Steemit Auctions, Apparel, and a Surprise Giveaway!

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Introducing Steemit Auctions

Over the last two months, the team at @steembay has been perfecting their auction bot for the Steemit platform. And today we're going to test it out in real time!

How Does it Work?

  1. Make a post like you normally would on Steemit but describe the product or service that you're selling and provide pictures. It's also a good idea to provide shipping details.

  2. Use "steembay" as your first tag and your language as the second tag ("English" for English, "fr" for french, "spanish" for spanish, "tk" for turkish or "deutsch" for German).

  3. After you publish the post the steembay bot will automatically comment on your post with instructions for you to start the auction!

That sounds easy enough! Let's give it a try... :)

Item Up for Auction: Premium Steemit Hoodie

Description: I took the time this morning to create some Steemit apparel for us to wear and help spread the word about Steemit. This hoodie is probably my favorite item, especially right now in the middle of winter. This hoodie is made from Premium Canvas Poly-Cotton material and has the Steemit logo slapped right on the front of it.

Shipping Details: Shipping time is roughly two weeks. I will contact the winner of the highest bid at the end of auction to get your size and shipping address.

Bid Start Price: The bidding will start at 1 SBD

How to Bid: Leave a comment below with "bid 1.5" for example

But Wait There's More!

I'm also going to be giving away one free Steemit T-shirt to a random person who comments on this post and gives it an upvote. This will be in addition to my daily comment reward that I do every day!

This is a high-quality Hanes Tagless Tee with the Steemit logo. I will contact the winner to get your size, preferred shirt color (black or white), and your shipping address.

Want to order several shirts? You can head on over to the TeeSpring Store at and purchase t-shirts or hoodies for yourself or to give out on your own channels

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

- Daily Comment Reward -

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Leave a unique comment (not just a "great video!" or "follow me")
  3. And you could win $20 USD worth of SBD!

That's it! It's also a great idea to go ahead and follow my channel so that you don't miss any upcoming posts. You can do that here:


Steembay is a good idea, will be using it to sell digital stuff.

bid 1
with such a great opportunity, I just have to join bidding

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now's bid of 1.000 SBD

Way to get things started! :)'s bid of 1.000 SBD has been overbid by @jr11's bid of 1.500 SBD

bid 2.5
then... gotta keep it going ;-)

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now's bid of 2.500 SBD's bid of 2.500 SBD has been overbid by @jr11's bid of 3.000 SBD

hope one day i would be the winner lol 😜

Free shit? WHERE?! \(´◓Д◔`)/

I think this is a fantastic new feature for the Steemit Platform. I love how active the Steemit community is in terms of just User Interaction on posts and as Developers too! Now... Let's win a t-shirt! :D

It was so easy to do too. I just posted another video with me posting this auction: See Video Here And yeah, the developers here are on it. The Steem blockchain is proving to be extremely versatile and useful.. which legitimizes the currency and boosts its value. I love it! :)

Sweet, watching it now! Add the video as a part 2 to this post itself. Also why don't you start posting the videos onto Dtube?

I actually added a link to it right underneath the first video. And I'm not using Dtube much yet because it's a little buggy and besides I have a lot of followers on YouTube that I'm trying to reach and get them on Steemit. So with search results on YouTube and with my following, it's a double whammy. But I do plan to move over to Dtube as it becomes more stable.

Oh yes, I see the link now.
Yeah thats true, I've noticed the bugs too. Wow, double whammy indeed! Plus that YouTube Ad sense counts as another win 😂
I really do hope they improve the Dtube platform soon.

As an artist who is looking to start taking crypto for my work and look for more people wanting commissions. I am going to list something asap!
Thank you @brandonfrye / @steembay

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @jr11's bid of 1.500 SBD

@jr11's bid of 1.500 SBD has been overbid by @drtarts's bid of 2.000 SBD

Bid 2.5

The bid was rejected because the amount is to low. The bid has to be higher than's bid of 2.500 SBD.

