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To be updated as questions come in.

1. What happened to the robots?!

The service (robohash) which provides them was causing pages to load far too slowly. We've switched back to using "identicons" for now; they are generated in-browser and don't require any extra network requests.

2. Why don't transactions show right away?

The current account history API as provided by steemd only provides transactions which are considered 'irreversible'. It usually takes 2-3 minutes for a transaction to be "fully confirmed", at which point it will show up.

3. Why does my account history sometimes show old operations until I refresh?

This is due to a steemd API bug, documented here: Issue 3052.

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I want my robot back...

Is it possible to have filters for basic operations, posts, transfers etc ?

Filters will be added as soon as possible, but the backend API currently doesn't support it. In the meantime, @jesta's site does make some filters available:

Thanks @roadscape, steemdb seems to have/had some broken functions so I sopped using it a little while ago. What I did like there (although could be improved and they often don't work) are the graphs to track account activity. I like the idea of being able to see progress of growth visually.

Keep up the good work, the more tools the better :)

Ahora son 4 días y #HIVEBLOCKS con error en los navegadores #03Oct #HIVE


Hi @roadscape,
Just a quick one, I notice some of the people you have delegated to are not active either in content creation or curation. Would you ever consider shaffling things around? It would really help the community if you delegated to people that are busting it out on twitter promoting #steem or those that are creating daily content and keeping the platform active.
I'd be more than honored to curate or suggest some people to you. Can I reach you on discord? Hopeful to hear from you, elsiekjay#4996 on discord.
Best Wishes & Love,

Si creo que deben delegar a personas que estén activas en la plataforma

Hello @roadscape, your user name makes me want to believe that you are an escape route of sorts. Not sure if you did that on purpose.

My question...

Is there an application to apply for a Steem Power delegation from you?

I have been posting my original content every single day here on Steem since December 2017. I’ve still yet to gain major traction, however I do see some strong results.

Not sure if commenting on this post is the best way to get an answer to my question, however I do not know of another way.

Best Regards,

I grieve for my blue robot. 😅

the link is:

Hi, seeing error for several hours

Looks good at the moment.

I wish you would give people the option which platform to use. I think you should give and also options on steemd. I dunno if steempeak is as reliable as

When I try to access to the block explorer today, it shows Error Occurred.

Same here.

Same as well.

Looks good at the moment.

Thank you for letting me know! Yes, the site works on my side today as well:)

Hello good day,
Since yesterday the page does not load, instead a message appears that says: An error has occurred.
Do I wait or do I have to do something?
( Gracias) thanks

Same here.

Thank you, we will wait.

The robots! Did anyone mentioned the robots?

There's an issue both on STEEMIT and on STEEMD in displaying post rewards.
When a beneficiary is set, it seems that only small part of the reward is presented.

I originally noticed it on this post:

here's how it looks like on steemit

and here's how it looks like on steemd

You can see from the steemd screenshot, that the $-value is about 3 while the bid-bots rshares were WAAY higher!

I noticed the "likwid" service comment, and checked

in fact, likwid got high reward and payed it out properly

So, it seems that the REAL reward for this post was 45 SP!

If this a matter of "design" and if the $-value is intentionally shown without beneficiaries, I think 2 values should be shown.. $-author and $-beneficiaries.. Seeing $3 on a post bid-botted to 45SP is really misleading.

I miss the robot avatars. The new patterns are confusing and don't stand out. 😢

Hey, @roadscape
I have some feedback for you! It would be pretty cool if we could click on the "and xyz others" in the list of voters on steemd to expand the comma separated list to the full size with all voters.

This is the part needing that change imo

This should be clickable to expand the list to show all the voters in a compact list ;)
Thanks for your work

please help me out of all this.. after sign up I cannot upload on D Tube anymore, after my experiments in the unknown ..see what message I get when I want to uploaderror STEEM.jpg.. . please answer and help

An error occured.
Try refreshing the page, or leave a comment on the help thread

Same here........

Hi @roadscape, I'm working on a report for Steem ecosystem. Can I get the number of account created on Steem blockchain by 2019/12/31 11:59 EST from you? Looking forward to reply. Thanks!

does blocktrades have a QR code

g'day steem staff, what the heck is with logging into Dtube??? try every key nothing works, only posted videos few days ago, now locked out of account??? please help sort this out, i have tried different browsers. same result, no entry allowed, same comment box "wrong posting key" ???

but can log into steemit without issue, 1 outta 2 ain't bad

The change in the symbol that represents plankton, minnows e. t. c looks a bit confusing to me. Lol. Other than that, the services from is really nice.

And you implemented the new Rcs /Manna on the website so fast after HF20.

Thanks for the selfless service you offer through the website.

i actually like those new avatars hahhaa

Lol. OK.

They remind me blogger, blogspot, and wordpress era 🤣

It was better to have the pages all displayed imo, easier to jump to the pages when we need to find certain past posting.

