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RE: Steemit Inc now censors posts from the UI

in #steem3 years ago

Well it seems like Justin is doing everything he can to convince people to move to Hive...if there's one thing people on Steem will not like (potentially even more than having the entire chain taken over) it's censoring content just because the website owner doesn't like it.


You are right, really awful way to censor, I mean he is literally filtering everything that the community wants to read about. And everything that is forbidden is much more interesting.

I mean he could have just blocked all incoming posts for that matter. Since he does not care about STEEM at all.

Who is the owner of Github btw? Can anyone tell me?

Stimit Radar

Yup, I'm selling all my steem and moving to hive. Justin can keep all his shitcoins.

What? Is he a flat earther? I can't see any of that on his profile.

@derangedvisions refers to LASSECASH as the flat-earther platform, not @lasseehlers, so you would not be able to see it on his profile.

Nevertheless, @lasseehlers's membership in LASSECASH implies the likelihood that he is a flat-earther.