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @jr11's bid of 3.000 SBD

@jr11's bid of 3.000 SBD has been overbid by @drtarts's bid of 3.100 SBD

Bid 3.5

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @jr11's bid of 3.500 SBD

@jr11's bid of 3.500 SBD has been overbid by @drtarts's bid of 3.600 SBD

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @jr11's bid of 2.500 SBD

@jr11's bid of 2.500 SBD has been overbid by @jr11's bid of 3.000 SBD

Expectácular chaqueta me encanta, pero soy nueva y no tengo ganancias para esto. Pero igual te doy mi voto

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This is really nice looking shirt and sweater! I have not thought about getting clothing, but after seeing this I am definitely thinking about it.

Hello @brandonfrye , I came across you post and find this very interesting I joined steemit a few days ago as i have been watching my partner for many months write reviews/blogs with such intent as he is awaiting a heart transplant i cannot go to work as I am his carer ,
So a few days ago i sat and thought to myself... I never shut up always got a story to tell always got something to give so decided to make a steemit account . i care about the community in RL and online i am a starwars costumer (raise money for charities) for example - legoland i was apart of the costuming community Rebel legion and Uk garrison and we raised (£15.000) in two days just by being there for everyone and that makes me beam with smiles because its not what you have but what you have to give for others,, and love to entertain people ,. I love to make new friends and such a people Watcher yet never think about myself so thought steemit could be like a daily diary where i could interact with so many people such as your self , and may I say i am thankful i crossed your posts , for me its not about earning money even though (it would be lovely) but its not the end of the world for me It is meeting great people all unique and have something to share just like myself , Brandon today you are the most interesting person i have crossed and can i say Thankyou it makes me smile that there are lovely people still around , it would be an honor if we could be friends and share posts i have liked this , followed you and upvoted i don't know how to resteemit if i did I would do that (maybe a pointer on how to do that please) , i look forward to hearing from you and making a new friendship ? , thankyou dee xx

Thanks for the tutorial on how to use the bot. I checked out steembay sometime ago but I wasn't sure how it worked. Well, now I do. I'll try it out sometime. 😊

Now I know! Thanks for this one. It's very informative.

Wow automatic steem auctions, that is pretty cool.

I like the steemit gear but prefer the old logo and color's myself.

Wow, awesome! Steemit Auctions thanks. This is right up our alley @brandonfrye. We will be giving this a try in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

Great idea @brandonfrye. Both the hoodie and tshirt are well-designed. The tshirt would be more useful for me as it is currently summer in Australia. I assume the winner of the auction would need to pay separately for shipping costs? I have just come across steembay today and I think it is an excellent idea. It has great potential and I hope to use it in the future. I have been making some origami earrings and previously thought about listing them on Etsy but steembay may be an even better idea!

Awesome nice joob upvote u like it

Ha! Interesting, actually never saw auctioning comming to steemit, gonna be fun to see how much it will be used in the future.

So, I'm glad this post was resteemed and showed up on my feed! I scanned some of your other posts and I think I'm going to find a lot of useful information in them. Thanks!

Congratulations @powellx5! You're today's comment rewards winner, plus you're going to receive a Steemit t-shirt!! Just email me your shirt size, what color you want (black or white), and your address. My email is [email protected]

Oh, excellent! Thanks so much! Have a fantastic day!

Awesome job Brandon! These look amazing!! I don't have any steem dollars yet or I'd be all over this auction haha.

I love this because it takes this digital world and brings it into the physical world. If we are going to use Steemit as a tool to better the world, people's lives, and our systems of production and knowledge, then this cannot remain only on our computer screens.

Creating value beyond a crypto currency extends to identity, beliefs, values, culture, and goods. Wearing a steemit hoodie bought from another user in an auction accomplishes most of these in some way. Super cool idea.

The shirt looks nice, not gonna lie, also nice project steembay.

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @drtarts's bid of 2.000 SBD

@drtarts's bid of 2.000 SBD has been overbid by's bid of 2.500 SBD

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @drtarts's bid of 3.100 SBD

@drtarts's bid of 3.100 SBD has been overbid by @jr11's bid of 3.500 SBD

Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @drtarts's bid of 3.600 SBD

@drtarts's bid of 3.600 SBD has been overbid by @jr11's bid of 3.700 SBD

I am shamelessly commenting because I would like to win the Daily Comment reward. Thanks for creating no-nonsense Dtube and steemit content.