 50 sp are allright. (My experience)

@neuvorstellungen makes a good job for German Community #deutsch- hope we get 1000 daily users soon

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1000 daily users is amazing, nice work indeed.
I think 50 is good. Most people still open accounts via and so get 15sp delegation to start with. Opening accounts via some of the other apps also get small delegation to start with. So with a top up of 20sp, it will go along way.

(according to @maxpatternman we are 700 now)

That's a great initiative :)

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part of STEEM's ongoing issues with engaging real people in real, simple ways.


we can only do what we can, this is my little contriution

Great event, help, hope new people grow up fast

thank you so much for your support

Thank you 🙏 for the help and the boost you will give them !
Kudos to you!

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hay @vlemon thank you so much for your support

It would probably be worthwhile to tell people, in terms of activity, how much 20 SP will allow them to do. That's not a lot of RC, so they should be pretty specifically instructed not to upload images to the site but instead to link them from other hosting platforms. I really have no idea how many comments/posts in our that works out to, but it ought to be calculable at a rough guess.

I will be interested in seeing the results of this experiment. Definitely track how many SP takers end up with on their own accord at the end of the four weeks. After all, if they are not at 20 SP by then and they really wanted to be, something is going to have to be adjusted.

A pretty good first stab, though.

Im happy to adjust, it tends to happen as programs evolve. 20sp might not be enough but if im going to run this for a long period of time via the course I might also end up with a lot of people to delegate too. It will be a bit of trial and error for a while. Thanks for stoping by and for your support

We did get by with 15 SP from Steemit Inc. as the seed for quite a long time, so 20 isn't necessarily unreasonable. It's just a matter of figuring out what to tell new users about what they can and should do in order to make the most use of the delegation.

I have no idea what the right numbers should be, for either value or length of time, but it seems like something that we should be able to figure out from the data.

Part of that is trying to figure out what the minimum amount of interaction we expect someone to engage in, and I don't think that we've really ever had that discussion played out, either. Three comments a day? Three comments and five votes? A post, three comments, and five votes? These are all things we can figure out what the RC price is and work backwards, I suppose.

20 SP will give 40 G RC. the course they complete to get this contains info on how to check RCs and how much things cost, we look at tools like beempy and there is an activity to complete on the same topic so im hoping they can do a lot of this for them selves :-)

I look at this like I think about going to a restaurant (which is on my mind, since this was a problem checking a restaurant site just a few minutes ago). As a casual user/new user/passerby on the street, I don't really want to have to go digging in a nearby trash bin for discarded receipts or nip down the street to pop into another shop to find out how much the dishes cost in a place that looks interesting. I want it to be on the menu.

This is really, in part, a core problem with the RC system in general. There are costs and they are not immediately made clear to the consumer before the time of purchase; it's either more than you can afford or they bring you your stuff.

But it seems like the sort of thing that should be communicated to the user or interested party before it becomes an issue. In this case, it's very difficult for someone who might be interested to know if your delegation of 20 SP is significant, will let them actually engage at the level they think they should, etc. They don't know if it's a good deal because they don't know what they can do with that 20 SP until they commit to getting involved and taking the class.

It seems to me that helping them understand what that 20 SP/40,000 RC really means in context of what they might can do more that they can't do now would it people more interested in getting on board with the program.

It's always easier to get people involved when you tell them what's in it for them in terms that they immediately understand.

As for the new restaurant on the square which doesn't have any prices on its menus, I've already given them the drive by stink eye.

And you were left hungry, like possible uptaker on this. I hear ya. thanks for the advice, which I will take on board as it make sense. most of the communications on this are done via the course, i will make sure they know.

Well, more accurately instead of going to the expensive steakhouse with no prices I stepped literally next door and had some awesome, really cheap pizza because they had the price posted right in front of the door on a clever piece of chalk board. That told me that they were proud of their work, that they trusted me to make a good decision, and that they didn't have any need for pretense.

(Also, their spaghetti is much better than the pretentious Italian place on the other corner of the square. You should drop by northern Atlanta sometime; I know where all the good food is.)

Ultimately, we both want more people to take your courses. I have no personal stake in that, but it's nice to see people succeed at what they want to do. To that end, it's always best to give people an idea of what they can have as a result of engaging with you and the services that you provide. You want people to know what they can get out of it – as opposed to what they will get out of it or what they might get out of it or what they may get out of it. All different things people want to know about. Generally upfront.

Also, I have a much longer article inspired by the discussion we had about a week ago regarding loyalty card systems within the steem blockchain which should see daylight on Saturday. Hopefully it will be slightly interesting. The thought wedged sideways in my brain and I needed to write it out, as often happens.

Great idea to not only empower users with valuable knowledge but also provide then the power to engage and earn rewards! I can’t wait for RC pools to come out to eliminate these issues for active communities as I imagine your Redfish group woukd benefit from it!

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ah man seems like we have been ages waiting to delegate rcs.....

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Nice Initiative to help the Newbies. Thanks for doing it

You are most welcome

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You should consider teaming up with @xcountytravelers as they actively seek out new steempeeps to help and highlight via their account - @heyhaveyamet

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thanks for the heads up, I will reach out later when Im finished work :-)

Hey, @paulag, I do a "as daily as I can" post telling who the new people are. The ones that I post are actually real introduceyourself posts. I am trying to make sure they are seen so people who want to support them can do so easily.

going to have a look now

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I’m gonna follow your lead. I’ll do the same.

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A superb incentive to help keep low SP Steemians posting, and having taken the course myself it is well worth doing in full - so this truly is a double win!

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Thank you so much @c0ff33a

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Wwow excellent I'm proud of ur post. Very helpful post.

@alexander-rosh, this is the post @wolfhart was referring to. This could help you be able to post.

Great support for newbies. Thanks