It did take much space and it can show a lot (hundreds) of pages for older accounts and very active accounts, but again, it was easier go to a certain page when I needed to find my past posting

I hope am making sense? lol


Some accounts have so much history that the paginator was a few MB of data.

Guilty. I'm one of those accounts, sorry 😁

Use the url bar to put in the page you are looking for?

Aah true! Am slow hahaha


I liked the old avatars. Why did you change it?

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The robots relied on external web site that was slowing down too much.

if you really want to save yours:

Thank you so much!

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Hi @roadscape, Steemd is a great resource so thank you for all the hard work that's gone into it.

  1. A feature I think that is desperately needed is some sort of search function as scrolling through each block to find the specific action/transaction that you're looking for can take hours.
  2. My second request is related to the first one. If a search function is not feasible, is there some way where jumping to the "next" or "previous" block could be displayed at the top of the page and not the bottom. As it is now, I believe we need to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to skip to the next block.

    Thanks :)

A basic search function is planned. Are you actually looking through blocks or account history? I've added a Prev/Next nav on the block view.

Why doesn't clicking on a transaction id send me to the transaction page anymore but to the block it comes from with the transaction highlighted ? Feels counter-intuitive, especially since the time indicator on transactions already serves that purpose.

Thanks for by the way, currently one of the best Steem related websites !

I disabled this feature while the transaction lookup service was down. Now it's back up but currently can't perform lookups on transaction hashes older than 3 weeks. So it's safer to link to it within a block (always available). This will be fixed within a week or two, and at that point I'll re-enable direct tx links.

Is there any plans to go open source ?

Yes, but they're on the backburner for now. What would you consider the main benefits?

For me it would mainly be the educational value, I often wondered how you display various things on the website like number of rcs, price of each operation, vests to steem etc,

It's not specifically some of those infos but when you need some technical infos you go on steemd and sometimes I wonder which calls you do to get x or y data.

So yeah I would be interested just for the educational value.

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Where can I find my original post before modified?

@smartmarket I forgot the Url in the memo 4d05ef52,
please refund.

Hi. I am afrais I made the same mistake. Dit you get your refund?

Not sure how others feel, but I think a dark mode could be a neat addition to the site in the future!

Can't view posts anymore. Get an error on all of them. just leads to:

An error occured. Try refreshing the page, or leave a comment on the help thread .

I'm also having this problem for posts and transactions. For example,

CC @roadscape. BTW is this post the right place for issues?

Probably not, I don’t think roadscape works on this anymore.

Probably not, I don’t think roadscape works on this anymore.

Hey @roadscape - I wondered if the figure circled below is always live? Is there a formula which says how this figure is generated and what it represents. I've done some maths and I can't get the same answer - so any information you have would be gratefully received. Thanks



Thank you so much for your service! Please fix the typo benefator reward...

Can you please add the current Steem blockchain size (block_log) on Would be interesting to see this information alongside the other properties on the front page of

error occurred !

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..don’t understand anything!..just want my tokens claimed!..what’s the problem??!!

why is it always showing up now?

and when I refresh several times it appears but the transactions are late

This was the same for me for about 36 hours. Feed has literally just updated to include everything that has happened during that 36 hour period.

There was an issue with API nodes, should be resolved now.

Steemd error,

Thanks - I Just created a Community name "Birding - Wildlife" - How I add my old Birds and wildlife posts in it. Thanks

Unfortunately, old posts cannot be moved into a community. Hope to address this in the future.

Steampeak Cross-post option is ok ?

As your link for "Help/Support" hyperlink still points to this post @roadscape, I will add an enhancement request for Hive.Blocks. here.

Using this post as an example, it would be great if you could change ...


... the UI option to PeakD! Or, at least consider given us an dropdown box, to choose our option.

As I assume this would be pretty simple to implement, I'll thank you in advance for your serious consideration of this request!

hello, when I click on transaction id I ever receive this error. Please, someone can help me?

Schermata da 2020-05-04 12-58-14.png

It takes a little while for it to load in. Try again soon.


Just tried my first post (post-Steemit-Hive fork) on this platform and it was successful, BUT it doesn't correctly show up on my home page (@libertyacademy).

Actually, sometimes I refresh the page and SEE IT, but seconds later it dissapears???? Same deal if I hit refresh - appears and dissapears a few seconds later.


I checked to see if it has been recorded on the blockchain, and it seems to be the case:


Is there some kind of DELAY in which it should appear on my home page?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I was really looking forward to the migration from to Hive.


I would love an option to export all data to a csv file.


I am getting an error when using xmlhttp to retrieve hive-blocks which we use to validate transactions on chain.

I only started occurring a few hours ago.

You can see a test here:

this really helped thank you .

I lost my coins on the exchange because I entered the deposit memo incorrectly.


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