No On 21: Automatically vote against the hardfork

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This isn't intended to be a rehash of the arguments against hardfork 21 and the EIP. You probably already know how you feel about them. (I certainly do.) This is just a method to give you the option of automatically voting against it if you want to.


How does voting for hardforks work?

Users can't directly vote for or against a hardfork. Witnesses vote for the hardfork by upgrading to the new version, or against it by not upgrading. Users can only vote for or against the witnesses who are running the new verison.

How does the script work?

The script will maintain all of your existing witness votes as long as they're active and running version 0.20.x. It will unvote any inactive witness and any witness who updates to 0.21.x. It will fill up the rest of your witness votes with the highest-ranked witnesses who are running 0.20.x, and it will recheck every five minutes, replacing any witness who goes inactive or upgrades to 21 with one running 20.

How do I run this if I'm technically inclined?

It requires Beem and Beempy, so if you're familiar with those things you can download from the repository above, put your Beempy password and the username you want to vote from in the places indicated in all caps, and run the script.

How do I run this if I'm not technically inclined?

I'll be running the script until the hardfork is a done deal either way, so you can set me as your witness proxy. To do that, go to, scroll all the way to the bottom, put tcpolymath into the text box, and hit the Set Proxy button. This will cause your witness votes to mirror mine for as long as you have that setting active. After the fork I'll go back to voting witnesses based on how much value I think they add to Steem.

Is this going to work?

Probably not. The EIP is a huge handout to huge accounts, and huge accounts have huge witness votes. but I'm sure of two things:

  1. It definitely won't work if I don't try.
  2. After the huge accounts get this handout, they'll have even larger votes when it's time to vote for the next one.



Who's updated and who's voting no on this? has the list of updates.

I don't know that anyone has actually committed to voting no, but I'm not paying close attention.

Proxy set.

I don't think it will do much even if all the minnows in all the world change their votes though.

Theoretically it's possible that if we get @drakos into the top 20 some of the others who are on the fence will take that as a sign. He's close enough that's a reasonable hope.

Is @drakos solidly against HF21 and not upgrading in advance? Just set you as a proxy at least until the fork. I think this is a simple and elegant solution to making the no on 21 viewpoint heard. Scanning the list of witnesses I was disappointed to see some that had voiced opposition to much of 21 have still upgraded already. On the one hand, I think it’s simply professionalism and duty, but I think it’s also indicative of how most of these changes are made based on a cascading assumption of inevitability, that the forks are already foregone conclusions. I’d love to see this HF “broken” at the last moments to show the voting system to be alive and well, and force a rethink of how witness positions are communicated and then acted on by the community.

I have not been paying as much attention to this as I should be, so I'm not sure where Drakos is now, just that he's been one of the leading witnesses in opposition to the EIP previously.

“Men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.”

― Lloyd Jones

I think there is a different version that those who are opposed are supposed to run.

Thanks for setting this up.

“After the huge accounts get this handout, they'll have even larger votes when it's time to vote for the next one.”

👆 That is what worries me!

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I am not sure of all of what's taking place or changes...mostly because it doesn't matter what plant life thinks, but I do know I trust you regardless if you can be a bit stiff upper lipped at times. I added you through my keychain so let me know if it came out alright as I am not to savvy at these things sometimes. I hope the MarkyMark is on your list even though I think he can be a booger sometimes.

Lol, yes, it worked. Mark will be on the list as long as he's running version 20.

Presumably you're already voting @drakos? I'm not sure how I can check your witness votes.

Steemd or steemworld will show you. And yes, tcpolymath does have drakos

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Are there 0.20. X witnesses left?
Or has everybody agreed to the drama of hf21?
My witness node is still running 0.20,but I am nothing worth, at #121 of the list:)

Even drakos gave in and updated. It's not really surprising that they have this thing on rails, but disappointing.